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Bigg Boss OTT 1st September 2021

Day 24 8 AM
Everyone wakes up and dances.

8:45 AM
Moose says I am so lonely. Nishant won’t talk to me. Nishant leaves.

9:15 PM
Pratik says to Nishant how long won’t you talk? She is saying she doesn’t know. Nishant says everything can’t be about her. I also have emotions. She acts strange. It’s in her head that I am not talking to her. I am still normal. She said I am irritated. She left. Life isn’t only about hugging and all. This is a connection, not an affair. Neha says give her time.

Moose looks at her mom’s photo and says I don’t know how to do things. I miss you, mama. Pratik says get up. Make him miss you. Don’t run after and chill. It comes back.

10 AM
Nishant says to Akshara I am becoming emotionless. I would drink and let it out. Akshara says you are not emotionless. You’re the most emotional person in this house. He says I haven’t spent a lot of time with my parents, I stayed with my aunt and then alone. I can’t express this feeling. I love and I know my responsibility. I don’t have the kind of attachment normal people have towards their families. I don’t have regret that I tore that letter. I don’t feel anything. Then I saw people crying. I was like why don’t I get it? She says you tie your emotions and feelings. He says I am lost. She says it’s there in you. Nishant says I don’t get it. She says say it. Don’t keep it in your heart. What do you not get? Nishant cries and says I don’t get it. People don’t have parents and they miss them. I have parents and they are well. So that letter didn’t matter. I have made myself so cold. I should know it naturally not through this show. I don’t like crying in front of people. If I show my weak side to people they only use it. I don’t go there.

10:15 AM
Shamita says where is my partner? Neha says he ran away with Divya. You scold him a lot. Shamita says when do I? Neha says he’s annoying. Pratik says he acts innocent.

12 PM
Pratik sits with Moose. He says I don’t feel good. Moose says the way you guys act, it looks fake. I don’t feel good about it. She should do what she wants. She is a different phase of her life. He says I don’t believe in age. She says then you should. He says I am not comfortable with a lot of people. Moose says think about it, if she is worried about the outside world then let it be. Pratik says she says she says it’s cool. Moose says it was me who said to set some boundaries. If she’s okay with it, great. Do it. Neha comes there. She kicks Pratik. Moose says cute.

2:15 PM
Bigg Boss says Bossman and Bosslady have to mutually agree and save one of the contestants. You are given this special right. Who do you wanna save? Pratik says let us discuss. Neha says I did you one and you do me one. Pratik says Nishant is there. Neha says I can’t do this. He says Nishant needs this show. Neha says he won’t be eliminated anyway. Neha says how do you know Shamita won’t go? This will ruin everything. She needs to know that people are there for us. I also like Nisho but we can’t support him all the time. I should rather break my friendship with her. He says I don’t want you to do that. I don’t know what to do. Neha says let’s save Shamita this time. Pratik says what about after this? Neha says I can’t do this. He says try to understand. Neha says I won’t be able to do it.

2:30 PM
Pratik says I am only doing it because I don’t break your friendships. She says I can’t do this. I won’t be able to face my friends here. I haven’t done anything for them. You have done enough. I know what you feel. He says it’s heavy on my heart but you have made a sacrifice for me. They go out. Neha says we have decided the person we are saving today is Shamita. Everyone claps. Neha says sorry Nisho. Bigg Boss says Milind, Akshara, Nishant and Divya are nominated. Now the audience will decide. We will tell you once we have the decision.

Nishant leaves. Shamita thanks Neha. Raqesh tries to cheer up Nishant. He says what? Raqesh says nothing, massaging your shoulder. Nishant says I am cooking. Shmita says sorry Pratik. He says it’s okay. Moose cries. Neha hugs Pratk. Shamita sits with Raqesh. Moose says please save Nishant or eliminate me as well. I can’t play alone.

3 PM
Neha says to Nishant can we talk? He says yes. Neha says to Shamita he wanted to save Nishant. I told him I have to do something for my friends too. It will have an impact. Nishant is a bit mad.

