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Channa Mereya 16th September 2022 Ginni asks Amber if he can arrange a person who can make a sketch? Amber says you want a sketch artist? She says yes. Amber says sure, I will call the person tomorrow and you can call the witness. Ginni thanks him, he leaves. Ginni says people are nice here but they just show a tough exterior. She calls Randhawa to come tomorrow.

Amber messages his hitman to come to his house to kill the target. Adi comes there and says you call yourself responsible but how can you steal from others? Amber gets scared and asks what did I steal? Adi shows his mother’s dhaba painting and says it was her idea so leave it alone.

Amber says I make big restaurants, I don’t invest in small dhabas. Adi says I saw a file of Supreet’s dhaba that you are creating and you are using this layout. Supreet and Ginni come there too. Adi tells Amber that you want to prove your second wife is a successful businesswoman but you keep stooping low.

Amber grabs him and says this is just a piece of paper. Adi says this is my mother’s dream so stay away from it, you must have stolen a lot to move ahead in the business. Amber is about to slap him but Ginni asks them to calm down. Adi shouts at her to stay away from their family matters, she is a nobody to him and Amber. He angrily leaves.

Ginni starts leaving but Supreet stops her, she asks if they didn’t make any relationship between themselves then why is she trying to sort Adi’s relationship with others in the house? Ginni says relationships are made..

Supreet says stop it, I know you will say your marriage didn’t happen in a good manner but the truth is that you both are husband and wife, you haven’t even accepted each other. Adi is right if you both haven’t accepted each other then you have no right on him or on this family. Also think if you both are lying to us or yourself. Ginni looks on.

Amber calls his hitman and says I will send you the details, just be ready for the target for 12PM tomorrow. He turns to see Supreet there, Amber says we had a rule to knock before entering the room.

Supreet says I am sorry, I wanted to tell you that we have to go to Chimas tomorrow. Amber says you can go with Akash but I have an important meeting. Supreet says but it’s a good chance.. Amber shouts at her to not question his decisions. She nods and leaves. Amber thinks I will finis Mrs. Randhawa tomorrow.

Scene 2
Ginni comes to the room and sees Adi lying in the bed. She writes ‘I am sorry’ on a paper and shows it to him. He tries to ignore her but Ginni writes ‘to just say it’s okay and then she will leave him alone’. Adi says you are irritating me, you can just talk. Ginni says you should leave anger before sleeping. Adi says don’t bother and let me sleep. Ginni thinks how to find what’s bothering him this much.

During the night, Ginni wakes up on the sofa and doesn’t find Adi in the bed. She looks around but doesn’t find him in the bathroom. She says where did he go? She calls Armaan, he wakes up and asks what happened? Ginni asks if Adi is with him? Armaan says no, I think you should give space to Adi tonight, he ends the call. Ginni says what’s today? She waits for Adi but he doesn’t return. Ginni feels sleepy and falls on the bed.

In the morning, Ginni wakes up and prays for Adi’s pain, she says God show me a way to lessen Adi’s pain. She opens a cupboard and finds the painting inside. She looks at his mother’s painting and is stunned, she says its same like my dhaba. She recalls how Adi pressurized her to sell the dhaba.

Armaan comes there and says Adi made this painting with his mother, after she left, this was the only memory for him. He was behind your dhaba because it was his mother’s dream. Today is Gurkirat’s birthday that’s why I asked you to give space to Adi, he usually goes to the fight club when he wants to vent but he was not there. Ginni says I think I might know where he would be, I will call you. She calls Santo and leaves.

Amber is waiting for Ginni to bring Randhawa to him. Ginni comes to him and Mrs. Randhawa can’t come right now so can you call the sketch artist in the evening? Amber looks on.


Channa Mereya 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi and Ginni are at the dhaba, Ginni celebrates his mother’s birthday. He feeds cake to her and thanks her. A hitman comes there and is about to shoot Adi but Ginni comes in front of him and gets shot. Adi is shocked.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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