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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 22nd September 2021 Episode starts with Savitri saying Milind, call the commissioner, he will find the kids. Subodh and Kamini worry. Subodh thinks we will get trapped. He calls out Aai and says children are here. Kamini stops Vivaan from telling anything. Aai says Milind, we got the kids here, but that phone call wasn’t fake, what is Nupur doing there. Milind say come wit me, I will show you what she is doing. Nupur hears Chiku’s name called for the performance. She starts feeling sick. Rangoli comes there. Reema holds Nupur. Nupur feels short of breath. Rangoli looks at her.

She thinks this woman has come to snatch my kids, I have to stop her. Milind says it will be proved that you are thinking wrong about Nupur. Reema asks are you fine, what happened. Nupur says I get restless in the crowd, I feel dizzy. Rangoli hears this and thinks now I got a trump card. She goes and applies colour on her face. She throws the money notes. Nupur feels dizzy. Chiku and Tanki come there. Chiku says that’s the bad aunty, I will go and ask her where are our friends. Rangoli says I knew it, you are a snake, you will come to steal the kids. Nupur says you are the kids’ leader.

Rangoli says I m Rangoli, this name will be proved mighty on your kundali, you didn’t listen to me, I have planned this welcome in my style. Nupur says have a mother’s heart for the kids, you are ruining their lives, they have a right to live. Rangoli says kids reach a mum, who can fight the world for you. They see Chiku and Tanki. Chiku says this aunty has hidden the kids. Rangoli and Nupur fight for the kids. Chiku asks Nupur to leave Tanki. Rangoli says I won’t let you take my kids. Nupur says I will take the kids towards a good life. Rangoli and Chiku fall down. They see Nupur and Tanki gone. They run after Nupur. Nupur takes Tanki to the bus. Rangoli asks Chiku to stay there, she will get Tanki. Nupur disappears. Rangoli shouts and cries for Tanki. Chiku asks where is he.

Rangoli sits worried. Chiku asks where did he go. Rangoli shouts. Tanki asks Nupur to leave him. Nupur asks Reema to take Tanki fast. She sees Milind and family there. Tanki asks Nupur to live them. Kamini says that woman was saying right, Nupur is kidnapping the kids. Milind asks Nupur how long will she break his trust. Sulab asks what happened. Rangoli says that woman took away my kids, I asked you all not to believe her. She cries.

Milind says I always supported you, I have lost Payal and also you forever. Rangoli goes and prays to Bappa. She says that woman took away my kids, the kids are my family, I can’t live without them, why did you do this with me. She angrily ruins the pandal. Chiku says its my mistake. Rangoli says yes, you are right, its your fault, you went in the charity function and met that woman, you had hid the ghungroo matter from me, you brought

Nupur here and showed our house, you crossed the line and came here with the kids, you didn’t listen to me, I lost my kids because of you, why did you do this. She cries and asks Chiku to go away. Milind doesn’t listen to Nupur and leaves with the family. Nupur cries. Chiku says forgive me. Rangoli says I m fed up with your sorry, just go away. Nupur comes home. She asks Milind to listen. Aai says you have done a big mistake. Nupur says I did this for Payal. Aai says you broke my son’s trust and gave him pain, I will never forget this. Milind says stop arguing with mum.

Sulab consoles Rangoli. They leave. Chiku worries. Milind counts Nupur’s mistakes. He says you made me go against my mum, I always supported you for your happiness, you misused my emotions. Nupur says you are right, I couldn’t stop you all from making the trust for Payal, I came there on your saying, I m doing this to find Payal, the truth is, you and Aai have left no option for me, you accepted that Payal left us, I will not believe this, she is my daughter, when our truths are different, then its tough to accept it, you think she is dead, she will never be dead for me. He says this distance has come between us, but I want to end this distance, I want to forget all your lies, promise me, you won’t go to the orphanage and meet the kids again.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chiku prays. She says Nupur broke my family. She imagines Nupur as a devil. Rangoli imagines the kids taken by Nupur. She gets scared. Nupur says I will snatch Chiku also.

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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