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Bigg Boss 16 8th November 2022

Day 38
8 AM
Shalin says to Sumbul you can nominate. I am sorry I said rude words. She says I know when to stand with my people. I threw the flower because it was one only. He says I stood for both you and Tina. She says you shouldn’t have gotten into it. I was talking to her. He says I am sorry. Shalin says I don’t want any of you to leave. I have heard taunts. Tina walks past them. Shalin says I don’t anything to go wrong with you. Archana says he has fun. He goes to both of them one by one. Gautam says Sumbul is stupid. Archana says exactly. She will learn with time. Archana says Priyanka speaks less than Ankit now. She laughs. Ankit says you have no mind of your own. You say stupid things.

9:30 PM
Priyanka asks Ankit what was Archana saying. He says never to trust her. She says I know what to do. He says don’t show me attitude. Bigg Boss asks Ankit to fix his mic. He says Archana was joking. He says why are you being irritated? She says I am leaving in a week. She says couldn’t you see the things that Bigg Boss has to taunt you every time. Ankit says what’s your problem? Ankit says I told Archana she has no mind of her own. Priyanka says you should have told her I don’t want her friendship. You also never support me. He says I said this. She says just one line? Priyanka says I don’t get you at all. Priyanka says you couldn’t convey one message right. She says you never get things. I don’t want to talk to her. Ankit says are you crazy?

9:45 PM
Shalin says I don’t want to eat with Tina. Shiv gives him food. Tina ignores him. Tina says is it a favor to serve food? Shiv says don’t do drama with me. Tina says you started it. You misbehave with people. He says you act over righteous. Leave me alone. She says I am not even trying to stop you. Don’t threaten me. He says I am standing by you and you’ve made fun of us. He says of who? He says to us. Shalin says everyone laughed at us. She says you compared me with Soundarya. He says to stop acting over-smart. Nimrit says you can’t fight like this.

12 AM
Shalin says to Nimrit I feel like her feelings are fake. Nimrit says Sumbul is overly protective of you. That’s true. Nimrit says don’t overthink, please.
Tina says to Nimrit he has always been my first priority. He could save Sumbul but he didn’t. I don’t mind. He goes wrong. It will backfire against him. He said Soundarya is better than me. Nimrit says he was crying. Tina says I also cried in the washroom. I don’t do it for the camera. It’s on my reputation. I’ve had enough.

Gori cries and says he did what he had to. Soundarya says Shiv goes over the board while talking. Stan says people can see who’s real.

Day 39
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.
Abdu says Bigg Boss will talk today. For me, 5 people matter here. Shiv says you are very smart.

9:15 AM
Stan says she was crying last night. Stan says I told her she’s wrong too. Shiv says she called me fake? Stan says Soundarya isn’t talking to me either. Gori is an idiot. Shiv says it’s fine. She will go home. Stna says I don’t want to fight.

10:30 AM
Stan says to Gori I didn’t expect this from you. You’re wrong. I didn’t come to you because you were with Soundarya. She says I will sit alone with you then. Stan says you do you.

10:45 AM
Shalin comes and sits with Tina. Tina says let me be, please. She leaves. Shalin leaves too. Ankit says to Priyanka I know I haven’t supported you enough. I will try to change that. The rest is up to you. Priyanka ignores him. Tina says Soundarya and Archana are making their own food. Abdu says they don’t listen. She says to punish them. Nimrit says to tell them if they don’t listen. You can punish them and tell Bigg Boss. You do what you feel is right.

Priyanka says I have thought enough for people. Gautam says we are evil and they’re all very nice right? Priyanka laughs. She says they’re funny.

