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Choti Sardarni 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 12th April 2021 Sandhya comes out. Sarab is with Karan. Sandhya is scared. She hides. Karan says I will see you.

Param tells his friend karan is mad. Seher’s nurse has become more important to him than me. So much homework is left too. Your mom will get yours done. Sandhya comes in. Sandhya solves his maths problem. Param says I don’t need your help. Because of you Karan fought with me.

Scene 2
Kulwnat comes in. Rana butters her. He says let me massage your foot. Rana says I need your debit card. He says give me the pin. She gives him hairpin and says you can earn on your own.

Scene 3
Seher tells Sandhya karan and param fought. She says you will patch them up. Seher tells him Karan loved rabri jalebi and papa didn’t eat because he said he eats healthy. At night he sneaked in the kitchen and ate it. Meher and kids came there and caught him red handed. They all enjoyed rabri jalebi. Sandhya says I will make it. Param says in heart I will surprise him.

Param gets jabelbis made for Karan. He says but they will get cold by the time Karan comes. Param’s hand burns and he slips. Sandhya runs to him. She collides with Sarab. Sandhya gives him first aid. Sarab picks him and takes him to the hall. Sarab says what were you doing in the kitchen? He says Karan is mad at me. Sandhya wanted to surprise him with rabri jalebi before her. Sarab says did she speak to karan? He says no she wrote on paper.

Sarab shouts at Sandhya and says I told you not to break the rule. Get out. She says you asked me not to talk. Sarab says you planned on surprising him and came in front of me? She says I did because Param was in pain. Sarab says we are here for him. This paper has all the rules. Never dare to break them again. Sandhya tears the paper apart. Sandhya says I am sorry but I won’t follow any rules anymore. I came here to treat Seher but I need to fix the environment of this house. From now kids will play with me. I will laugh with Seher. That is part of her treatment. I am a nurse no one can stop me from treating my patient. I know you are mad at me. I wish Meher didn’t come in front of our car. I wish she didn’t help us. But I won’t leave until Sehrr is okay. I will be there for her. She leaves.

Sarab says I can’t tolerate her. Harleen says Sandhya is taking care of Seher. She is recovering because of Sandhya. Nothing is more important than Seher’s heath.

Sarab sees Meher. She says there’s something on your nose. Red anger. He says if you were here.. she says I would hug Sandhya and thank her. He says okay then she can stay here for Seher but will have to leave once Seher is okay. And I would never thank her.


Choti Sardarni 13th April 2021 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarab says you are alive Meher and you will meet me one day. Meher is in a hospital.

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Telecast Date:12th April 2021
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