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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd November 2022 Episode starts with Indu hugging Ritesh. She breaks hug and says sorry. Ritesh tells that he will send a copy to Meghna and one copy to Commissioner so that Sameer gets arrested and be in jail all life. Anjali comes to Vivaan and thanks him for helping Indu.

Vivaan tells Anjali that he has done that, not just for Indu but for her. He tells that whenever he tries to approach her with his feeling, she creates invisible wall around her, and he couldn’t enter. He says he wants to be straight forward now. Anjali says she is understanding what he is saying, but right now the circumstances are not good. Sunita calls Anjali and tells that a letter came from her college.

Anjali says it might be field trip letter, they are taking he students for a night. Sunita ends the call. She asks Vivek how is Asha and when she will return. He says he fed her food and she will return soon. He tells that Ritesh got proofs which proves that Asha is Kadambari’s step sister. Sunita prays for Asha.

Sameer comes to Asha and asks her to sign on the papers. Asha refuses to sign. Sameer threatens to kill her and gives her an offer to give her 10 percent share in Kadambari’s property. Asha refuses. Sameer says I will kill you and tries to strangulate her. Just then Indu, Ritesh and Vivek come there.

Ritesh asks him to stop inhuman act and says he is feeling ashamed to call him as his brother. Sameer says you can’t harm me, I will see everyone. Indu hugs Asha. Ritesh says Police is waiting for you.

Sameer says you can’t do anything with me. Indu says we don’t want to do anything, as you are not devil like you. Vivek takes Sameer to get him arrested. Indu says if we have got late even for a second. Ritesh tells that Asha trusts Indu’s timing. Indu thanks Asha for everything and hugs her.

They come home. Sunita gives soup to Asha and asks why did you do this, if anything had happened to you. Asha thanks Indu. Indu says I shall thank you, as now stay will come on the property. Sunita says Kadambari can take Zoon out of country and can fight case from anywhere. Indu says once she discharges from hospital, she will focus on getting her discharged. She says one day Kadambari will handover Zoon to me.

Anjali gets call from her friend, and tells her that she can’t come to the field work. Indu asks her what happened? Anjali says how can I go during such situation. Indu asks her to go for field trip. Anjali says if Kadambari comes and acts then? Indu says I will expose Kadambari very soon.

Kaamna comes to meet Sameer in jail. She tells Sameer that she could meet him due to her influence. He asks where did your influence go, when they were beating me. Kaamna asks do you think yourself as the King of the country. She tells him that Kadambari will elope with money and will dump him in jail. She says I thought you are team, what Kadambari has done with you.

Sameer asks her to take him out. Kaamna says nobody can take you out. He thinks only she can take him out and he shall talk nicely with her. He pretends to cry and asks if she wants him to die here. He says they don’t give him food and Ritesh has given them money to beat him. Kaamna says she will take him out soon and asks him to keep the money with him. She gives money in envelope and goes.

Dolly asks Zoon to have food. Zoon refuses. Indu brings desh smilly pizza for her. Zoon gets happy. Kaamna comes there and calls Indu. She says I have set up this house, why you want to destroy it and its peace. Dolly takes Zoon inside. Kaamna tells Indu that since she came in Ritesh’s life, everything is ruined and Sameer is in jail because of her. Ritesh comes there and tells that Sameer is in jail because of his wrong doings, not because of Indu. Kaamna says Sameer is treated badly in jail and he don’t deserve this. Ritesh tells that he deserves the worst.

He says if you had slapped him in his childhood, then he wouldn’t have become criminal today. Kaamna says I gave same upbringing to you all, but all can’t be same. She asks him to get Sameer freed and asks him not to break her home. She says if you don’t agree then I will leave from here. She says I have decided to leave if Sameer don’t come. Ritesh says Sameer will be in jail only. Indu goes behind him.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kaamna asks Indu to swear on Zoon that she will bring Sameer back. Ritesh says don’t drag Zoon in this matter. Kaamna provokes Indu to swear on Zoon. Indu swears to get him freed from jail.

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Telecast Date:23rd November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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