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Choti Sardarni 11th March 2020 Episode Start With Sarab comes home and hugs Param. Param says where is Meher mama? Sarab says she has gone to bring baby. So I will bring her back in a few days. Param says I want Meher mama right now. Sarab recalls everything. He recalls the footage. Sarab says this is about Harleen and in laws. I will find Ginni and Rana at all costs.

Rana and Ginni are on bike. Jagga calls all his men and asks them to look for Ginni and Rana. Meher says no one can find them because the one who fled them is very clever. Jagga says who? Meher says mummy ji. Amrita says what are you saying? She says I had doubts when she got the CCTV footage. And she’s acting more now. Kulwant says me? Why would I do that? Harleen must have said all this. Where are they? How would I know? Meher asks Bitu to play the CCTV footage. Meher pauses it and zooms in the rear view of the car. Kulwant is standing there. Jagga says what is all this? Guddan says she was involved in all this. Because of her Sarab is mad at me. Because of her the Gill family’s name is at stake. Tell me where is she? Kulwant tells them the hotel. She says they were crying and sobbing to unite them. What could I only? I only helped their love.

Everyone is worried at Gill house. Sarab calls police. Meher takes the phone. She says we can’t tell the police. Sandhus would know then. We can’t cancel this marriage. Sarab says how do I find them? Harleen says ask your Meher. Meher calls Sarab. Harleen says I thought you blocked her. Meher calls Param. She says where is your papa? He turns the phone to him. Meher says we got to know where they are. She tells him the hotel name. Sarab tells Robiie and they both leave.

Scene 2
Meher and Jagga are on their way. Their tire punctures. Meher asks for lift. A car stops. It’s Sarab and Robbie. Meher says Jagga.. Meher sits in the car. Jagga sits as well. Jagga says our tire punctured. Thank God we found you. Sarab doesn’t drive. Meher says in heart I think he isn’t driving because I am sitting. She sees her dupatta stuck outside. Meher says oh this is why he wasn’t driving. Meher recalls her moments with Sarab. Sarab drives.

Meher feels like throwing up. Sarab stops the car and gives her water. Meher says I thought you would always trust me. But you didn’t. Sarab starts driving. Meher says thank you.

Kulwant says I always get blamed. If I didn’t untie them I would have heard the same taunts.

They reach the hotel. Dolly and Ginni are playing ludo. Rana says how long will we play ludo? She says until we get married. The recpetionist calls them. He says they aren’t picking up. Meher says take the master key and come with us. He says we can’t do that due to customer privacy. Robbie says he’s punjab dal’s president. Kulwant calls Rana. Bell rings. Ginni says should we pick the call or open the door? He doe head and tails. It’s pizza delivery guy. Ginni says I ordered it. Ginni eats the pizzas. Meher and everyone is in the elevator. Rana says why didn’t you order roti for me? She says if you live with me, you have to eat all this. Rana says okay I have to shift to canada. Mummy ji won’t let you eat all this. Gini says she can’t do anything.

Meher calls Bitu and says bring paneer and bhindi. I will make it for MEher. Everyone comes upstairs. Ginni says he didn’t bring the coldrink. Rana says you ate three pizzas.

Choti Sardarni 12th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarab says along with trust, you have lost me as well Meher. Forever.

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Telecast Date: 11th March 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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