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Channa Mereya 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 11th July 2022 Darji tells Amber I gave responsibilities to you on time so you should do the same with Adi. All clap for Adi. Amber glares at him. Supreet congratulates him and says my wishes are with you. Adi leaves. Chachi tells Chacha that we have daughters too but we won’t get anything. I want Gurleen to marry into a rich family so we will have more importance in the house.

Adi is drinking by the bar. Darji comes there and says you can share sadness with me. Adi says I am fine. Darji takes a shot with him and leaves. Adi tells Armaan that I don’t need this business, I have to buy that dhaba at any cost. That seller won’t have a choice but to sell it to me.

Gulabo is worried about Goldie and says I wish he would take responsibility. Ginni says don’t worry. Adi arrives there with Armaan. He looks at the dhaba and recalls his mother making the same drawing.

Gulabo sees him and says that competition guy? She runs to Ginni and asks her to cook everything, we have some guests. She goes to meet Adi. He says I wanted to meet your owner. Gulabo calls Ginni. Ginni brings food for him. He turns and is surprised to see her. They recall their meeting.

Gulabo says eat something son. Adi says I am Aditya Singh so don’t call me son. Ginni says she is showing love and respect to you. Adi says I am not here for that. He shows a 10 lacs cheque to Ginni, she says our food is not that expensive. Adi says this is for your dhaba, I want to sell this dhaba. All are shocked.

Ginni puts the cheque down and says my father said love is above everything and this dhaba is my love so I am not interested in selling this dhaba. Adi says then remember you won’t have a choice or status to say no again.

Ginni glares at him and mistakenly hits a lantern, fire breaks out on the floor. Gulabo and others try to doze it off while Adi and Ginni glare at each other. Adi tells Ginni that I will pay 25 lacs which is way more than what it’s worth. He asks Armaan to talk to a sane person.

Armaan talks to Gulabo and says it’s a great offer, you won’t get more than 15 lacs but we are paying way more than that. You can live peacefully with that money. Ginni recalls her father’s words about the dhaba and says enough. This dhaba’s worth is not related to money but to emotions. She tells Adi that nobody has the status to value this dhaba.

Chachi tells the servants to arrange for everything as Chimas is coming. The servant says we have got instructions from Supreet already. Chachi goes to Supreet and says Amber is already has a defeated party but this arrangement is for my daughter’s marriage proposal so you can rest. Let me handle the arrangements.

Supreet says Amber told me to look after all the arrangements as Chimas are important for him. She leaves. Chachi tells Chacha that Amber is controlling everything but you remain silent. A servant tells Supreet that our head chef Parvindar left because he was scared of Adi. Chachi says what?

Amber comes there and says it’s all happening because of that Adi. He smiles at Supreet and says you look so beautiful. She blushes. Chachi murmurs that they are shameless. Amber asks Chacha to call our hotel and ask them to arrange all the food and bring it here.

Armaan tells Gulabo that we know you have to pay a 3 lacs loan because Goldie and your daughter-in-law took 12 lacs to go to Canada. I will give you 25 lacs to pay off your loan and settle down in life. Ginni says that’s all you know? She tells Adi that she should have also found out what this dhaba means for us.

Armaan tells Gulabo that you have to think about responsibilities also. Ginni says enough, it’s our problem and we didn’t ask for anyone’s help. I have my family with me so we will figure things out. Adi says family? Some people live together to benefit themselves and that’s what is called as family.

Ginni says don’t you understand that we don’t want to sell this dhaba, this dhaba is priceless. Adi says everything has a price, he gives her a blank cheque and says you can write as much amount as you want. Ginni glares at him.

Chima’s family comes to Darji’s house. They all sit together. Chima’s wife asks Supreet where are her daughters? Chachi says I think there is confusion. Gurleen and Manveen are my daughters and Supreet is their Chachi only.

Chima’s wife says I am sorry. Chachi says it’s okay. Chima’s wife says that Supreet was welcoming us warmly so we thought she is the mother. Chachi says she doesn’t have a daughter and she loves my daughters so I let her act like a mother to them. Chima’s wife asks Supreet why she is wearing a glove in one hand only? Supreet recalls Adi burning her hand with burning oil.

Ginni takes the blank cheque from Adi. He smirks thinking she accepted his offer but Ginni goes to diya and burns his cheque. He glares at her. Ginni says this dhaba is my father’s dream and not for sell. You will be sold out but won’t be able to buy our dreams from us. Adi looks on.


Channa Mereya 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni tells Gulabo how dare he try to put a value on our dhaba? Why were you giving so much respect to him? Gulabo says we have so many responsibilities. Ginni says you are worried about me right then sell me instead of the dhaba. Gulabo shouts at her to stop it. Amber tells Adi that you are lucky because my name is attached to you, if you have guts then try to live without our family name then you will know your real worth. Adi says I am Sardarni Gurkirat Kaur’s son and that’s enough identity for me.

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Telecast Date:11th July 2022
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