Bigg Boss OTT 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss OTT 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss OTT 15th September 2021

Day 38 8 AM
Everyone wakes up dancing on dance basanti. Divya dances with Raqesh.

9 AM
Neha sleeps on the couch with Pratik. She says I don’t get it. Pratik says what? She says what happened. He says don’t think so much. She says I am not talking about you. I am not feeling anything. I have lost a feeling. Neha says I want you to think about it. He says you took it in the wrong way. She says okay. Pratik says no. Neha says I told you how I felt. I felt foolish. He says I said what I felt. Neha says it has changed something inside me.

9:15 AM
Neha says I made a true friendship with Pratik. Having fun, running around, there’s both comfort and discomfort. Our friendship and love are strong then we will come out of it.

Divya tells Nishant Neha and Pratik fought a lot yesterday. He says on what? She says I don’t know. He says so they will play for own self now? Divya laughs. Nishant says Neha hasn’t played alone.

Neha says I am still angry at you. Pratik says you will always stay angry. Shamita says what happened? Pratik says I don’t get the point. Neha says you always want to be right. The day you get over this right and wrong and see other people’s points of view. He says I have a different point of view. I have owned up to what I have done.

11:30 AM
Bigg Boss says since you all are in the finale week, you all are nominated to be out of the house. The audience can start voting for you. Pratik hugs Neha. Pratik hugs Nishant. He says there will be a mid-week elimination.

4:45 AM
Everyone comes to the hall. The glass opens. There are people outside. Shamita says I feel like animals in the zoo. Nishant says welcome to Bigg Boss house. They say hi to everyone. Divya says wow, there are people outside. It’s media. Nishant says OTT.

Bigg Boss says we welcome all journalists in the house. You can question the contestants. Upma asks Shamita, your mind when someone calls you bossy and controlling. But if you don’t like someone your partner shouldn’t talk to them, if someone consoles a crying girl you get angry. Don’t you think that’s treating your partner like a puppet? Isn’t that suffocating? Shamita says if it has looked that way it’s wrong. I was never bossy. Raqesh wasn’t getting the game in the beginning. So we decided I would plan it. With Divya, I never got along with her. I felt bad when my connection was spending time with her. I don’t trust her. We are still getting to know each other. I would never want to suffocate anyone. Upma asks what’s your current status? Raqesh says we are friends. Shamita says we are friends.

Another journalist asks Shamita you were told two people were b*t*hing about you. It was Divya and Raqesh. But you only punished Divya. You’ve shamed Moose too by saying what else does she do except for showing boobs? You also abused Nishant? Until Karan made you realize, you didn’t think it was wrong. You patched up with everyone but you never gave Divya the benefit of the doubt. Why don’t you give people the same respect you expect from people? Shamita says when I came here I got along Divya. But I didn’t feel good she called me controlling when I was trying to do good with her. Your heart doesn’t trust sometimes. I never got a trusting vibe from her. She says but Raqesh was also with her and called you controlling. But you didn’t do the same to him? She says he was my connection. I had to play with him. I confronted and was upset with Raqesh. I didn’t sugarcoat with him. I started liking him later. If you expect me to be the same with someone I like, and with someone, I don’t trust it can’t be the same. The journalist asks what’s your status with Divya? Shamita says after leaving the house Divya and I won’t be friends. I am not inclined towards her.

Another journalist asks Raqesh it looks like you floated on Shamita’s boat and reached the finales. And then you say that Shamita has suffocated you and looks like she’s baggage to you. He says I am not very expressive of a person. We met here for the first time. I don’t think anyone used each other to come here. The journalist asks Raqesh and Divya are just friends. Why do you keep making it like a triangle? The audience doesn’t see it that way. She says when he got anxious I tried not to stress him out. It’s only natural for your mind to play games. When we fought and he was giving Divya time. Neha and he told me that Divya and him are just friends. Her niece said he’s himself with Divya. I am sad that I don’t see him that way. Raqesh says wait till we go out.

Another journalist says to Divya you have also been bossy sometimes. Like you tell people to go do what you want. I won’t do tasks. And Nishant your game is very convenient. You supported Pratik in all the wrong things he did. But you got mad at him when he nominated you. And you told Moose that she won’t support Moose. Isn’t that bossy as well? Another journalist says Nishant I see a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to Neha and Pratik. You always take a stand for Moose. When Pratik takes a stand for Neha, you call him emotional. You all know he’s emotional from day 1. Nishant says I disagree. She says you also said I will support Pratik but if Pratik and Neha stand together, I will scre* their game. You want a blind devotion from his side. Their connection is the strongest connection in the house.

