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Choti Sardarni 11th January 2020 Episode Start With Yuvi says I also want to fly a kite. Jitto says go ask your mom. Jagga says the one we taught are now flying in the sky. He says come, Yuvi, we will cut all the kites. Bitu says Rana comes. Jagga says come Rana. Rana is confused about whose side to go on. He stands in the middle. Kulwant comes there as well. A woman says everyone always saw only one kite from your house. Now there are three kites. It used to be so much fun at your house and now.

Sarab comes to collect reports. The doctor sits with him. He says I am extremely sorry to say this but we have detected a tumor in Param’s liver. Sarab is shocked. Param is flying his kite. He kite falls down. Param cries. Meher is upset. Sarab says are you sure? How is it possible? We take care of him all the time. The doctor gives Sarab water. He says this disease is rare. The most important thing is to find a donor for him. Sarab says, donor? He says we will have to do Param’s liver transplant. Sarab is in shock. The doctor says there’s no other option. Sarab says take my liver. Do it today only. Please, will there be any complications? The doctor says please don’t worry. We have to stay calm and focus on the treatment. We will do your tests today. Meher calls Sarab.

Meher says why is Sarab not picking the call? Param is crying. Sarab picks. Meher says did you get the reports? He says they will give them in a while. Param is fine. Meher says thank God. I knew nothing can happen to my Param. Thank God. When are you coming? Sarab says I will come when I get the reports. Harleen says what happened? Meher says nothing to worry about. Reports are clear. Harleen hugs Param and says thank God. Param wipes Meher’s tears and says don’t cry. I will get a new kite. Meher hugs him. Param says I love you. Sarab is praying for Param.

The doctor tells Sarab your blood group didn’t match. You’re O positive. We have to find a donor for him. I am forwarding his case to the best doctor in the city.
Meher makes a video for Sarab. Meher shows Sarab Param’s kite. She says see how well Param is playing. Param says papa come soon so we can show you the kite. Param says I love you, papa. Sarab is his car, crying. He looks at the reports and recalls what the doctor said. Sarab receives the video. Param is playing with the kite. Sarab cries. He kisses his phone in tears. Sarab says what is my Param’s fault. Why did this happen to him? He cries. Meher calls Sarab and says did you see the video? Sarab says yes it’s very cute. Meher says Param is very happy. May God give him a long life. Sarab says I will call you later. Sarab cries.

Scene 2
Kulwant receives the pizza. She says Yuvi, did you order the pizza? Bitu takes it and says I ordered it. Since I don’t earn, I can’t eat the food made in this house. Bitu says who will pay for it? Jitto pays for it. She says I paid it. Kulwant says shut up you broke my house. Bitu says don’t. Kulwant says go and apologize to Jagga. Bitu says you won’t ask him to apologize to me because you love him more. Because he earns more. Yuvi says papa is looking for a new house. He said we will leave this house. I don’t want to leave this house. He hugs her.

Scene 3
Sarab comes home and says Param, come. I got so many gifts for you. Param says yay thank you. Meher says where were you? I had been waiting for you. Meher says where were you? I had been calling. He says I went to work. Meher says give me Param’s report. Let me see what’s the deficiency. He will eat accordingly. Sarab takes out the reports. Meher sees the reports. She is shocked.


Choti Sardarni 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Dolly says this Meher, she left the Lohri function? Harleen says as if I never cared for Param. Sarab says enough. He takes Harleen’s hand and takes her out. He says if Meher weren’t here, we won’t know Param has such a serious condition. There’s a tumor in his liver.

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