Bigg Boss OTT 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss OTT 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss OTT 8th September 2021

Day 31 8 AM
Everyone wakes up to I will be alright. Moose dances. Neha hugs Pratik. Nishant dances with Moose. Shamita and Raqesh dance as well. Neha hugs Shamita.

8:30 AM
Nishant says Divya breakfast.. She says you all remember me when you want me to cook. No one wakes me up otherwise. He says sorry I thought you were asleep. I was asking what to cook. She says make whatever you want. I will eat. Shamita says won’t she cook? Nishant says she feels bad no one woke her up. Everyone was dancing and people only ask her if she’s cooking or making tea. Shamita says oh God.

10:30 AM
Divya says to Raqesh no one wants to wish me good morning. He says we pull ourselves out. She says it’s not like that. You have people who care for you not me. I became friends with Shamita and she didn’t accept me the way I was. Nishant is my friend but his priority is Moose and Pratik. I feel lonely.

11 AM
Shamita asks what happened? Raqesh says she feels lonely. Shamita says why? He says she has been bashed. Shamita says she has done something. Raqesh says if she feels low she does. Neha says people feel her energy is negative. Shamita says she gets negative. Neha says she has never been stable to anyone. Shamita says she has an evil streak.

11:45 AM
Neha dances. Shamita laughs at her. Neha says there’s the smell of love in this room. She falls in bed. Neha says you want three of us to do something? Shamita laughs. Neha says kill my thirst. I want to love. I didn’t any since three weeks. Raesh laughs.

1:45 PM
Neha asks Divya why are you sitting alone? She says I always do. Neha says snap out of it. I am not fighting. You know who you are and what you do. We all feel down here every day. Divya says but you’re not alone. Neha says but I do feel it. I am not blaming anyone. Neha says it doesn’t feel nice to see you like this.

3 PM
Bigg Boss says five people were nominated yesterday. Some of them will get a chance to be saved. We are giving you a task. Before that we want Raqesh and Nishant to choose two people and give them a disadvantage in the task so they can’t be saved. Everyone laughs.

Nishant and Raqesh go in to decide. Raqesh says for me it’s Moose and Pratik. Nishant says for me it’s Shamita and Neha. They are strong. Pratik performed in the tasks. Shamita and Neha never did well the tasks. We should see if they are worth going ahead. I am not saying Divya because it’s unfair. She was never given chance to perform. Nishant says Pratik is strong. Moose is also strong. Nishant says they have been good in tasks. Raqesh says they were strong because of you. He says I didn’t do things myself alone. Raqesh says if we don’t agree we will be nominated too. Nishant says I don’t mind it but give me reasoning. Raqesh says Shamita is a fighter. Nishant says you are bringing a personal thing in it. He says no one saw her fight. Raqesh says Shamita has worked so hard in this house. Nishant says we all worked here. Nishant says you are scared of her.

Nishant says you are biased. Why not Neha? Raqesh says she did well. Nishant says you are putting me a friend at risk for people you barely know. Nishant says okay then leave it. You have no brain. He comes out. Divya says was it agreed? Raqesh says let’s discuss at least. Nishant says I can’t discuss with you because you don’t have a reason. Pratik says it will be Divya and me.

Nishant says why everything you want? Raqesh says why not Pratik? Nishant says why no Shamita? Raqesh says she has worked very hard. Pratik is the only man. If it’s a strength task.. Nishant says so Shamita is weaker? Raqesh says any girl is strengthwise. Nishant says do you know what you’re saying? It’s totally stupid. Raqesh says Pratik can do it.

Nishant says second name? Raqesh says Divya. She has not participated. Nishant says no Neha. Raqesh says okay Pratik and Neha.

3:45 PM
Nishant comes out to and says to Shamita he thinks you are weaker than Pratik and I disagreed. Raqesh says it’s Pratik and Neha. Pratik says what? Wasn’t Neha your friend? Nishant says he took Pratik’s name because he thinks Shamita is weak. Raqesh says I gave Pratik’s name because he is a man. Pratik says what do you mean man? Girls are weak? Raqesh says I am talking about physical strength. Pratik says they could be physically strong too. THey can beat you. Don’t give lame excuses. Nishant says no one is weaker.

Nishant says Shamita hasn’t proved herself in the tasks. He didn’t agree and then next said you’re weaker than Pratik. Pratik says how did it matter? Raqesh says just sit there. Pratik says shut up. Raqesh says just sit. He says I won’t. Nishant says we have given the names. Neha says I am okay. Pratik says Mr. Raqesh a wise man said men are stronger than women. Shamita says don’t twist words around. Most men are physically stronger. But there are stronger women. Pratik says tell that to him and women are strong.

