Reyhna Malhotra


    Reyhna Malhotra


    Reyhna Malhotra is an Indian model and bollywood film actress. She made her bollywood debut with Hindi film Babloo Happy Hai.She was born at 26 September 1980 in Srinagar.Reyhna who posted the picture on social media drew flak for her act with fellow colleague.”  Babloo Happy Hai”,” Antha Scene Ledu”popular movie.Degree in English Communication its education Reyhna Mlhotra.

    It is rumored that Reyhna’s real name is Priyanka Sharma and she is a divorcee. She even has a baby from her ex-husband. She was afterward found dating a businessman named Nitin. None of these facts are confirmed by Reyhna herself.

    Reyhan uploaded several pictures with him on social media and when interviewed about the same, she said “Yes, Nitin is very close to me in my life but I don’t want to discuss about my personal life”.

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    Nationality : Indian
    Occupation : Actor
    Birthday: 26 September 1990
    Sun-Sign: Libra
    Years active : 2014–present
    Birth Place :

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