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Choti Sardarni 11th May 2022  Episode starts with Kiara telling Zoravar that she has become fan of Mannat for relieving her from neck pain. Scarlet comes and asks who is that girl? Kiara says Mannat. She goes on praising her and tells that though she refused to take her help, but she kept on insisting.

She praises her courage and says I really like her. Zoravar thinks about Mannat and recalls promising her that he will not tell anyone about her father. Kiara asks Zoravar to watch movie with him. Zoravar nods his head. Kiara gives compliment to Scarlet and goes. Scarlet asks Zoravar why he didn’t tell Kiara about Mannat.

He says he just wants to give her happiness. Scarlet tries to woo him and asks what a girl wants. Zoravar says even he is thinking what Mannat wants. Scarlet gets upset and asks what happened to him, if that girl stays in your mind and you always thinks about her, I feel you will fall in love with her one day.

Bittu asks Kulwant why did she hide such a big thing from him. Rana says you couldn’t understand the circumstances, Veer ji and Meher had died and Harnoor was pregnant, what Mummy ji could do. Bittu slaps Rana for hiding the truth. Ginny says we have saved your relation, and you raised hand on him. Bittu asks her not to interfere. Rana says you was wrong then and even now you are wrong. Bittu grabs his collar.

Jeeto’s mother comes there calling Sarpanch ji. Kulwant recalls insulting them and Jeeto’s mother pleading with her. Jeeto’s mother asks Servant to keep the gold utensils. Servant keeps it. Jeeto’s mother asks if you will not kick it this time. Kulwant says you will be always utensils seller for me, even if you keep gold utensils. Jeeto’s mother says I will not let my daughter stay here anymore.

Mannat hears her and says matter got worsened. They come out. Jeeto’s mother confronts Bittu for having an extra marital affair. Everyone asks her to calm down. Seher says we will take care of Jeeto Mami, though we can’t change the past. Jeeto’s mother says she will think what to do.

Gullu tells Prince that he is hungry and will ask Mamma to make something. Jeeto’s brother shouts asking Mannat to come out and leave from where she has come. He asks Kulwant to throw her out. Kulwant takes her gun and points at him. Everyone asks her to leave the gun. Kulwant asks how dare he to talk about my grand daughter.

Mannat asks Kulwant to leave the gun and comes running there. Bittu stops Mannat. Jeeto’s brother says he will not leave her. Karan comes infront of him to stop him. Bittu asks Mannat to go inside.

Jeeto’s mother tells that this lady’s gundagiri started again, call the Police. Jeeto comes out and hugs her mother. She holds the gun and asks Kulwant to shoot. Everyone try to stop them. The bullet is shot, just then Gullu come there and gets shot. Everyone cries. Mannat checks his pulse and says take him to hospital. Jeeto asks her to stay away from him. They are on the way. Prince asks if Gullu will get fine. Rana says he will be fine.

They get stuck in the traffic. Seher, Rajveer and Bittu ask people to move their vehicles, so that they can take the child to the hospital. Kulwant cries and sits on the road. Zoravar comes there and asks why are you crying? Kulwant tells him everything. Zoravar says he will do something.

Bittu takes Gullu from Jeeto and says he can’t wait for traffic to go, and takes him in his lap. He starts running. Mannat comes there and says they don’t have time to take him to hospital, they shall treat him right here. Jeeto pushes her and asks her to stay away from him. Zoravar says Mannat is right, and asks Jeeto to give Gullu to him, says he will do something as he had done disaster Management.

Seher says he is bleeding much. Mannat says bullet had only touched him, nothing will happen to him. They tie cloth to him. Zoravar starts walking holding Gullu. He stumbles and is about to fall, Mannat holds him and Gullu. They start running to hospital. They rush to hospital. Zoravar says operation needs to be done. Nurse asks him to take him fast.

Kulwant is about to go inside. Jeeto stops her and confronts her. Kulwant says Gullu is my life. Jeeto says your life is your pride and ego. Seher says we shall be with him for his safety.

Jeeto says she is not Dadi, but enemy of my son and my son don’t need such Dadi. She holds her responsible for Gullu’s condition and says if anything happens to him, then I will shout and tell everyone about you, if anything happens to him, then it won’t be good for you. She goes inside. Kulwant cries. Rajveer asks her not to feel bad, and says Jeeto Mami didn’t mean that. Kulwant asks them to go inside.

Zoravar asks Nurse to call the doctor. Nurse says all doctors are busy in emergency. Mannat asks who will treat him then? Nurse says she has called doctor from other hospital. Mannat blames herself for his condition and says please open your eyes, Gullu. Zoravar asks her to relax and says you haven’t done anything.

He says we need to save them. Jeeto asks Nurse to let her go inside, but Nurse stops her. Jeeto blames Bittu and says if anything happens to Gullu then give fire to my body also. She cries. Mannat thinks my family is breaking and I am the reason.


Choti Sardarni 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulwant walks on the burning coal and prays for Gullu’s life. Bittu asks Mannat why did she come in their lives.

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Telecast Date:11th May 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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