Moose cries. She says I can’t stop crying.

3:30 PM
Moose cries. Nishant comes there. She says let me be alone. Nishant sits with her. Nishant says see. Look at me, nicely. I went to Kashmir. Do you have bhombro bhombro in your head? She laughs. Moose says this isn’t fair. He says why are you bhombro? She says shut up. He laughs. She says you are a cold b*t*h. He says you said you need space as if I am clingy. It was bad. Nishant says yeah. She says I expect me to be there if we sit. He says I can tell you 93 things but you won’t listen. She says you were rude. He says you said I am an irritated man. She says o others should die? He says I was going through. She says how would I know if you don’t tell me? He says you are in your world with your 10k friends. She says to tell people about it. He kisses her cheek. Moose says it was hard after nominations. He says I don’t care. She says I care. I would rather go. I can’t play alone. You deserve to be here. You know your goal. I am useless here. He says it’s destiney. We are strong. Moose hugs him.

3:45 PM
Shamita says I am eating so much. There’s no task. He says when did you have a problem last time? Like real problems. She says if I am so snob you can go out. I am perfectly fine sitting alone. He says I will remember that.

Shamita says to Neha he keeps saying I grip, he’s scared of me. I tore my mother’s letter. I have been single for a reason. This all is awkward for me. He thinks I am critical? He points out everything. Raqesh comes. Shamita says I don’t want to talk. He says what did I do? She says you are critical of me from day 1.

Neha asks Pratik what are you doing? He says listening to my heart. Neha says no one is taking anyone home from here. You have been a weak point for me in this show. He says did I make the right choice? She says it wasn’t wrong.

Nishant says if I go out, the guilt will kill people. I have done enough for the show. Pratik comes. Pratik says I am sorry. I said a lot of Neha. Nishant says I am not asking for an explanation. Neha promised Shamita. I can understand they are friends but I am friends with both of you. They are people who say eliminate us we won’t do the task. We value being here

5 PM
Neha says to Raqesh has some point of view in life. He says I don’t want. She says that’s not how it works. He says I can’t do it. You can’t always be black and white. She crips and hurts. I like being a solution not a problem. She told me she tore her letter because of me. I was ready to tear mine. I told her I don’t mind getting nominated. I didn’t want to hear it back.

5:30 PM
Bigg Boss says the voting is closed. Their decision is with us. The person they have saved is.. Nishant. Pratik hugs him and says thank God. Bigg Boss says Divya, Akshara, and Milind are nominated. Everyone hugs Nishant. Raqesh makes him eat food.

6:15 PM
Divya reads time to choose the first contestant of the next bossman and bosslady. there is a clock outside but it doesn’t have wings. The inmates will be the wings of it. The connections who are part of it are Raqesh Shamita, Pratik Neha, Nishant Moose and Akshara Milint. You have to count 3 5minutes in this clock. You will move after that and the one who has the closest to 35 minutes will win and become the first contestant to the next bossman and lady.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss says the first connection is Milind and Akshara. They lay on the clock. Pratik says to Akshara talk to me. Did you say anything to Neha? She said I am with Neha because I am climbing my ladder to success. This isn’t right. He tries to distract her as she counts. Gaba is on the clock as the wing. Gaba moves. Nishant says to Gaba Karan came to my dream. He said I miss you Gaba. Everyone laughs. He says if you’re slow your counting won’t end. Everyone distracts him. Nishant says he’s laughing. Gaba moves. Neha says see I am dancing. Open your eyes. Pratik says last 80 minutes are left. Milind gets up. Akshara hugs him.

Nishant and Moose start. Moose becomes the wing and Nishant counts. He walks around the clock. Milind says this task is about the inmates distracting them. Neha and Milind pretend to shout and fight. They say work. H says you work. Neha laughs. She says you leave spices in the washroom. He says why do you count my masala? They laugh. Nishant comes. Neha says Nisho’s butt is s*xy. Let’s touch it. But it’s not allowed. Do you all work out? They walk around him. Moose says we are done.

