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Channa Mereya 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 30th September 2022 Ginni tells Sam that this is my father’s dhaba and will remain so. She hugs Gulabo and says we have to fight so don’t cry anymore. She asks Shampy to take care of Sam’s board. He throws black ink on it. Sam gets angry and is about to slap him but Ginni stops her, she says don’t you even dare do anything against my family.

Adi comes back home and looks around. He calls Ginni but she doesn’t pick up. Akash comes there and says you are missing Angel didi right? Adi says don’t say anything like that. Akash says I will play a game with you then. Akash has a sweets box, he slips and it falls down, and the diary falls under a table.

Ginni tells Gaulabo that I always took Goldie’s side, kept hiding his mistake but today he is against our own father. This dhaba has our father’s soul in it and this Goldie wants to destroy it. Goldie says you can lecture us but we have to earn the money to run the house. You live in a palace so you don’t care.

Ginni says we will find a solution together. Sam asks how? You don’t even live here anymore. Ginni says I have a right on this place and will have so. You are being strong because Adi spared you but if you do anything with me then I will send you to jail. She tells Shampy to reconstruct the dhaba.

They all work on it and bring dhaba back to life. Ginni tells Goldie that you are my enemy if you take Sam’s side and try to destroy the dhaba, so choose your side. Sam calls him so Goldie goes on her side. Ginni is disappoint. She holds Gulabo’s hand and says our dhaba will start working from tomorrow. Gulabo hugs her.

Adi is calling Ginni. a servant finds the diary but Adi asks him to take it. The man puts the diary on the shelf.

Gulabo tells Ginni that I felt dead when they were trying to destroy the dhaba. Ginni shouts that you should have told me all this before, did you forget that this dhaba is ours, papa asked me to take care of it. Please share your problems with me like before. Gulabo hugs her and cries.

Ginni sees Adi calling, she takes call and says I came here at the dhaba. Adi asks if there is any issue? Ginni says no I came to meet Gulabo as she is not well. Adi says I can call a doctor then, I can bring him too. Ginni says it’s okay, she just have high BP. Adi says why are you talking in stress?

Is everything fine? Ginni says I will be just late. Adi asks how much? Ginni says why should I tell you? Adi says you can tell me a time. She says around 8 PM. He says that late? I mean.. can’t you come earlier? It’s not safe, I can come to pick you up. Ginni says don’t worry, I don’t want you to come here as Sam is here too. Adi says okay and ends the call. Adi says I should have thought that she would be at the dhaba.

I need to calm down. Adi imagines Ginni coming there. She sits near him and says you were missing me right? I am back. Adi says so soon? Ginni says you can say that you like my presence around you now. Adi stares at her and says you can go anywhere you want. Ginni hugs him and says you just deny that you were missing me.

Adi tries to leave. Taya ji comes there and asks who were you talking to? Adi says Ginni.. Taya ji says she is not here, you are missing her. Akash says he just denies it. Taya ji says if you are missing her then accept it. It’s normal. He leaves. Adi thinks Ginni was sounding sad so I can do something to make her happy.

Ginni works with her family to restructure dhaba. She recalls her father working like her. Ginni looks at her father’s photo and turns on the stove. Gulabo asks what are you doing?


Channa Mereya 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni comes back home so Adi tells her that she could have called him. Ginni says my phone’s battery died. Adi says I want to show you something, he brings to the porch and it’s all decorated. Ginni smiles. They both dance together.

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Telecast Date:30th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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