Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Indu seeing the waiter’s ID card and telling Vivek that he is in Mumbai only. She says he had come to get his bike registered. Vivek says he might be someone else. He said that he went to village as his daughter is unwell.

Indu says no, he was same. Vivek says he is a drunkard person and poor, how will he take bike? Indu says he can take, when someone..Vivek says when someone bribed him. Indu says for some big work and that’s why he is avoiding you.

Vivek says I will go there. Indu says I will also come, as Zoon is so connected to Ritesh and it is your career matter, I will not leave you alone. Asha says she will take care of Zoon.

Ritesh feels the humiliation and recalls his arrest. The Constable asks him to get in the lock up and asks him to say if he wants anything. Ritesh sees two drunkard thieves talking. They talk if he is a hero, and says he seems to be duplicate.

Constable says he is real Ritesh Malhotra. Thief says you say anything. Ritesh sits down in the lock up while thinking about people’s taunts and the humiliation which he has faced at the hands of his so called fans. He shouts angrily. The thieves get angry.

Sameer tells Vivaan that Ritesh is there where he shall be. Vivaan asks what is your problem with Ritesh. Sameer says you will not see as you are also his puppet. Vivaan says I don’t want to do unnecessary things like you. Sameer says my name and identity depends on me, and we left Delhi for him.

Vivaan says after Ritesh’s father death, our father has to take up the responsibility. Sameer says I became his cousin. Vivaan says this house is of Ritesh and we have to do good morning and good night with him, for the peace.

He says Ritesh has sponsored my club. He says if drugs matter is exposed, then he will not leave you. Sameer says he has become zero when out of jail, and says his followers are decreased to 50 K from 50 Lakhs. He says once he is out of bollywood, people will remember only Sameer Malhotra.

Waiter calls Sameer and says I have bought a new bike. He says he is thinking to go to village as people might enquire. Sameer asks didn’t you go till now. Waiter asks for 75k more to go through flight. Sameer refuses to give him money and ends the call.

Vivaan says I hope this waiter doesn’t open his mouth infront of anyone. Sameer checks for the camera in which the waiter had recorded everything, and says it is missing from here. He says who has taken it?

Vivek and Indu come to the waiter’s house. Waiter opens the door. Vivek says you had said that you went to village. Waiter says I was going, I have train after 20 mins. Vivek says without packing the clothes. He says he was packing. Vivek asks about the bike.

He says he didn’t have bike. Indu slaps him and says you got its registration today. Vivek asks Indu to record and gives his phone. Indu closes the door. Vivek beats the waiter.

Next morning, the reporter tells that Ritesh was kept with the thieves in the lock up. Other reporter says his favorite food came from home, but it was not allowed. The reporter says he slept on the floor, who used to sleep on velvet bedsheet. Other reporter says he just had tea and biscuit. Just then they come to know that he got bail.

Ritesh comes home. Kaamna hugs him. Sameer gets upset. Dolly does the aarti. Ritesh says don’t do it Chachi. Pankaj says this thing shouldn’t have happen, I will end this drama soon. He promises him. Ritesh is going to his room and looks at his mother’s wheelchair. He goes to his room and locks the door.

He exercises in his room, recalling the humiliation. Kaamna comes there and says you was 6 years old, when your parents met with an accident. You was crying sitting in a corner, when I came you just hugged me. Ritesh hugs her. Kaamna says everything will be fine.

Ritesh says nothing will be fine, as we live in hypocrite world, everyone has mask which comes out when you are in trouble. He says someone threw slipper on me, and the Police who gives me security, locked me in the lock up with the criminals. He says drugs were found in my blood, though I don’t take it and don’t do drug addicts films,

thinking people might inspire from me. He says if I don’t feel pain. He says he don’t want to be part of this world, where people admire you at one moment and humiliate at other. He says nobody deserve this insult, today Maa is in this condition because of me, Papa is not here because of me.

He says I will lose everything. Kaamna says everything will be fine and says Pankaj ji has kept press conference for you today. She says people doesn’t know our side of story, and if you stay quiet, then they will think that you are weak and had done this. She says people think that we have so much dirt in our lives, then we will not get effected if they splash dirt on us. She says we have to tell them that we are like them only and feel the pain.

She says you are this country’s heart and when this heart beats, everyone will hear. Ritesh says I have become weak. Kaamna says she will bring the person planning this and hugs him. Ritesh cries. She asks him to get ready for the press conference and thinks truth shall be dragged out.

Vivek tells Indu that nobody in the Malhotra house is picking the call. Indu says she is feeling bad for Ritesh. Vivek says we have to tell Ritesh and give Rajesh’s recording to him. Zoon comes there. Indu asks her to rest and don’t go to play. Zoon asks did you tell everyone that Ritesh is a good boy.

Indu says how to tell? Asha asks them to go to his house. Anjali says there is press conference at his house today and only media is allowed. Vivek gets an idea and tells Indu that Kutton ki Duniya ki reporter, will bring truth out infront of everyone. Indu gets an idea and tells Zoon that everyone will know now that Ritesh is innocent.

Precap: The Politician comes to Ritesh’s house and says he will blacken his face and make the video viral on social media. He is about to blacken Ritesh’s face. Ritesh looks on. Kaamna and others get worried.


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