8:15 PM
Moose kisses Nishant and says I am going. I can play longer. He says we won the last task too. She says don’t be confident. Shamita and Raqesh start. Raqesh becomes the wing. Akshara and Milind distract each other. Milind says he’s slow. Are you slow? Nishant says to Moose once this connection thing is over I can play for myself. she says stop. You said you will look out for me. He says I will but I will think of myself first then you. Nishant says if an option happens you will still choose Pratik. She says I didn’t. It won’t happen. He says I was happy yesterday, you were spending more time with him. Your excitement is more there. You will lose the game for him.

Neha says it’s Raqesh’s 63rd birthday tomorrow. Neha says Shamita is 50. Milind says she’s 23. She’s so pretty. Pratik says everything is pretty about her. Neha says Shamita stop attracting my connection. Pratik says can I walk for you again? Milind says you can cry on my shoulder Neha. Nishant comes there. He says what is this show about? There is no connection here. Raqesh.. Someone is lauhging. They dance around her. Nishant says hold my hand Shamita ji. Become friends. She spits on his hand. He says not puppy.. Raqesh says we are done.

9 PM
Pratik and Neha’s task starts. Moose says your count is strong Nehe. Nice nose. Neha is the wing. Akshara says you call yourself strong. Strong people don’t have to say it. Moose and Divya pretend to fight. Moose says you also have to do it Divya. You don’t read well. Divya says I am just helping you guys. Nishant says you are not the captain. We will do what you want. Gaba says she’s also the contestant. They laugh. Nishant says don’t say it. Neha says Akshara go fight. Akshara laughs. Divya says I am trying to help my friends. Moose says you are different and so are people. Pratik said why say sorry after doing it? They all pretend to shout.

Akshara says Pratik.. She walks with him. Nishant says you didn’t save me Neha. You want me out right? You broke my friendship. You are a fire who burned it. Akshara says it’s done. Come down. Neha says it’s done.

Bigg Boss says the task is out. Let’s see who did it perfectly. The time Neha and Pratik took 45 minutes and 38 seconds. Raqesh and Shamita 36 minutes. Milind and Akshara, 35 minutes 26 seconds. The connection that was closest was Nishant and Moose. Their time was 34 minutes and 35 seconds. They are the winners and become the first contendender. Moose says random shit everyone. Everyone laughs at Pratik. He says what were you doing? Nishant and Moose dance on the clock. They become wings.

Bigg Boss says the audience is happy with today’s performance. Everyone is happy.

10:30 Pm
Shamita asks Raqesh what did you want to say? he says I don’t like to be scared. When you tore your letter, I was scared you will say it back and you did. I don’t like taking favors. I am misunderstood here, I am a weak player here. I am done here. I don’t care, I am badly hurt. I am the wrong connection for you. When you and I have to choose, I will choose you and make you win. She says you say you don’t like being controlled. I would like to know where did I control you? He says who should I talk.. She says except for Divya I never said it. He says that is what I am saying. Shamita says only for you I started speaking to Nishant. If I like to someone, I like to care for them. You said a lot of things in-joke like I am controlling that’s why I am single. Then you say you’re joking. Everyone has a saturation person. I tore that letter to show that I am a selfless person. He says then don’t say it. She says I had to say it because you think I am controlling. Don’t I have a heart? I let you hold my hand, kiss my cheek because I don’t know how to fake it. I liked you. All the relationships I was in, they never made me feel very good about myself. I was in self-preservation mode to protect myself. Please don’t do me any favors. We won’t play the task tomorrow. I don’t have an interest in this game either. All this doesn’t matter. If you keep pointing fingers at me, don’t expect that I won’t respond back. He says I am not. She says I have been single for a while. I am used to my space and be my person. If my way of showing love and affection is me controlling me. Just one Divya incident you keep repeating. He says because I feel it’s controlling. She says I don’t care. Talk to any girl you want. I don’t care. I am not jealous. He says I don’t care for her or have feelings for her but I just talk to him when I see her. I can’t ignore people like that. She says no one is perfect. I don’t like to be controlled. I will not play this game from tomorrow. Do what you want to. He says sit here we are talking. She says leave it. You have made the judgment. I am a monster. You know it’s a trigger. I want to stay with that image. He says two things in just today, Divya thing, then the letter thing. She says why did I say the letter? He says yeah why do you have to say it? Don’t I know it? She says you keep picking faults in me. He says I am not. She says I am not always controlling. I have my place to be affected. Raqesh says then don’t cry here. Leave this connection. Break it. He throws things and says I don’t want to stay in it either.

