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Channa Mereya 2nd November 2022 Gulabo tells Ginni that we are going to the Guradwarah. Gurleen calls Gulabo and says Darji is fighting for his life, he just wants to meet Ginni, can you please tell her. Gulabo says Ginni doesn’t care if he lives or dies.

Ginni comes to Adi’s house and calls out to him. Akash runs to her and says I am scared for Darji, he fell down and couldn’t talk. Ginni asks if he knows where the family is? He says I don’t know. The servant tells her that they took Darji to the hospital. Ginni says I will go there, she leaves.

Adi and the family are in the hospital. Adi asks about Darji, he says Darji is not doing well. We are going to do his surgery. Adi goes to fill the forms. Ginni arrives at the hospital and comes to the family. She asks about Darji.

Sharja asks her to leave. Gurleen tells her that Darji is not doing well. Adi comes there and says you all planned to kill him, he is in this condition because of you. Ginni says it’s not like that, this is not the time to fight. Adi drags her away and says you should leave before I do something I shouldn’t. I promised you that I will make everything right but you went to the media, I begged you and your family that I didn’t do anything and I will get justice but you wanted revenge from Darji.

Ginni says enough, Gulabo did a mistake but we never wanted Darji in this condition. Adi says stop playing victim now. You know Darji wanted to talk to you so Gurleen called Gulabo for you and you know what she said? She said you don’t care if Darji lives or dies. Ginni says I am sorry about that, she is angry after knowing the truth but you know me. Adi says I don’t know you anymore, you might be hear to see if Darji is dead or not.

Ginni says enough, Darji is like my father. Adi says if anything happens to Darji then I won’t spare you. Ginni says I just want to meet him once. Adi says never, I won’t let you near Darji anymore. He leaves from there. Ginni cries and looks on. The doctor tells Adi that Darji is not stable so we can’t operate him.

Adi says you are not capable to take care of him. The doctor says we can’t do much. Ginni comes back and says I want to meet Darji once. Adi says you just want revenge from him, you are a liar. I don’t trust you anymore so just leave this hospital, my life and my family. Don’t ever come back. He shouts at her to leave. Ginni cries and leaves from there.

Ginni comes out of the hospital and recalls Darji apologizing to her. She recalls how Adi said to never come back in his life. Ginni cries and says I am stuck between Adi and Gulabo’s anger. Darji is like my father, I am angry at him but I can’t hate him, I can never think of hurting him. I can’t lose him, he has to become fine for me, I have already lost my father but I can’t lose him. I won’t leave without meeting Darji.

Adi looks at Darji through the wardroom window. He says Darji can’t leave me. Amber says he will be fine, we have to be strong for him. Sharja says you did the right thing with Ginni, we were all nice with her but Darji is in this condition because of her. Adi says I know what I am doing.

Ginni comes to the hospital, a nurse is talking about her. Ginni asks what happened? I am Ginni. The nurse says that the patient kept taking your name in his unconscious state, it will be a miracle if he lives. She leaves. Ginni says I will meet Darji at any cost.
Adi sits alone and recalls everything that happened. Adi thinks I told Ginni I will do what she wanted but she didn’t need to do all this.

Amber comes to him and says you should rest a little bit. Adi says I will stay here till Darji becomes fine. Ginni comes there and hides. She thinks Adi won’t let me meet Darji. Adi and Amber go to talk to the doctor so Ginni enters Darji’s room. Her phone rings so she cuts the call. Darji wakes up. Ginni sits with him and says I am here. You wanted to talk right? You have to become fine and then we can talk, I have a lot of complaints but you have to become fine first. Darji says you are here? He tries to reach out to her.


Channa Mereya 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni sees Darji’s oxygen mask coming off and tries to put it back. Sharja comes there and shouts what are you doing? You wanted to kill him? All rush to him. Adi tells Ginni that you tried to separate Darji from me? Whatever we had is finished now. Ginni looks on.

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Telecast Date:2nd November 2022
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