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Channa Mereya 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 4th November 2022 Ravindra brings a stick and asks Ajooni to beat Aman. She says I can’t do that. Ravindra says its my order so just do it. Ajooni says I can take the punishment but I won’t raise my hand on her. Ravindra says then I will beat you.

Aman is stunned. Ravindra is about to hit her but Rajveer comes there and stands in front of her. Ravindra says do you smell problem near her? Rajveer says I will protect her against all problems, that was my promise ta o her, he holds her hand. Bebe says leave her, your fate is not good with her.

Rajveer says s I know someone has plotted this against us. Ravindra says I have to punish her. Rajveer says she is my responsibility so her punishment is my punishment. You can hit me. Ajooni cries as Ravindra beats Rajveer with a stick. Bebe stops him and says he is your son. Ravindra says he is not mine anymore, he leaves. Ajooni cries and leaves from there.

Rajveer comes to his room. Ajooni gives him an ointment and says apply it. Rajveer says you can apply it. Ajooni says I can’t. Rajveer says what is going on? Whyto are you doing this with me? ajooni says you won’t understand. Rajveer says you are worried that I will die as Guruji said so? You are so educated then how did you believe him?

Ajooni cries and says you were attacked so many times so I trust him. I can’t put you in danger, you are my everything. Rajveer says fine. If death is in my life then I will die even without you. I rather die then stay away from you. Ajooni stops him and says no. Rajveer sadly leaves from there.

Scene 2
Aman tells Chanku that Ajooni protected me today. Chanku says she wanted to act nice in front of Ravindra, she shouldn’t have put you in trouble in the first place. Aman looks on.

Harman comes back home and asks Bebe if everything is okay in the house? Ravindra asks her to rest for a bit. Rajveer’s friend comes there and says the opposition party people took away Rajveer. All are shocked. Ravindra says lets go there. Ajooni goes with him. She recalls her moments with him and cries.

Rajveer is brought to a site and the gang members are trying to kill him. Rajveer’s friend is trying to save him by holding a boulder away from his head while he is tied. The gang member beats him. Rajveer says if you have guts then try to fight with me. The gang member says I am not a fool.

Mangi hides and calls Ravindra to come there fast. Ravindra and Ajooni arrive. Ravindra shoots at the opposition gang members while Ajooni hides. Rajveer gets freed. He sees a goon is about to shoot Ravindra and pushes him away. He gets shot instead of Ravindra. All are shocked. Ajooni screams for him.


Channa Mereya 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni cries and shouts at Rajveer to wake up, I never let you come closer to me so how can this happen? She tells Harman that I did all the poojas so why isn’t he waking up? All cry seeing Rajveer dead.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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