Neha asks Nishant why didn’t you choose Divya? Nishant says she was never given chance to play. If we give her a disadvantage even now that would be unfair. Divya says thank you. Pratik says what a waste of time. Raqesh says you are a waste of time. You nonsense. Pratik says to Neha you should see who your friends are. Shamita says seh can see it herself. Pratik says don’t defend him. Shamita says the name came from other side too. Nishant says I said the words Raqesh said. Shamita says he won’t shout like you Pratik. Pratik says I don’t wanna listen. Shamita says we want to. He says go inside the room them. Divya says let him talk Pratik. Shamita says this isn’t your house. Raqesh says I didn’t say women are weaker. there can be a disadvantage. I was talking about the task. Moose says you are making it worse. pratik says he’s saying the same thing. Own it you called women weaker. Raqesh says get out. Pratik says shame on you Shamita. Shamita says what are you saying?

4:15 P<
Divya reads all nominated contestants have a chance to save themselves. There’s an autorickshaw in the garden. The three who will stay in it will be safe. In this task, the rickshaw’s horn would blare. Once it blares, they will pick one person out and send in a danger zone. That person will send any of the two remaining nominated people to the auto. It will repeat 5 times. The ones who are left in the danger zone will stay nominated. Since Pratik and Neha have the disadvantage. Shamita, Moose and Divya will start with auto, and Pratik and Neha have to sit in the danger zone.

Nishant says you can’t come inside the house. Shamita says and we have to wait for the buzzer.

4:30 PM
Nishant says it won’t be our decision who would come out. Nishant says if Moose and Neha are inside they can kick Shamita out. Pratik says if they are both in they can call me back in. Shamita says to Neha Pratik can take my place. They all stick like this. Only Raqesh was attacked.

Divya says Pratik won’t do it for Neha. Divya says we will pretend Moose that we are against each other. Pratik and Neha will get Shamita out. Let’s talk go Pratik. Divya says Pratik listen. She asks what’s the plan? He says let’s see. She says we have to be on one page. He says let me talk to Neha and Moose too. I can’t decide on my own. Divya says Moose and I spoke. He says let me talk too.

Pratik says to Neha if you, me, and Moose are there in the end, we can win this. We will have to kick Shamita out. Your favors with her are over. She says I don’t like Moose either. Pratik says so there will be no majority? She says kick me out then. Neha says I don’t trust them either.

4:45 PM
Moose, Divya, and Shamita sit in the auto. Moose says let’s make a turn and go to majority. Shamita says I will get out first and give my place to Neha. Divya says what a planning? Shamita says I have too. Moose says let me calculate. Shamita says you guys calculate.

Raqesh says only one confession. The way my words were twisted, I didn’t mean it that way. Women are stronger than men in most ways. Pratik and Neha sit in dangerzone. Pratik says what is he saying. Neha says speak in hindi. She writes something on his hand and laughs. Bigg Boss says to Neha and Pratik why are you wasting energy to talk? The way you’re writing on hands makes signs, people will understand what are you trying to say? Just show your hand in the camera. You won’t need a mix. The audience will figure out from your signs. Don’t break the rules. Everyone is shocked. Bigg Boss says either you speak in English or signs? Pratik says sorry Bigg Boss. Divya says what the hell. That was scary.

Bell rings. Divya says with the mutual agreement we are sending Shamita out. Shamita says I volunteered as well. Shamita says I will send Neha in. Go. Neha comes in the way. Moose says madam pay or give puppy. Neha gives her puppy.

5:15 PM
Bigg BOss says go inside the house. You will continue later. Moose says no I wanna sit here. Divya says let’s go. Everyone comes out. Moose says Pratik didn’t speak to anyone. Okay fine. I am not getting off. Divya is with me so majority. Everyone else will be out. Nishant says don’t ditch. She says I won’t. If she doesn’t. Nishant says why would she? Moose says the top 5 thing is still in my head. Nishant says if you and Divya stand you will have a majority. Divya says Pratik will be there in the end.

Shamita asks Raqesh what are you angry about? He says I am disgusted. Shamita asks why? He says I am disgusted with Nishant. Pratik and Neha. She says why Neha? Raqesh says she was repeating his words. Shamita says if you nominate her not Divya she will be offended. It was not me.

