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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 18th November 2022 episode starts with vivek calling ritesh up and telling that meghna has done her work and hopefully all will go well for the stay order. Ritesh cuts the call to see indu caressing zoon frock and sobbing. Indu shares that this is zoon fave frock and she got it for her 5th birthday.

Zoon chose it so carefully. She breaksdown crying that she thought she is strong but she is not. She had not seen nor heard from zoon for 24 hours and she is unable to take it. Ritesh reminds her that tears make humans weak and zoon is strong and for zoon she needs to be strong. Zoon is their daughter and she will remain theirs.

Indu shares about sameer threat of taking zoon away when ritesh tells that he knows about sameer and his threats are always hollow. Anyways all the paper work for the stay order on the will is ready and sameer will not take zoon away at all. Indu hears zoon voice calling her mouj on ritesh phone recording. She becomes happy and ritesh tells her to wipe her tears as people

Will think that he has made her cry. Indu smiles.

Asha is at her home thinking about indu pleading and she apologizes to her mom for breaking the promise. She says that she never wanted to associate with kadambari and now she has to publicly come out. But this is for family and she will do it. Vivek comes and knocks on the door. He says he was checking on her as he saw the hall

Light still on.

Sameer is getting ready to leave the house. Indu apologizes to him for yesterday and tells not to take zoon away. Sameer says he will do as he wishes and he has already spoken to the school authorities. Ritesh comes in and hands him the stay order saying that asha bakshi has challenged the will and the court has given a stay order. Sameer thinks that they are making up stories when ritesh tells him to read the court order. Indu shares that asha bakshi is her bhabhi.

Sameer gets pissed and mad. Kaamna says that this is just a plan by ridu when sameer no matter that, the fact is that they have gotten a stay order and it would take years for them to claim the inheritance. Kaamna tells sameer to remove the problem from the root.

Indu comes inside the room and sees ritesh changing and turns away. Ritesh sees her turning away and comments that people have forgotten manners to knock. Indu tells him that he should not leave the door open when changing and ritesh says his room. Indu reminds him that he is sharing it with a girl.

Ritesh tells that he is desirable and that she should google it up. Indu says that he is not that desirable. She thanks him for the stay order and also that rahul made her speak to zoon. Ritesh says he would accept her thanks only when she accepts that he is desirable. Indu says he doesn’t need to accept her thanks and leaves. Ritesh wonders why she doesn’t find him desirable.

Asha is getting ready for the office when she gets a call from indu thanking her. She says no need thanks. She prays to god to set everything right and get zoon back to them. Vivek comes in and asha shares tge stay order news. Vivek says he was with ritesh at the court. He says he went to devi ma temple and gives her a dhaga for protection. He thanks her when asha says no thanks in the family.

Deep calls asha and addresses her as asha bakshi. He asks if she will continue the job and asha says that she will definitely continue. She shares that she is not doing for money but just for zoon. When deep says that she has done a noble deed, she says that along with indu, all of them have raised zoon and she is doing this for zoon. Deep then gives her an address and tells her to meet the client there.

Sameer who is overhearing the conversation jots down the address. He calls a man up and tells that he would forward address and picture and that he needs to abduct the person. Vivaan comes there and asks who he is talking to. Sameer gets scared and asks if he heard it all. Vivaan says no. Sameer tells him to mind his own business and leaves. Vivaan thinks that some new kaand is loading from sameer. Vivaan sees anjali coming into the house.

Deep calls vivek and checks about asha and shares that she has not reached the client address yet. They think its because of traffic and disconnect the call.

Anjali meets indu who is changing the pillow covers and comments about doing middle class things even now when she has house help at her beck and call. Anjali shows her how to act like a rich person and indu laughs at her. They talk about the stay order when indu shares that she feels bad for doing this to kadambari when she is at the hospital. Anjali tells that everyone is not good and people deserve to be treated the way they treat others and that kadambari deserves to be treated badly. Anjali and indu hug.


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Telecast Date:18th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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