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Choti Sardarni 10th April 2021 Karan says I went there but she didn’t open the door. She said rules are rules. Sarab says never go there again. Sarab comes to the room. He sees meher. Meher says what would go wrong if Karan spoke to Sandhya? Sarab says why have you left me and kids alone? I am not me without you, please come back. Meher says I live in your heart. Sarab says we will be reunited soon. I won’t let you go away from me. Sarab recalls his moments with Meher.

Sandhya asks Sarab’s schedule so she doesn’t come in front of him. Kulwant says see I got parathas for you. You didn’t even come out for water. Kulwant says my Meher loved them. She makes Sandhya eat. Sandhya says I hope Meher gets better soon. I will take complete care of her. I will leave this house then.

Karan ignores Param. Param says what has happened? He says you complained to papa about me. Param says what you did was wrong. Karan says I had to talk to mama. Param says she can’t talk to mama. Seher says she told us she can. Param says she is lying. Karan says you are lying. Karan says why does papa hate her? Param says because she lied to papa. If you talk to her I will be mad at you. Sandhya gives a letter to Karan. Param says no. Karan says you said I can’t speak but I can read. Karan reads there is a surprise for you.

Sarab makes Seher eat breakfast. Sandhya is coming there. She sees him and hides. He leaves. Sandhya comes to Seher. She says how are you? Sehr says I don’t want to eat this. I hate this medicine. I want to play. Sandhya says okay no meds, no pipe, no food. Sandhya pretends to speak to Meher. She says your mama is saying you will have to eat. Otherwise, she won’t speak to you.

Scene 2
Ginni and Jeeto fight over remote. Ginni says I want to watch Zumba class. Jeeto says I took it first. They fight over it. Jeeto says you need to loe weight, Ginni says Rana I need a new tv in this house. Bitu says where will you get TV from? Your wife is gone.

Scene 3
Seher eats the breakfast and meds too. She asks her to put the pipe back on. Kulwant and Sarab see. Kulwant says see, she is taking care of Seher so well. Seher says please try talking to mama. Sandhya says okay okay I will tell her. Seher says mama has sent something for you. Feel her around, close your eyes. Sandhya kisses her cheek. Kulwaant says my Seher is a lioness. Live long. She says I am leaving. Call me if you need anything.

Karan is leaving for school with sarab. Sandhya sees Sarab. He has that paper in the hand. Sandhya is scared.


Choti Sardarni 10th April 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Sarab says I have mentioned all the papers clearly. You are only here for Seher. Sandhya says I came here to tre

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