5:45 PM
Moose says Neha. Divya says Neha. Neha says then mine doesn’t matter. Moose says she doesn’t work late at night. Divya says my terms with her weren’t good. Neha says never accept your mistake. It’s okay if you both want I can go out. Neha sends Pratik in. He says send Shamita. She says no. Neha says I want to prove to him Moose is not my friend. She said Neha. Neha asks Nishant will Pratik be out? He says yes. She says so Moose will send him out? Nishant says yes. Neha says wasn’t he her friend? Nishant says I don’t know. Neha says he wanted to save her and she won’t be who his friend it? Neha says Moose is no one’s friend. Shamita says he’s adamant. Neha says we are emotional fools. Shamita says he asked Raqesh to Shut up. He wanted to save him. Neha says you play. I know he didn’t. SHamita says he’s upset why did Pratik talked to him like that. Neha says I told you I won’t come in between. Raqesh didn’t even choose Divya. Shamita says Nishant did.

6 PM
Neha says if they send Pratik out it would be clear Moose is a player. Shamita says they should send Divya out. Neha says but Nishant said they will send Pratik. Divya says I don’t have friends here. I don’t know why you also made it worse with me Pratik. Nothing happened like we fought each other. Communication is from both sides. Pratik says to Nishant will you give Pratik priority? Nishant says yes. Pratik says so Moose will give Divya priority? They are both together and making a majority. Moose and I can get Divya out but even then Divya will choose.

Horn blares. Moose says Pratik. He leaves. Neha says fake friends. Neha says at least say that you are a friend or a player. You liar. Pratik says it’s okay. Neha says Moose you showed you true colors. Pratik sends Shamita. Divya and Moose laugh. Pratik says calm down. Neha says sorry babe the audience saw you. Moose says don’t call me babe. Neha says friendship is what Shamita did. That was nice of her. Divya says we are all playing. Neha says I am out of it. Pratik says then don’t take. Divya says don’t take it personally. She also changed the connection. It was a game call. Pratik changed his priority. Moose says he didn’t speak to me. Shamtia says but friendship remains. Moose says you don’t tell me what my friends should be. Shamita says I can think what I want. You all blame Shamita for the rift. But you all didn’t stand for each other. Moose says I don’t want to stand for Neha. Bigg Boss asks everyone to go in.

Neha says this was their friendship?? Nishant says they are playing. It’s their game. Neha says he’s under dellusion that Moose is his friend. Nishant says everything is clear. Neha says let me open his eyes. Shamita says Moose is saying Pratik didn’t speak to me. Pratik says what can I say. Shamita says I hope you see who your friends are. Neha says Pratik I told you her friendship will kill you here. She’s not on your side. Pratik says I still feel guilty for nominating Nishant.

6:30 PM
Pratik asks Moose why are you not making the majority from my side? I care about you. She says I know. But in task, I need to see about myself too. He says I guarantee you. She says you didn’t even come to me. I don’t know if I am your priority. He says only you and Neha are my priority. She says how would I know. Pratik says we are friends. Moose says Divya at least tried. Nishant says at least she plays tasks with me. I am not angry but you didn’t come to play with me. I am seeing who is with me.

Nishant says to Divya go with Shamita if Moose slips. She says yes. Nishant says then save Moose. Neha says either Shamita or I will be out. Raqesh says Nishant took your name. Neha says Divya and Moose are playing together. You always make people feel bad about yourself. Let everyone open their eyes.

Pratik says if Divya gets out on the fourth time. We will be saved. She says I don’t trust you. He says it can still be saved. She says I don’t trust you. Neha says I told you. Pratik says give me two minutes. Shamita says from the looks of it, these two have planned it together. Pratik, Neha, and I will be out. Nishant says make your alliance. She says who?

Pratik says the majority is very important. Moose says I can’t ditch Divya now. She came to me first. You didn’t even come to me. He says I get your point. Shamita asks Divya do you want to play with Moose? Divya says I don’t trust Moose. She’s talking to Pratik. But if we are there in the end, we can kick Neha and Pratik out.

Pratik says Divya is talking to Shamita. Moose says I am not scared but she’s scared. Divya speaks to Moose, Shamita came to me. She wants me to choose her. Neha is talking about your friendship. Let’s see hers when she has to choose between Shamita and Pratik.

7 PM
Alarm blares. Shamita says, Moose. Moose and Divya say Shamita. Divya says before this task I tried to speak to Shamita but she didn’t want it. She didn’t help me and Moose did. Shamita says to Raqesh this one is for you. See it. Moose says my reason is she always has sympathy for Neha. Shamita sends Pratik. Shamita says open your eyes. Divya says who speaks like get Moose out? Convince me nicely. You can’t order me to ditch Moose? Shamita says to Raqesh if you trust her it will show your character. He says stop talking. She says I am asking for your loyalty. Bigg Boss says to speak in English.

