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Choti Sardarni 11th September 2021 Seher and Rajveer sit in the hall. Everyone asks them to start the custom. They look for the ring. Seher isn’t happy. Ramila looks at Seher. He says Seher needs to take this look off her face. Seher holds Rajveer’s hand. Dida says they are holding hands in the water. Ramila says the love will increase and so will the family. Everyone laughs. A girl says they make such a cute couple. Rajveer gives the ring to Seher. Seher takes it out. Seher unties the kalerain from his hand. Ramila says pick the dare chit. Seher reads it. She’s shocked. Rajveer asks where what happened? He reads it and he’s shocked too. Harshdeep and Ramil ask her what is it? Dida says show me. She reads it, pick me in your arms. Seher doesn’t feel good. Everyone claps. Mausa ji says so romantic. Ramila says come on Rajveer.

Scene 2
Param and Karan see their childhood photos. They get emotional. They see Seher always taking care of them. Badi bi pauses it and gives them tea. Badi bi says eat first. She says I can read your eyes. Param says if we don’t eat Seher will be mad. They see in the video Seher used to scold them for not eating.

Ramila and Dida force Rajveer to pick seher. He says my back hurts. Everyone claps. Rajveer picks Seher. Seher doesn’t feel good. The photographer says look in each other’s eyes. Seher cries. Everyone is shocked. Rajveer brings her down. A girl says she hasn’t smiled since she came here. This girl isn’t happy. Is she forced into this marriage? Rajveer says she’s nto well. What are you saying? Seher leaves. Param says seher rest. You will be fine. Ramila is angry. Harshdeep says if you want Rajveer to be happy please take charge. Handle it all as an MIL. You have to do this for Rajveer. Ramila says call Param and Karan.

Rajveer gives Seher water. She says I am sorry. I don’t know what happened. He says I am sorry. I had to stop all of it. Rajveer gets a call from Karan. Karan says can we talk to Seher? Rajveer gives the phone to Seher. He says we miss you. Seher cries and says we miss you. Param says why are you crying? Seher keeps sobbing.

Scene 3
Nikhil says to dida I killed Kunal. Your 10 crore. She says you keep it. You made me happy. Have fun. He says thank you didi ji.

Ramila shouts call Raj and Seher here. Dida says now you see Seher how you have to become DIL of this house. Karan and param says we spoke to Seher. She was crying. Ramil says did you force her to get married? She isn’t happy. And she’s not interested in being Rajveer’s partner. They are silent. Ramila says is this wedding forced? We made a mistake. Karan and Param ask what happened? She says this girl hasn’t smiled for once. Did we force her? Why is she like that? Rajveer says she’s tired. Ramila says answer me. Ramila says this happens when kids are raised without parents. They didn’t raise you right even when they were there.

Seher says don’t say that about our mom. Please don’t talk to my brothers like that. she says shut up. I am asking your brothers. Seher says but I will answer. Mausi ji leaves. Seher leaves too. Harshdeep says to Karan and Param everyone doesn’t know. Seher said she has no problem with this wedding. She gave shagun money to save her boyfriend. How many people should I lie? Did I say anything? I kept this marraige beacuse I keep my word. Because I respect Sarab and Meher. But what Seher is doing isn’t right. She’s in her past. We did all we had to. Now it’s her turn. Go and speak to your sister


Choti Sardarni 10th April 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Dida decorates the room. She says they have to coem close tonight. They lock them in the room.

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