Nishant says let me answer one by one. He says there’s one simple thing. When Pratik, Moose became friends with Pratik we decided that we will fight for the game. They are the best, they irritate me sometimes. Because they have a good game plan. The journalist says but you call people bossy too. Nishant says I don’t keep repeating it. Divya says I was protecting myself. I wasn’t forcing people to do or not to do things. He says in tasks you always say I have done three shows. If Shamita is proud of doing movies she’s proud? Shamita claps. Divya says Shamita please show mutual respect. Let me answer.

A journalist says to Divya you keep calling Moose and Shamita insecure. You say why Neha and Pratik are together if they are not a connection anymore. Divya says I had no connection. Neha says why do say you never spoke about us? Divya says let me speak. We can talk later. The journalist says why do you get mad over the fact that why are they together? Neha says yeah what’s your problem. Divya says calm down.

Avinash asks Divya Shamita feels you weren’t too effortful in being friends. Why? She says my efforts with any friendships aren’t to repeat things. I let things go but she keeps repeating the same thing. Pride can be either self-defense but not telling people what to do. A journalist asks Neha who does she want to see winning if she doesn’t win? She says Why have everyone decided that I am not winning? I am here to win. And in top 2, I want Pratik with me.

A journalist asks Divya what’s the root cause of the problem between you and Pratik? Pratik says she texted me 3 days before the show are you ready? The girl says you should have texted her then? Pratik says she never texted me in three years. Even in the last show people told me I am being used. The journalist says she doesn’t speak behind your back. She tries to be friends with you. He says I don’t want her to play any game with her in this show. Divya says it’s normal. If I know you I would text you. I had no idea there was no disagreement. Everyone has seen I have not used anyone in this show.

A journalist asks Neha you keep saying I will be beaten when I go out. Why say such things? She says I do such things. I am free-spirited as a person. I say things that my mom won’t like. I will own up if my mom or husband says I have done enough. A journalist asks you said you don’t even know if the marriage is left or not? Neha says I am tired of the doubts on me. People pollute my mind. I trust people easily. Being a married woman, I hug him and sitting with him, I do like him, I am fond of him. So I am a little scared. I feel like I am being punished for having an affection for someone in this house. A journalist says but recently you said yourself that you will have to face consequences when you go out. He would have them if he was in a relationship as well. Do you see some problem? Neha says his own sister said there is a fine line. I don’t know what’s going on outside. I haven’t spoken to my husband. I don’t know how he feels.

The journalist asks what are the emotions in your heart? You said you like to cuddle him, you can’t stay away from him even if you try. What makes you think you could be going wrong? Neha says if we were friends outside, we won’t have spent time with anyone. I haven’t spent so much time in 20 years with anyone. I feel immense love and connection for him which has no gender.

A journalist says Divya was given the weakest task. how? She is the only one who played alone. Pratik says the show format was about connection. Can I play Spitz villa alone? Will they make me win? The girl says but you should appreciate how she played? Pratik says did she appreciate me? Shamita says can I say something? Simran says he won’t let you talk? Pratik says you don’t decide it. Simran says everything is not a fight. Pratik says friendship takes effort. Shamita says she rubs people the wrong way. We are here and have connections, we have put in the effort. You won’t understand if someone is nice one day and rude the other way. Divya says she wanted me to give her the trophy with my house. Neha says she does a lot of good things in the life. but she is one of the rudest people I have seen in my life. Shamita says she said she doesn’t want a partner. There was a task where she had to find a partner. She didn’t even try.

A journalist asks Divya, you put in oil and called Shamita insecure and Neha s*xist. You said let’s do girl talk. It was about Neha’s underwear. You called all the girls and then you spoke about it in front of all men and the stain on it. Divya says I would just like to tell you one thing. When I told all this to the girls, it was said about Moose about too. Neha says not in this manner. Divya says after all that she has done, you expect me to be nice to her? The journalist says only Pratik said how can you say that. Divya says I accept I did. Neha says you could easily apologize it. Divya says your best friend Shamita showed me that underwear and said it’s so dirty. Shamita says the question is asked from you. Divya says you said the underwear was shown by Shamita. I picked it and said it’s disgusting. Shamita says they’ve all seen it. Divya says when she found out it’s her best friend, she flipped. It was dirty. Shamita says I didn’t say all that to men in this house.

A journalist asks Neha you have been very real. You have your heart on your sleeves. People kept saying you have been influencing Pratik but the same wasn’t said about Nishant, he also influenced Moose. Neha says if I was a man, those questions won’t have been asked. The only sad part is that own it up. People can live their dirty hearts. A journalist asks Nishatn, you always said you take your stand and say where you want. Is it important to take the right stand? You told Moose that Divya tried to be your partner. And it made Moose angry. She ended up saying to Divya you keep looking for breaking connections and you put your mouth here and there. Instead of being mad at her words, you were mad that she told Divya that you told her. The journalist says my question remains and to everyone. Shamita you called out Akshara for saying something that sounded wrong to Neha. Your feminism woke up for Neha but not Divya? Shamita says you’re right. I should have stopped Moose. When you jump into her fights, she loses it. She jumps into conversations and gets mad. I didn’t want to get into it. But you’re right. I must have stopped it. I apologize. But maybe my thoughts about Divya were clouded.