Pratik says to Moose, go back and see things openly. Shamita says loyalty is very important for me. Moose asks Pratik who would you choose between me and Neha? He says it’s based on the situation. She says then it’s also about the situation for me. Neha says he said he wants me himself and Moose in the auto. I said I won’t choose between you and Shamita. Moose says no one is asking you. Neha says you’re such a hypocrite. Pratik says Neha let me talk. Neha says he will be out because of you. Divya says why are you sure he would go? Moose says save him but you didn’t. Neha says to Shamita you made your decision by coming out. Shamita says I don’t wanna be here if Raqesh can’t even be loyal to me. I don’t want to be around him. Neha says we both should go out.

Neha says I wanna go out. F*ck this game. I don’t wanna be here with such black-hearted people. Pratik says calm down. Moose says no one is talking to you about it. Neha says you don’t have guts. Divya says don’t shout. Neha says you always shout. You suck out of people. Divya says I played alone. Everyone saw my guts. Neha shouts. Divya says are you crazy? Neha says you all have been wrong all around. Divya says we have seen you playing fire all the time. Divya says I am clear about friendship. Nishant is my friend. Neha says I am sure Moose is your friend too now. Neha says I won’t shake hands with my enemy even for a game. Divya says, enemy? She says yes.

Moose says my name is Pratik. Divya says my name is Pratik. Pratik says are you sure? Moose says I gave my reason. Pratik says Neha go. She says I won’t. He says you have to. She says I dont’wanna go. He says please go Neha. She says I am sitting here. Shamita says you can’t say no Neha. Pratik says I want you to be saved. Neha says let the audience decide between you and me. I want to go home. He says please go.

Divya says I am sorry Moose. Moose says it’s not your mistake. It’s no one’s mistake. Divya says my heart is heavy. Moose says mine too. Neha says I don’t want to go. Pratik says go. Either you would go or me. Neha says I don’t wanna stay here. Pratik says I said I will be you both. Pratik says you have to go. Nishant says to Moose you did right. You took the decision for your heart’s sanity. Divya says it wasn’t easy for me. Nishant says I am mad at him. Divya says if he is not playing for himself no one else can. Nishant says to Moose audience will see you are a strong girl. you did what was right. Welcome to bigg boss

Pratik says I am a man of my word. Neha says you want me to look wrong? Bigg Boss says the time is running out. It shows like you don’t give importance to immunity. The time is over and since you didn’t respect the task, no one is safe. Pratik throws things in anger. Bigg Boss says everyone remains nominated.

Nishant says because of you Neha the game is ruined. you don’t care about the game but other people did. Pratik says Neha at least you could have been saved. She says I don’t care. Nishant says we value this house. She says don’t be fake. Nishant says you are fake. Neha says get lost.

7:30 PM
Nishant says Pratik why are you so emotional? Play for yourself. He says you also risked yourself for Moose right? How can I not? Nishant says see where we are? Pratik says I risked myself for Neha as you did for Moose. I told Moose I will save her. I am not lying. Nishant says what did it do?

Shamita says Neha you should have sat. Neha says why? Shamita says at least you could have been saved. Neha says I don’t want to be without you guys. The audience saw everything. Raqesh says she was right. It was a dirty game. I believe in Bigg boss. He did right.

Pratik says Nishant I can’t bail on my friends. Divya says it all happened because of you. He says I don’t want to talk to you. She says I came to talk to you. Pratik leaves. Divya says I was trying to save you. He says I am loyal to Neha, not you. He says you only speak to me in the task. We don’t have an emotional connection. I can never have anything for you. We will have it outside not here. He says if I am wrong. I will be out. She says you gave Moose importance for the game. Pratik says ask her. Divya says how can you doubt our friendship? She should choose people on your priority. He says okay you both can stay friends. If I am wrong,. I will be out. Divya says you better do.

Pratik says if Neha did something for me how could I not do anything for her? I was selfless. Nishant says why didn’t you convince her? Neha. Divya says it would have been Neha or Moose there. He doesn’t get it. Nishant says it didn’t help.

Shamita says Raqesh I don’t want to have this conversation with you again. Raqesh says don’t have ti with me. Don’t tell me this agaon. Shamita says I will lose it. He says I can lose it too. She says you can’t tell me not to talk to you about it. He says I told you not to. She says you put me in this position. DOn’t threaten me. He says okay I won’t talk to her. She says don’t get angry. He says why do you keep repeating? She says you brought me to this. Shamita says don’t threaten me. Raqesh says okay fine I won’t talk to her. Relax. She says you are stubborn so ma I. I am not okay right now. He says I am not talking. She says I am not a machine. Handle me better. He hugs her and says smile now.

