Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd September 2022 Episode starts with Kaamna asking Tushar to tell who was in Clown’s uniform. Tushar tells that Vivek and Indu was in that uniform. He says Vivek got info from me while talking.

Kaamna tells Ritesh to see that Indu has snatched happiness from Zoon’s face. Ritesh says Indu has to answer for this and goes. Kaamna smiles. Zoon is sad. Indu tells Vivek that they shouldn’t have come here.

She says today she came to know that her mother is not her mother and says don’t know what is she thinking? She says if she hates, refuses to return to me, to refuse to regard her as her mother. Asha asks her not to talk negative. Ritesh knocks on the door. Vivek opens the door. Ritesh grabs his collar and asks what do you think of yourself, you have gone to meet Zoon. Rahul asks Ritesh to leave him.

Indu shouts asking Ritesh to stop. They face each other. Indu says your gunda giri will not work here, and says Zoon is my daughter. Ritesh says if you have cared her, then wouldn’t have left her alone to cry. Indu asks him to tell how is her Zoon? Ritesh says she is not your Zoon, and says what you have told in court that she is your helplessness.

Indu says it was a lie. Ritesh says you all are liars, I am going to legally adopt her, if anything happens to my daughter then I will not kill you, even if I have to get rotten in jail. Rahul takes Ritesh from there. Indu asks her family if they heard what he said. She says I want to go to Zoon and asks Vivek to come.

Bhavna tells Gayatri that she feels bad for Zoon’s mother. Gayatri says Zoon’s mother had eloped first, went to jail, and now came here as clown. She says she is fighting with the world for Zoon. Bhavna says she is very young and took up so much responsibility.

Gayatri says rather than enjoying life, she is wandering here and there for her, and says who will marry her? Bhavna says Indu has set Zoon’s life, but ruined her own life, she shouldn’t have taken Zoon home. Gayatri says I know, we shall leave few things on God. Zoon overhears their conversation and learns about Indu’s sacrifices.

Sameer comes to Kadambari’s office and sees the property papers and her father’s will, in which her father named 5000 crores property on Kadambari’s child name. He thinks she doesn’t have a child. He keeps back the file seeing Kadambari coming. Kadambari comes inside with Lawyer. She asks Sameer what is he doing? Sameer says you left lunch, if you are fine. Kadambari says she is busy and says they will meet later.

She asks him to close the door. Sameer asks her to call him and goes out. Kadambari tells Lawyer that she has managed to find the girl. Lawyer says the girl shall be your daughter. Kadambari says that girl is my daughter, and says I was not ready to face my past, but seems like I have to accept it. He says I can understand, and asks for the girl’s name. Kadambari says girl name is Zoon Patel.

Zoon thinks about Kaamna, Indu and Gayatri’s words. She cries and says I am very bad Moj, you are sad due to me. The title song plays….Zoon tears her painting from the drawing book and She takes her bag leaving the torn drawing there itself. Song plays….She silently leaves from the CAA office.

She recalls her moments with Indu, falls down and shouts Moj. She tries to get up and manages to get up holding something. She says Moj, I promise that I will not trouble you again after today, I am going bye. She leaves. Bhavna tells Gayatri that Zoon is not in the centre. Gayatri asks her to search her and says she is our responsibility.

Indu and Vivek are in the car and stop at the signal. Zoon is walking from there, but they don’t see her. Indu is about to see her, when a transgender comes there and blesses Indu. Indu gives her money. The transgender asks why is she crying? Indu says my daughter is not with me. The transgender says very soon she will be with you and blesses her.

Gayatri calls Kaamna and tells that Zoon is missing from the centre. Ritesh comes there with Rahul and hears her. He asks what do you mean? Gayatri says Zoon is missing. Indu and Vivek come there. Gayatri says Zoon is not found and says her staff is searching her. Indu asks where did she go?

Ritesh asks why 24/7 staff was not with her, I asked you to give special treatment to zoon. Indu asks why you bring the kids here, separating from parents, so that they go missing. She tells Vivek that they have to search Zoon. Ritesh asks her to stop her melodrama and says this is happening because of you.

Indu asks him to be quiet and says don’t say a word, and says you want to be her wellwisher and wants to take up her responsibility. She says nobody becomes parents by giving chocolate or organizing the party. She says you couldn’t handle your handkerchief and has kept assistant for that and wants to take up my daughter’s responsibility.

She says I bear your nonsense as I felt that you care for zoon and says whatever happening today is because of you, if my daughter gets even a scratch, then I will kill you. She says if you want yourself safe, then bring my daughter to me, else nobody can save you from this mother. She asks Vivek to come and they leave. Ritesh is sad.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Indu and Vivek search for Zoon. Ritesh is also searching her. Zoon hides seeing bhavna. A truck having sticks moves towards her. Indu looks on.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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