A journalist asks Nishant why do you have double standards? When Divya ruins a task you are mad. And when Pratik does the same you speak to him. Nishant says Pratik is my friend. It’s easy for me to speak to him. Divya tries to end task for everyone so in anger me. They leave. Everyone says thank you, guys. Bigg boss thanks to the journalists. Nishant says they were saying many made-up things.

6:30 PM
Shamita says why did she have to tell you Nishant. Nishant says I told her the same. Neha says this wasn’t okay. Nishant says you both were there. Neha says I wasn’t. Nishant says Shamita also kept saying Moose keeps the washroom filthy. Shamita says Moose used to keep the toilet filthy. It’s a fact. Neha says I never said it. Nishant says you were there to. Neha says the audience is seeing it. Let them decide. Divya says playing with a man’s underwear is okay and keeping your underwear wasn’t? It was about hygiene not men and women. Nishant says you did the same Shamita. Shamita says I didn’t even say. Divya says talk to me Shamita says I am not talking about you. I am talking about my conversation with Moose. Pratik says keep the girl talk to girls. Divya says she did the same. Shamita says you don’t even realize how wrong you are. Neha says get out of here. Divya says you get out.

Divya says go learn to be clean. Shamita says look at your arrogance. Divya says look who is calling me arrogant. Shamita says you spoke about her underwear. Divya says you talked about Moose’s boobs. You said she shows her boobs. Shamita says don’t twist it around. Nishant says the media said it. Nishant says she only spoke about underwear, not stains. Divya says this isn’t the place to keep your underwear. That’s it. Pratik says to keep it in the girls then. She says they don’t be s*xist. You also played around with Karan’s underwear. Nishant says Shamita, you said to Moose about her clothes but for Neha it’s wrong? you called Moose disgusting in front of everyone. Shamita says it was filthy. Bigg BOss says Shamita wear your mic. Divya says they can do the same thing but no one can answer. Nishant says I don’t agree to that. You were also talking Moose’s boobs. Shamita says they twisted words. If I said something so bad, Karan would have brought it up. Divya says let him be. Divya says it was dirty. It’s about hygiene.

7 PM
Neha asks Raqesh if you can see so many problems in Pratik can’t you see anything wrong in Nishant and Divya? He says who’s right here? Why should I accept anything? He says it is werong. Which I told Divya. Neha says that’s all I am saying. Talking about stains is wrong. Neha says not on camera. Divya says did I comment on her body? Pratik says you should just have told her and ended. You shouldn’t have brought it here. Pratik says it’s a personal thing. Divya says if I left it everyone would have been after my life. He says I would have stood with you. Divya says why was it said about Moose? Pratik says I said it was wrong. Shamita says it wasn’t even what you were told. Divya says she can do whatever she wants.

7:15 PM
Neha says Nishant keeps saying that we will be friends, yet he says I blow it out of proportion. My underwear was spoken about. How can I be okay with it? Shamita says we didn’t make fun of Moose’s clothes. Pratik says you’re right. Neha says I don’t get it. Even if Nishant wins, you shouldn’t let your reality go. I feel sorry for you as a person if you forget about your manners. Pratik says I felt bad about what he said. Neha says they weren’t lying. We can’t always be idiots.

9 PM
Bigg Boss says the audience is happy with your performance. Everyone is happy.

12 AM
Pratik says it’s not easy to have a friendship or relationship in a show. Nishant says my friendship isn’t for this show only. Pratik says Neha has a clean heart. Nishant says but she keeps saying I take side. She can’t see what all I have done. Pratik says you have fun with her too.

12:15 AM
Pratik says to Neha I spoke to Nishant. She says he can talk to me. I never said no to him. Neha goes to Nishant and says you can go in. He says you make space. He says you only feel bad about yourself. You also blame me. Neha says you should also feel the need to clarify yourself? He says for your lingerie we are talking bout it but for another person’s we think it’s fun? He says you don’t listen. When you were shouting you didn’t get the actual problem. She says you are being arrogant. He says you were being arrogant when you said all that. How was my judgement wrong. She says I own up and apologize. You guys want to go down defending. You said I dominate Pratik and all. She says then don’t feel bad about what people said about you. He says when did I say I do? She says don’t pretend to be a friend. Nishant says you shouldn’t either. You are a very bad listener. Neha says you talk bs. He says so do you. She says everyone says that about you. She leaves. Nishant says don’t talk to me about her now.

12:30 AM
Pratik says it shouldn’t have gone so wrong. Neha says you were mad when Raqesh said anything about us. But when Nishant does it everyone forgives him. You got mad at me too. Nishant and Divya don’t exist for me in this house anymore. I am done.

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