Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update


The show starts with Mahesh beating an old guy Rajendra and pushing him out of the house. Indu runs to her father Rajendra and asks Mahesh, how dare he ? He goes inside and asks his family to come inside.

Indu makes her father sits on side of road and goes to get the auto or any transport. She cries. An auto comes, but doesn’t stop. She tries to stop the car, but in vain. She shouts for help and falls on the road crying.

It is raining heavily. Another auto comes. Indu asks the driver to help. She takes her father in the auto along with driver’s help and asks him to take him to hospital. The auto driver asks her not to worry.

Indu thinks when she left from Mumbai, she thought life would be perfect and all my dreams will come true, but I had forgotten that if the price is not paid for the dreams then it hurts. She thinks and a fb is shown. She is walking on the road while it is raining. A film star Ritesh Malhotra looks out of his car and looks at his film’s hoarding bohot pyaar karte hai…

He says I will take photo of all my hoardings. He sees the girl shivering in rain and gets down the car. He walks towards Indu. His friend Rahul asks him to stop. Ritesh walks towards Indu. She is picking her stuff from the road.

Ritesh picks her umbrella and gives in her hand. He is about to see her, but Rahul comes and takes him from there. Ritesh looks at her while going. She looks at him as he is leaving and says thank you.

Indu gets Rajendra’s call and says she is coming. Rajendra is making food. Sunita comes there and says your grinder is very old. He says it is of Bob ji and says he is making breakfast to send now, as Indu and him are going to Bhopal. He says he made chawal ki roti. Sunita says its taste will be bad in the morning.

He says few things gets good with time, like you. Indu comes there and says sorry. Sunita asks how will you do delivery. Indu says she told someone and he will bring the vehicle. She comes to the room and sees Anjali watching TV.

Anjali watches Ritesh Malhotra on the channel giving interview. Ritesh tells that he has learned love definition from his parents. He says love is life for him. Indu thinks she has learned love definition from Mahesh. The interviewer asks Ritesh about his definition of love. Indu says it is fresh cream on strawberry cake.

He also says the same. Indu says it is caramel one popcorn among salted popcorn. He says the same. She says it is Radha’s devotion and Meera’s simplicity. He says the same. Anjali is surprised. She says it is the wet sand smell in rain. He says the same. Indu turns to TV and looks at him, hearing him saying the same things.

Later Indu is going to deliver the food in his friend’s car. He asks did you talk to Mahesh? Sunita tells that since Mahesh left 2 years back for London, Indu didn’t meet him. Rajendra says he has become our family member. He asks her to have sugar free sweets. Sunita says I can’t have it until Indu gets married.

Indu thinks I will meet you in Bhopal after 2 years, and is mad about you. She rings the customer’s bell and imagines Mahesh and smiles. She gives tiffin to the customer. Song plays…..She then imagines Mahesh on the bike and smiles.

Indu’s friend asks her to give petrol money. She says you uses CNG and asking me to give petrol money. She asks him to go. Neelam comes there and asks where did he go? Indu says he went to park the car.

Neelam says she didn’t know about her son. She asks for sugar and comes inside the house. She asks them to meet Mahesh and fix the marriage. She tells about someone who betrayed the girl. Indu says Mahesh will not betray me. Neelam says Indu and Mahesh’s love is the epitome of love.

Ritesh is exercising. His friend Rahul comes there and keeps sweets on his head. Ritesh asks about the box office. His friend says 9:30 is having your first show. He says he went to all the temples, dargah and Gurudwara…He says your film will be good. Ritesh asks him to be in touch with the distributor. He asks Rahul if he showed the hoarding pics. Rahul says he will show.

Sunita asks Rajendra to get the engagement done and take the ring with him. Rajendra says ok. Indu and Rajendra come to Mahesh’s house and gets down from the auto. Rajendra says may be there is a grand party for Mahesh’s birthday. He asks Indu to come and says lets give him the biggest gift of his life, and surprise him. They tell the security guard that they want to meet Mahesh.

Mahesh’s wife asks Rajendra to sit and says he told me about you. Rajendra introduces Indu to her. His wife says I heard a lot about Indu. Indu asks when did he come? His wife says last week and tells that about their wedding, which happened last week. Indu gets shocked and drops the glass on floor.

She looks at Rajendra. Mahesh comes there and asks who has come? His wife says Rajendra uncle and Indu came from Mumbai. He sends his wife to meet Mom. She asks them to have food and goes. Mahesh takes Indu to side and asks what the hell you are doing here? Indu says I came to meet you.

She says you was about to marry me after coming back from London. Mahesh says your thinking is of village girl, and says I used to stay in your house and that’s why used to talk to you nicely. He insults her and tells that his wife is rich and classy, whom he met in London. He calls her as desperate for marriage.

Rajendra watches everything and loses his cool. He hits Mahesh. Mahesh beats Rajendra and pushes him out. Rajendra falls down the stairs. Fb ends. Indu apologizes to Rajendra while taking him to the hospital.

Rahul tells Ritesh that distributor called. Jitesh calls Rahul and tells him about the opening amount. Rahul says it is 22 crores. Ritesh gets happy. Rahul asks him to relax. He says love can never be wrong. Indu says love is betrayal, destruction etc. He says love is a colorful life and happiness of life. She says it is a sea of tears.

Precap: Indu tells Mahesh that the love which she thought as her life and happiness is worse than death. Ritesh tells Rahul that the girl is broken and don’t deserve to hate love. He says this thing shall not happen. He calls her.


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