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Choti Sardarni 11th June 2021 The kids wake up. They hear the sound of the stick. Kids say, devil uncle? How did he get the stick? Meher comes there with a stick dressed like Daar ji. The kids say, mama.. Meher says are you ready kids? The kids say we broke this stick. Meher says this stick is of your younger dadu, Gurbaskh Singh ji. The kids say so they had the same sticks. Your papa gave it to me to keep it safe. Daar ji comes. Meher touches his feet. Meher gives him the stick. He says I separated from my brother 25 years ago reunited us. You have kept our family’s heritage and memories safe. It feels so good. He says this isn’t just a stick. It’s my brother, your dada. You have 2 grandfathers now. Big dadu, me, and younger dadu, Gurbaskh, he shows them the stick. He says come take blessings from your younger dadu. The kids touch the stick. He says are you ready for your punishment? Seher says I had to make my school project and Param and Karan are helping us. Karan says can you punish us after two days? Meher says don’t worry I will help you with the project. Daar ji says did you hear? You broke the stick and had fun? Now get punished.

Scene 2
Daar ji makes them run in the garden. They get tired. The song hanikarak plays.

Meher is looking for something. She sees Karan’s file. She recalls how angry Harleen got. Sarab comes and picks her. He says I am the world’s luckiest man to have a wife like you. You solve problems before they arise. Thank you for reminding me of dad’s stick. He says why are you up on the stool? She says I was looking for Seher’s stationery. Sarab picks her. Mehr says I will fall. Leave me. They run after each other.

The file falls. Tai ji comes and picks it. She is about to open it. Sarab closes her eyes and says what soap do you use? no one can have skin like this? And your eyes are like the sun. She laughs. Meher says Tai ji what did you come for? She says Sarab I wanted to talk to you. Daar ji’s friends are coming. We wanted them to be served well. Meher says don’t worry. Tai ji says I get worried seeing your face. Did anyone come from your place? Where is your mom? Do they have no interest in meeting your in-laws?

Scene 3
Kulwant says Meher thinks my game has ended? My game starts where people end. I got time to think here. Bitu says what are you thinking? She says destruction of the Gill family. Once I get out of here I will ruin their family.

Scene 4
Tai ji says where is your family? Where is your mom? Sarab says they are busy with something. They will come. Why do a girl’s family need to come always? We are all equal. She says these are old rituals. You won’t understand. She has taught you her ways.

The kids are tired. Daar ji asks how are you? They say not good. They laugh. Meher gives them juice. Daar ji says give them milk. They can’t exercise for a few minutes. Now see how I make them lions. Meher says if your blessings are with them they will become a lion. His knees hurt. Meher says all good? He says yes I am fine. Tai ji gives him hot water. Meher says it will increase the pain. You should give him an ice pack? Tai ji says I know how to serve him. You don’t need to teach me. Ice increases pain.

Dolly serves badam halwa to everyone. He says tell me tables till 20 in Punjabi. The kids are confused. He teaches them 21’s table. Amrita chokes. She tries to get water. Daar ji tries to stand but he can’t. Meher comes there and hits on her back. She spits out the halwa. Amrit slaps Meher. Everyone is shocked. Tai ji says how are you punch me? Is that what your family has taught you? To hit your elders? Stop staring at me? Meher says but.. she says silent. Meher says I have been taught if you choke hitting on the back can spit it out. She says I know you were taking revenge. Sarab says Meher can never do that. Tai ji says stop being her lawyer. You weren’t even here. She starts crying and says she was hitting him. She has made you a slave. But I recognized her. She’s very clever. She shows her true colors. She made food and added hair in it and hit me in the name of saving? Meher says but I was.. Tai ji says I saw everything.

Daar ji shouts Amrit Kaur.. Enough. He says don’t you dare to say a word against this daughter. Karan says devil ji is taking Meher mama’s side? Daar ji says Sarab wasn’t here but I was. You couldn’t breathe. She saved at the right time. You could die otherwise. And you.. Instead of thanking her, you’re accusing her? Tai ji says for this girl, you’re insulting me in front of everyone? Dolly says please calm down. Drink water. Dolly cries and says I don’t want it. Meher says Daar ji please don’t say anything to her. She’s like my mother, it’s her right. Tai ji says don’t do this drama in front of me. She leaves. Meher cries. Seher says why was she scolding you mama? Sarab says nothing. Meher recalls what she said.


Choti Sardarni 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :-Meher says I am scared. I hope we don’t have to hide another truth and lie again. Sarab says what other truth? Seher says I was in jail, how would I get a photo there? Amrit comes there and says what did you say? Karan says Meher mama was in jail for many days.

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