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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 31st December 2021 Episode starts with Nupur and Aai talking about Chiku. Aai says Kamini and Subodh have crossed their limits. Nupur says yes, but they got what they wanted, I will talk to Tai again. Aai says no use of that. Nupur says I will try. Aai says we thought we will adopt Chiku, we didn’t try to find her parents, we will do our best to find her parents. Nupur says yes,

its good if we get them, else I will not let her go away from me. She cries and says I can’t stay without her, Kamini should understand me, she has two sons, can she stay without one son, no, right, Payal and Chiku are my daughters now. Aai says we should think about Chiku for sometime, we have to find her family.

Nupur says yes, we will just get happiness for her. Kamini hears her and thinks she is trying to find herself. Kamini thinks what to do to change the truth into lies and lies into truth. Mini comes and argues with Kamini.

She says we are partners, right. Kamini scolds her. She says I will go and tell everyone that you are fake Payal. Mini says I will tell your truth. Kamini says fine, they will get upset and then I will convince them, think about yourself, go from here. Mini says please don’t take me, I won’t tell anyone, I swear. Kamini warns her.

Milind and Nupur have a talk. He says we can find Chiku’s parents if we have her childhood pic. Nupur asks how will we get it. He calls out Chiku. Nupur asks do you really want to leave me and go. He asks do you have your childhood pic. Chiku says no. She sees her pics there. Mini comes and argues with them. He says we are asking her about the childhood pic. Mini says she won’t have it, you can’t generate it on computer. Chiku says I will go from here if Payal doesn’t like. She goes.

Mini also goes. Nupur says I feel Chiku should be with her family, the way Payal talks to her. He says don’t know what’s her problem. Nupur says Chiku doesn’t do such things. He says her idea is nice, there are many apps, we can get Chiku’s childhood pics. She says it won’t be accurate. He says yes, we can try. Mini hears this and goes. He uploads Chiku’s pic in the face you app. Kamini asks how will they get her childhood pic, I had burnt it. Mini says I heard dad saying about such app. Kamini says if they get Payal’s childhood pic then… Milind gets Inspector’s call. Kamini comes there and looks on.

Payal’s pic comes as the result. Kamini screams and acts to fall down. Nupur and Milind go to attend her. Kamini says get the spray from my room. Nupur goes. Kamini goes and deletes the pic. She shuts down the laptop. Nupur gets the spray. Milind gets water for Kamini. Aai and Subodh come and ask what happened, are you fine. Kamini says yes. Nupur says she has a foot sprain.

Aai asks Subodh to take Kamini to her room. She asks did you get Chiku’s childhood pic. Nupur says it was almost there. They go to check. They see the laptop off. Milind says I will get another laptop from office. Mini laughs. Kamini takes her to room and scolds. She says I saved you Mini, that app is the best, it showed Payal’s pic, I stopped them from seeing it, they will try it again. Mini says no, she can’t take my place.

Kamini says it doesn’t belong to you. Subodh asks what shall we do. She says we will hire fake parents for Chiku. He asks why will anyone come here. She says money and revenge can make a person do anything, we have to find someone who wants money and hates Chiku. Mini says I know who is that. She smiles.

Chiku sits to study. Nupur comes to her. Chiku says I will wait for my parents. Nupur says I wish your wait ends, I had put your pic in the app to see your childhood pic, but laptop got shut. Chiku thinks no one will believe me if I say. Nupur says you had torn the adoption papers. Chiku says you would have felt bad. Nupur says yes, I was hurt, I love you a lot, I will find your real family.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Hira acts as Chiku’s Nani. She shows the fake pics to Nupur. Chiku says I know my real family. Nupur asks who are they.

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Telecast Date:31st December 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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