Channa Mereya 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 7th November 2022 Gulabo tells Ginni that you gave justice to your father today. Ginni puts her father’s photo on the wall. Sharja comes there and asks her to stop it. Supreet tells Ginni that you are just a greedy woman, we will give her money so leave.

Ginni says you people kept cheating us for years so why can’t I stay here? Amber gets a call and is angry. He says we will have to take Ginni’s approval on every paper now. Ginni tells Amber that I will go to the office with you today. All look on.

Dimpy comes to Manveen’s room and jumps around. Manveen shouts that I won’t share the room with you. Adi comes there and asks them to stop fighting. Adi asks Dimpy to share the room with her today and if you don’t become friends then I will get another room for you. Adi asks Manveen to adjust for the night.

She nods. Adi comes out of the room and finds Ginni standing there. Ginni thinks I wish our fights would be resolved this easily. Adi thinks there is no forgiveness for breaking my heart. He starts to leave but Ginni’s hair falls over his face. Adi sadly smiles. Ginni leaves from there.

Adi comes to his room. Amber comes there and says we can’t stay in the house like this. We are ready to give 50% shares to Ginni but this is not the way, they want to own this house and torture us. We have to hire a big lawyer. Adi says we can’t do anything till Darji wakes up, I will support his decision. amber angrily leaves.

Ginni comes to Darji who is in coma. She says thank you for giving the shares to us but I don’t need all this. My father won’t honor by this wealth. Your friend is no more to enjoy all this, I couldn’t save my father but I will protect you. I am sure someone is behing your life, I have to catch that person. I came to this house only for finding the culprit, I know I will have to bear a lot here. She feels someone is spying on them.

She comes out of the room but couldn’t find anyone. Ginni is leaving when Supreet comes there, she says you shouldn’t come near Darji’s room. Ginni says I care for him. Supreet says what is wrong with you?

You were a nice person. You even saved Adi’s life, you can take the shares but your family is destroying everything here, I am pleading you to stop all this. Ginni says don’t say that. Adi comes there and says don’t pleasd to her, she just wants to increase our stress. Supreet leaves. Amber shouts at Ginni that you can’t stay here. Ginni says I am the share-holder so I will stay here. Adi says Darji’s health is our priority. Ginni says I know that.

Sharja comes to the kitchen and tells the cook to start cooking. Gulabo comes there and says we like desi food only, she asks the chef to cook for them. Sharja says we give him the salary. Gulabo says we will pay half of his salary so he has to work for us only. Sharja and Gulabo start fighting. Ginni comes there and asks them to leave.

Ginni comes to Adi’s room and thinks to take her clothes. She says I don’t have a suitcase. She stands on a stool. Adi comes out of the washroom without a shirt. Ginni falls over him.


Channa Mereya 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni draws a line in the house and tells Adi’s family that we own half of this house now. Adi says you have divided our relationship also.

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Telecast Date:7th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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