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Channa Mereya 15th September 2022 fees so I don’t need your help. Adi asks her to stop it, I am not asking any fee. Ginni says you bought the diamond set as a business deal, not me. Adi asks what’s your problem? Ginni says I lost something but you can’t find it, she leaves from there. Adi looks on.

Amber stops the car and looks in the sweet boxes for the diary but he can’t find it. He says where did the diary go?

Adi is running behind Ginni and asks her to tell him what she lost, I can help you. Ginni says you say we are not husband and wife so don’t try to act like my husband. Adi says I am trying to help you.

Sharja has brought 4 sweet boxes to her room to eat. She opens one and starts eating.

Adi tells Ginni that he can find a solution for her. Ginni comes to the kitchen and Adi tries to help her. The flour can falls over him, Ginni laughs seeing his state. Adi glares at her and throws flour at her, he is about to slip but Ginni holds him.

They share an eyelock, Adi leaves from there. Ginni gets a call from Randhawa and says I will come to meet you at the dhaba in half an hour. Amber hides and hears that. He thinks to follow her and find out who is giving information to her.

Gulabo asks Sam why did she bring noodles here? We never cook noodles. Sam says we have to change our ways to make this dhaba work. Randhawa comes there and says I am here to meet Ginni. Gulabo asks Sam to hide the noodles before Ginni comes here. Sam says you have to let me in the house then.

Gulabo says fine but I will keep an eye on you. Goldie hides the noodles. Ginni arrives there and get emotional seeing dhaba. She hugs Gulabo and starts talking with Mrs. Randhawa. Amber arrives there and the flashback show how years ago when he met Khushwant, Randhawa was there and he introduced Amber as his partner.

Manveen comes to Sharja and says Supreet is calling you. Sharja hides sweets boxes and leaves from there.

Randhawa tells Ginni that if I see that partner again then I will recognize him. Amber hides and hears but his phone starts ringing. Ginni is about to look around but he hides from her. Mrs. Randhawa says your father was a nice man that’s why I am helping you. Ginni says I just want to find the diary.

Amber thinks it means she doesn’t who the partner was. He calls his hitman and says I want you to kill someone, just make it look like an accident. He says I have to do this job asap. He leaves from there.

Ginni comes back home and thinks who can be my father’s partner? Amber comes there and asks where is she coming from at night? You should take a driver with you. Ginni says I went to the dhaba.

Amber says to meet your mom? You should be happy after meeting her but you still look stressed about the diary? You know we can regret losing things but we can’t do much. Let me know if I can help you in anyway. Ginni says do you know anyone who can make a sketch?


Channa Mereya 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi shows his mother’s painting to Amber and says you are using this sketch to make a dhaba for your second wife and show her as a business woman Amber grabs him and says don’t make a scene for a useless sketch. Adi says it’s my mother’s dream. Ginni hears all that.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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