Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10th November 2022 Episode starts with Kalpana telling that this is not the first time when Ritesh lost his cool and tells that such things happen at his sets and home. She says he has beaten Sameer many times. Meghna says this thing is not connected with the case. Judge says overruled.

Kadambari says I am ready to give zoon’s custody to Ritesh, else zoon will be targetted by his anger many times. She acts and says I love Zoon a lot. Ritesh asks what nonsense? Kalpana says he has anger issues since his childhood and she wants to present the documents in court. Indu looks at Ritesh. Judge sees them and asks Ritesh to tell about his anger issues.

Ritesh tells that it was truth that I had to go for therapies in my childhood and counselling. He says I used to blame myself for my father’s death and mother’s paralyzed condition. He says Kadambari is taking advantage of this. Judge asks him to say what was asked. She says court will decide. She asks Indu if she knows about this before marriage. Indu thinks what to answer. Judge asks her to answer. Indu says yes.

Ritesh thinks why she is lying? Judge asks why did you marry him, didn’t you think of Zoon’s safety even once and risked Zoon’s life to get her custody. Indu says no and says I thought…Judge says what is the guarantee that this thing will not happen again. She asks do you want to tell something to clarify. Kalpana says Indu wants to win the case, we can’t hope anything from her, she is not Zoon’s real mother and that’s why risking her life. She says my client was backing off from the case due to zoon’s safety.

Ritesh asks her not to say anything and says Indu has taken care of Zoon since 6 years. He asks Judge if you find Zoon’s upbringing wrong after meeting her. He says everyone has anger issues, I panicked and pushed Zoon seeing my mother in danger. He says he is sorry for his behavior. He says Kadambari is saying wrong that I will get violent on Zoon and this lawyer is lying to earn some money.

Indu calls Ritesh. Ritesh asks what wrong I am saying. Kalpana objects. Judge asks Ritesh to apologize to Court. Sameer says Ritesh never accepts his mistake and never apologizes or rectifies it. He says he had no elder around him to make him realize his mistake. He says Ritesh’s mom and dad met with an accident due to his mistake. Indu holds Ritesh’s hand seeing him angry. Sameer says Dad expired and Mom went to wheelchair. Ritesh asks him not to talk about them. Sameer says I am saying truth, infact in your favor.

He says it again and says who would make him realize his mistake, as his mother was alive, but was equivalent to not alive. He says there was much anger issue, as he was guilty that his mother was lively dead body due to him and he couldn’t see his mother all these years.

Ritesh gets angry and grabs his collar. Indu asks Ritesh to calm down. Judge tells Ritesh that she can get him arrested for his behavior, and adjourns the court. Ritesh goes behind Judge and says I want to say sorry. Judge tells that she don’t want to talk to him and asks him to move from her way. He says sorry.

Meghna tells Indu that her lie shall harm their case. Indu says I thought that I shall support Ritesh. Meghna says lets hope that tomorrow will be better day. They go home.

Indu talks to Sunita and says she will make milk shake for Zoon. Ritesh comes there. Indu asks why did you lie? Ritesh says anger issue counselling was common in my school. They argue. Indu asks him to control his anger. Ritesh says I can’t control. Indu says if you had not reacted, then Judge would have given the verdict today. Kadambari comes there and tells that their fight is heard outside.

She provokes Ritesh and goes. Ritesh says I will stay calm. Rahul informs Ritesh that Zoon came and went to Shakuntala aunty’s room. Zoon apologizes to Shakuntala and asks for forgiveness. She says she will make her have halwa with small spoon. She says I will make you have food daily, as I will stay here with Moj and genie papa. She says they will stay together and enjoy as happy family.

Ritesh says I am proud of you. Zoon asks when I will come to stay with you. Ritesh says very soon. She asks pinky promise. He says yes. Kadambari shows him bungalow of 100 crores, and says just as we get the money, we will buy it. Sameer gets Kaamna’s call and she tells that Commissioner said that we will get the surprise today.

Next day, Judge asks everyone to maintain peace in the court. Ritesh apologizes to judge. Indu says she wants to tell something. She tells that whatever was said about Ritesh, doesnt affect her. She tells that Ritesh and Zoon are attached by heart, when she is in pain, she asks for genie Papa’s name also. She says you asked me why I married him, and says Zoon made him as her father, I just married her father. She says Zoon had seen father in him, as he has fulfilled all the duties.

She says when Zoon gets even a bit of scratch then Ritesh gets tears in her eyes, he becomes her friend and plays with her, tells her stories and feed food like a mother. She says when Zoon was unwell, he held her vomit in his hand. She says if a father don’t do this, then I don’t know who can do this. She says Ritesh loves all children, not just Zoon. Someone comes there and claps. Everyone comes there and looks at the lady clapping.


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Telecast Date:10th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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