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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 28th December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 28th December 2021 Episode starts with Mini provoking Tai against Chiku. Tai says I won’t let Chiku stay here, your parents will be yours. She hugs Mini. Chiku sees her parents’ drawing and talks. She says I love you. Tai comes and breaks the mirror. She scolds Chiku.

She says just Payal has a right on Nupur and Milind, not you. Chiku says sorry. Tai says she stayed away from her parents for seven years, you want to snatch her happiness. Milind comes and asks how did this mirror break. Tai says nothing, tell me, do you want to give a place to this girl in the house. Milind asks her to understand. She asks him will he go against her, who raised him and loved him so much. She says fine, I have to do something now. She says until Nupur and Milind forget to adopt this girl, I will not have food. Nupur says we love and respect you.

Tai says then make Chiku out of the house. Milind says I will also leave the house but won’t send Chiku away. Tai says you can’t see Payal’s fears, she thinks her parents don’t love her. Nupur says no, she is our life, we will raise both the girls same way. Tai gets angry on them. Aai asks her to stop being adamant.

Kamini thinks well done Rama bai, no one can control her. Tai says I m going on hunger strike from today for the sake of Joshi family respect. Chiku comes and asks what does she mean. Kamini scolds her. Chiku asks won’t you have anything today. She also sits beside Aai. She says I will also sit on hunger strike. Kamini says Chiku, what’s this joke. Chiku says I will do this. Kamini argues. Nupur says don’t blame Chiku, she isn’t responsible for this.

Tai says let her stay hungry, she will faint in two hours. Chiku says I won’t faint, I have a habit to stay hungry, promise me, you will love me as you love Payal and won’t make me out of the house, if I stay hungry for a long time, swear on Shashi. Nupur says Tai can fall sick, Chiku is also a kid, she may also fall sick. Milind says Tai is adamant this time. Nupur says I didn’t think the matter will go so far.

Kamini gets food for herself to the room. She eats. Subodh asks didn’t anyone see you bringing this here. She says no. He says anyone can find strange seeing us have food when Tai is sitting on hunger strike. She says don’t worry, Tai will win this time. She feeds him the sweets. He says don’t be sure, we know Chiku always bounces back when we try to get her out of this house. She says this time, Tai will win, Chiku will be out, I will handle the fake Payal. Nupur gets the sweets. She says I have made these sweets for you, have it and break the fast. Tai and Chiku say its my fav coconut laddoo.

Nupur says they have same choice. Aai says Chiku will remind Tai her childhood. Tai says don’t compare me with this girl, don’t know who is this girl. Nupur says now she is family, we can give her respect. Aai says yes, Tai has a big heart. Nupur asks them to have food. Tai and Chiku refuse. Its night, Aai and Nupur worry for Tai and Chiku. Nupur says they both are same, stubborn, they may fall sick.

Tai coughs. Aai says she is getting ill. Milind asks Tai to have water. Tai says I won’t lose to this girl. Aai says don’t be stubborn, please. Nupur asks where did Chiku go, I will go and see her, I will explain her. Milind says if Chiku loses then… Nupur says we will see her later. Kamini says Tai can die. Subodh asks Aai to explain Chiku. Aai says don’t know where she went. Tai says wait, we will go.

They go and see Chiku praying in her room. Chiku asks Tai to have prasad. She says I didn’t touch it, promise. Nupur says its not wrong if you touch. She asks Tai to take it. Chiku says I learnt from my mum to never refuse to prasad, you have to eat it. Kamini says she said she won’t eat anything until you go away. Chiku says think if your promise is imp or the prasad. Aai says don’t insult the prasad, take it.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 29th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kamini says we have to make the family meet my other side, Nupur will also be out, you will know my plan tomorrow. Milind says Kamini is demanding the partition. Aai is shocked.

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Telecast Date:28th December 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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