10:45 PM
Nishant tries to console Raqesh. He says get up, you will feel better. It’s your birthday. He says I don’t want to. Nishant says don’t be bothered. He says I am stuck here. Nishant says don’t worry.

Neha goes to Shamita. She says I asked him for one thing and he thinks I have trust issues. I do. It was one small thing for my peace. I care about him. Raqesh says she said I am not playing a game. Nishant says she is not. raqesh says neither am I. Nishant says but everything can’t be about her. You are not a supporting character, right? You have some point here too right. If she’s Shamita Shetty you are also Raqesh.

Shamita says he doesn’t understand it hurts me. He said this si why I am single. Shamita cries. Shamita says I wanted to save him because this game would be difficult without him.

Pratik says to Akshara I have come here after a lot of hard work. she says everyone did. He says I don’t need to use anyone’s name. She says when did I say it? He says you did on the weekend. Pratik says to Neha come out. She says no. Wait. Akshara says when you go out, talk to me then. Moose says Neha can’t always be right. Akshara says we are always wrong. Pratik comes. Akshara says I don’t want to talk to you. I won’t listen. Neha says okay camera will show what you said. Akshara says okay I am wrong you are all right. Neha says what is this? Akshara says I don’t want to talk to you. Neha says I can’t talk till she shouts. Pratik says you can’t say things about everyone. Neha says Akshara, you lie so much. I confronted him. Akshara says go from here. Don’t make me hyper. Neha says this is wrong. Akshara says you are not a good human. Neha says you can’t tell me that. Neha says shut up. Akshara shouts you shut up. Don’t shout on me. Show your reality outside. Akshara says get out. Pratik says you can say anything. Neha says get out. Akshara says I won’t. I am with my friends. Neha says it’s my room. Divya comes. Akshara says don’t provoke me. Get out. I won’t give clarification. I won’t. She shouts. Divya says calm down. Pratik says this is our room. Neha says we should accept things we say on camera. Akshara says I won’t talk in front of Neha. No one can shout at me. Neha says the camera know what human you are. Keep you f**king tongue in control. Akshara says don’t say f**king to me. Have some manners. Neha says don’t talk to me like this. Akshara shouts and says I am not scared of you. Neha says neither am I. Akshara says I am here for a reason. Go home. This is the game. You provoke people and use your cards. Neha says she’s a liar. Akshara says, idiot woman. Akshara says get lost. I know what I am. Pratik says Akshara be respectful. She says everyone saw it.

Neha says Pratik I told you to inform you not to fight. You go home watch this episode. If I am wrong I will go to her home and say sorry.

12:15 AM
Nishant says they didn’t like we won. Moose says Pratik and Neha are being insecure. They are too into each other. Maybe Pratik is dumb. I don’t get it.

12:30 AM
Neha asks Shamita how do you feel? Did you eat? She says I had oats. Shamita says tomorrow is his birthday. I would be blamed that I made him sad. He is right but so am I. I am fed up. Neha says forget all this and sleep. Drink water and sleep. You are feeling weak tonight. Don’t make any decision right now. Neha hugs her.

1 AM
Nishant says happy birthday Raqesh. Let’s jump in the pool. Moose says I will also do it. Raqesh says are you crazy? Sit here. Nishant says let’s go have fun. Raqesh says it’s very cold. Don’t. Moose and Nishant jump in the water and scream happy birthday Raqesh.

1:30 AM
Moose says I don’t know how to tackle her. She can’t talk to me like that. Gaba says don’t let it affect you. Akshara says I had to react. He says you did right.

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