8 PM
Pratik cries. Raqesh says to Shamita you ask me not to talk to Divya then you shouldn’t talk to Pratik. She says so I shouldn’t talk to Pratik? Neha says they are not the same. Neha says what is this? Shamita says you sound so wrong. Neha says she stood up for you when Pratik was shouting at you. Raqesh says then don’t talk to me. Shamita says you sound so wrong. Neha says this sounds like retaliation.

Divya says you don’t make alliances by talking not being wthe3 boss. Shamita ignores her. Divya says you don’t wanna talk? You wanna ignore it? Shamita keeps talking to Neha. Divya says how could I trust you that you won’t me out. Divya says Raqesh do you wanna talk to me? He says I don’t want to talk to anyone right now. Divya says guys I am talking. She puts oil in their food and laeves.

Shamita shouts what is the matter with you. If we don’t want to talk to you we won’t. Divya says you want to talk about the task? Shamita shouts. Shamita says we don’t need to speak to you. I did it to show your colors to Raqesh. Divya says I am friends with him and not you can’t you digest you? Shamita says my conversation is over. Divya says I will ruin your life in this game. I will irritate you. Shamita says you must try me. Game on b*t*h. Divya says you insecure b*t*h. The other classist racist Neha. She says to Nishant i put oil in their photo. Nishant and Moose laugh. Nishant says just irritate them. Divya says I will make their lives hell.

Shamita says to Raqesh come out and talk. Everything can’t go your way. He says it will. Raqesh says why are you crying now? What’s the matter? how was I wrong? He called me spineless. Shamita says have I taken a stand for you? Have you ever taken a stand for me in front of Divya? He says yes. She says never in front of you. He says what’s the matter? She says you only care about matters. I don’t expect you to do anything for me. He says I won’t. He leaves.

8:30 PM
Nishant says to Moose do what you want to do. Be yourself. Keep playing like this. Moose hugs him, Neha says to Pratik why are you blind to him? He says I am emotionally jhurt. I don’t even want to confront. She says don’t even. They didn’t defend you.

Nishant says no matter what happens every friendship should be cleared. The anger should subside. She says our love? He says there is no love story. She says our love story. He says our friendship. She says love is friendship. He says that’s stupid statement. Nishant laughs. Moose hugs him.

9 PM
Neha says I am done with this. Raqesh says me too. I won’t talk to her. This isn’t right to demand things. Okay I won’t talk to her. She’s not important to me. What’s the big deal with hi hello. It’s my decision. she can’t tell me. I am clear about it. Neha says then part ways. He says I don’t care. Neha says free each other. raqesh says there’s no commitment. There’s no relationship. Neha says you both are in different wavelengths. He says so is everyone. Neha says you are both being stubborn. He says I can’t be controlled. Pratik called me spineless and she keeps talking to him.

9:15 PM
Shamita cries. Neha hugs her. Shamita says I should stop crying and begging him. Ask him to show me respect and stand up for me. Neha says he’s not the one then. shamita says I need someone to stand up for me and be with me. I stand up for him always. Now I have to stop talking to Pratik. Is this some competition? I stand up for him always.

Divya comes to Raqesh. He says not today pelase. Leave me alone. All of ypou. She says I am not gonna change anything. He says I am not in a good state of mind. She says I only want to say you and Nshat matter to me. No one else. It’s pure friendship and that’s it. He says Shamita matters to me too. If you care about me then please respect me. I am alone in this house. I don’t want anyone.

9:30 PM
Pratik says I called you Prerna Divya right? I was wrong. My sister is very nice. She can’t do all of this like putting oil in other people’s food. This isn’t right. WAsting food. she says yeah fine. He says put your anger out. They don’t want to talk. Divya says I would make something. He says with so much oik? She says yes. Neha says it spilled too. Divya says talk to me if you can. dOn’t go and say things to Pratik. It isn’t easy to talk to me. She won’t. Pratik says I said what I had to. Divya teases Neha so much work Neha. Neha.. Neha ignores her. Divya says you don’t respect the game.

10:15 PM
Bigg Boss says time for the report card. The audience is happy with your performance. Divya gives food to Raqesh. He says I am not hungry. She says I have left it there. EAt when you want to.

11:15 PM
Neha says to Shamita you should talk to Raqesh. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Try to end the loops. Be kind to yourself. Everything you do yourself comes first. Make a fresh start first and be there for your own self first.

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