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Channa Mereya 8th November 2022 Ginni slips and falls over Adi, they both fall down on the bed. She stares at him but he moves away, He says why are you in this room? Ginni says I came to take my clothes. Adi says I don’t know if I should trust you.

Ginni shouts that you lied to me about the diary also. Adi says I told you that I didn’t know about the diary for long, you didn’t need to bring Darji in all this. Ginni shouts that your family cheated my family. Adi asks her to just take her clothes and leaves.

Sam calls Goldie and says I can’t believe you are 50% share holders of that business, we are going to be rich now. Should I come there? Goldie says not right now. You have to wait.

Ginni packs her bag and tries to leave but the door is locked. Adi tries to open it but can’t.

Armaan comes back home from holidays. He talks to Gurleen and asks what is going on? She tells him everything. She says everything is messed up now.

Ginni asks Adi to wear the shirt first. Adi says I won’t. She tries to bang on the door but Adi says its locked form the inside. Ginni says just break it then. Adi says I can’t expect much from you. He brings a hammer and tries to open. Ginni looks at their couple photo and gets emotional. Adi notices it. He opens the door and the family is there.

Sharja says you are still bothering Adi? Adi says she owns half of the house but keeps bothering me. Ginni says I came to take my clothes but I won’t bother you anymore. Ginni goes to the lounge, she creates a line in the middle of the room. All look on. Ginni says I have divided the house, we own this half now.

Adi says you have drawn a line between us too which will never be removed. Ginni says I just want the families to have peace. She says we have 12 rooms here so we will own 6 rooms now. Sharja says she didn’t even wait for Darji to get well. Ginni says Darji’s room will be divided too, we will not lose any inch that we should own.

Adi is hurt hearing that. Ginni thinks I am sorry Adi for saying all this but I have to keep an eye on Darji. Adi tells Ginni that I want to laugh at myself for being fooled by you, you are blinded by greed now. You are so cheap. Supreet shouts at Ginni that Darji is fighting with death but you are worried about shares and division? Adi says I just realized that only blood relations should be trusted. Adi tells Ginni that I will divide the house properly now. He leaves.

Armaan comes to Adi and asks what is going on? you both love each other so what is all this? Adi says I loved Ginni but I can’t say the same for her, didn’t you see what she did today? She even divided Darji’s room. Armaan says you know how Ginni is, you should talk to her. Adi says she brought Darji in this condition just for property. He leaves from there.

Adi comes to his room and is sad. Ginni comes there and looks on. Ginni takes her luggage and leaves from there. Adi recalls his moments with Ginni and smiles.

Ginni finds Adi’s shirt in ehr luggage and hugs it, she cries missing him.


Channa Mereya 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni comes to the porch and hugs Adi’s shirt. She is about to sleep there. Adi comes there and sees that. He says what are you doing? Ginni hides his shirt. Adi says if you had to sleep here then why did you divide the house? Ginni says I did it to avoid fights but I can sleep in one place only which you own so I am sleeping here. Adi looks on.

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Telecast Date:8th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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