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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 21st November 2022 Episode starts with Sameer asking Asha to sign on some papers which Lawyer will bring tomorrow, after which she will be freed. He says it will be written that you have no relation with Kadambari or her father, and asks her to sign quietly, as there is no guarantee that Indu will get Zoon.

Ritesh asks Indu to handle herself and says if we get weak, then who will handle others. Indu says she will call Vivek and takes out her mobile. She sees Asha’s missed calls. Ritesh asks her to call her. Indu calls Asha. Sameer is leaving and hears the vibration sound. He comes back and takes mobile from Asha.

He switches off the mobile and asks from where you got this phone. She says this is my personal phone. Sameer says I thought to leave you, but after signing the papers you will be dead.

Ritesh calls Commissioner and tells that Asha called, but the calls were missed. He says now her phone is off. He sends Asha’s number asking him to get it located. Indu blames herself for everyone’s suffering. Ritesh asks her to stop blaming herself and asks her to stay calm.

Vivek asks sunita to take medicine. Sunita gets emotional and tells that Asha used to give her medicine on time. She says I asked her to remarry, but she always refuses, saying she can’t love again. She says why God has written so much pain in her life. She goes to pray for her safety. Vivek calls Asha and her number is off.

Ritesh hopes Asha is found soon. Indu recalls Meghna’s words, and tells Ritesh that Asha got missing after he gave court papers to Sameer. Ritesh says Sameer can do anything for money and asks where is he? Just then Sameer comes there. Ritesh asks where is Asha? Sameer asks who is Asha?

Ritesh says you knows well. Sameer says kadambari’s illegitimate sister Asha. Indu asks him not to drag Asha in their matter and asks him to leave her. Sameer says may be she ran with her lover. Ritesh asks him to tell clearly where was he? Sameer says if you touch me again then I will get you arrested. Ritesh asks if you are truthful then tell where was you?

Vivaan comes there and tells that they were chilling in pub. Sameer thinks why is he lying? Vivaan asks him to come with him for drink. He makes Sameer drink wine. Sameer gets drowsy. Vivaan says don’t know what Ritesh ‘s problem is. Sameer says I don’t want to answer him and asks why did you save me? Vivaan says I am your brother. Sameer says you would have slapped Ritesh.

Vivaan says Ritesh was already worried for Asha. Sameer tells that he has heard a lot due to Ritesh and will win this case. Vivaan asks him to move Asha from the way. Sameer reveals his plan that Asha will sign on the papers tomorrow. Vivaan says you have kidnapped Asha, how did you do this?

He asks where did you keep her outside Mumbai? Sameer says there is so much traffic in Mumbai. He asks do you know my first girlfriend Esha and sleeps. Vivaan thinks Esha has some connection. Ritesh tells Indu that Sameer can do anything. Vivaan comes there and says he wants to tell him something. He tells them about Sameer’s confession. Indu asks how we will search Asha in Andheri.

She asks Vivaan to wake him up. Vivaan says he has slept. Ritesh gets message from Commissioner and tells that he has sent the location. Vivaan says I will come. Ritesh asks him to stay at home and inform him if Sameer wakes up. Indu asks Ritesh to send location to Vivek.

Asha prays to God, not to let Sameer win and thinks she will fight for Indu till her last breath. Ritesh, Indu and Vivek reach there and knock on the door. Ritesh says we shall check in upstairs room. Indu says she feels that Asha is here and asks her to sign them. Ritesh says we shall check other rooms. Asha tries and make the chair fall down. They hear the sound. Vivek says we shall break the door and see once. They go inside and see her inside. They keep the chair back.

Indu says sorry to Asha. She says Sameer might have thrown your phone as I called you. Vivek gives her water. Asha drinks it. Indu asks if he has misbehaved with you. Asha says no, he wants me to sign on the papers on which it is written that I have no rights on Kadambari’s property. She says he said that he will kill me after getting sign on the papers.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ritesh tells Indu that until Asha is here, Sameer and Kadambari will be relieved and will not plan any new plan and we will get sometime. Indu asks why we need time. Ritesh says we have to prove that kadambari and Asha’s father is one and they are step sister. Asha says for that you have to go to bangalore.

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Telecast Date:21st November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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