2 PM
Bigg Boss says people talking behind the captain. It takes courage to speak in front of him. Today is Abdu’s captaincy report card. You will give him marks out of 10 and reason. Archana gives him 6. She says he was strong at the start. But he isn’t using his own mind. He keeps changing duties under Nimrit, Shiv, and Sajid’s influence. Tina also tells him to do this. Tina says if he listened to me, I would give all tasks to you. She says Abdu took the kitchen from me because they asked. Tina says he did because you misbehaved with him. Tina says I told him to not bark and not send dogs. Shiv says do you have any manners? Tina says we are not dogs. Nimrit says you tortured him so much that a person like Abdu who is always calm had to throw his mic. Shiv says we should clap for ourselves because we tolerate her. And clap for her family too who tolerated her all her life. Everyone claps.

Sumbul gives 10. She says he runs but is sleeping. Archana says he was sleeping himself. Sumbul says only when he was not well. Abdu says I never sleep. Shiv gives him 10. He says Abdu has so many manners and he plays it very well. He’s the best captain. Nimrit gives him 9.9. She says Archana doesn’t realize she provokes people. She humiliates them. Abdu says exactly. Ankit gives him 7. He says Abdu is good but with duties, he became a little unfair. He gave Nimrit only his room. He gave Priyanka two duties. He asked her to do the third one too. Priyanka gives him 7 too. She says he was unfair with his duties. He gave Sajid only half a duty. Abdu says it’s not the same with him. Will you give your father equal work? Priyanka says we are all contestants. and what about Nimrit? Nimrit says don’t talk about me, I also did dishes. Priyanka says Shiv also used the word barking for Archana. Shiv says talk about Abdu, not me. Archana says yes you bark Shiv. Priyanka says I was asked to do five duties. Shiv says because you left yours. Ankit says you’re Shiv, not Abdu. Let him answer. Priyanka says Abdu is a strong contestant, he can speak for himself. Ankit says Bigg Boss is everyone’s house.

Stan gives Abdu 10. He says all captains were unfair. I was given 4 tasks, I did them. He is very fair. Sajid was also doing breakfast. Priyanka says I will also give you the garden and dishes together. Tina gives 10. She says you rock Abdu. You are very well-mannered. Gori gives him 9. She makes a star. Archana cleans it. Tina says Abdu earned it. You were given captaincy as a punishment. Gautam gives 8. He says Abdu could have more authority. His nature is good. Soundarya gives him 9. Shalin says I give him 10. He didn’t even change my duty when I was tired. He didn’t change it so he’s not fair at all. Sajid says I was unsure if he would be able to handle the house. Shiv said no he should be given a chance. He said he has confidence in himself. If you love him, he will give you love in return. He gives Abdu 10. Everyone claps. He is a guest. We should love him. Abdu says most people love his captaincy.

3:15 PM
Archana says to Sajid he’s a competitor to us. If he’s a guest doesn’t mean we will not compete with him. I am here to win. He’s biased himself so I will speak against it. Abdu says Shiv is calling you Sajid.

3:30 PM
Shalin says I have one request. No Shalin and Tina joke from now. Sajid says you both always stand for each other. You complement each other. Shalin is fake but at least he does effort.

4:15 PM
Soundarya says Gori, your words can sound with attitude. Sajid says I asked her to give them tomatoes, but she said she won’t. Shiv and Soundarya fight. Soundarya says you are such a liar. She says to Sajid why is he getting into it. Sajid says stop it, please. He says Gori misbehaved with me when I asked her to not take food without asking others. Gorri says you also hit the door and shouted at me. She says MC was there. Sajid says ask him. He says you’re a dancer, I am from a village too. Archana says to respect her talent. She’s a dancer. Shalin says do you even know what is the conversation? Shiv says stay out if. Go and lose your elections. You call people dogs. Don’t interfere in others’ matters. Don’t even know the topic. Archana says I know what I was talking about. Nimrit says you also called us, TV actors. Shiv says you are ashaming your family. Sounadrya asks them to calm down. Archana says what will you do? come to me, I will break your face. He says I will teach you how to make peacocks. Archana shouts and says how was Sajid calling her dancer from Haryana? Shiv says she only shouts for no reason. She says to Gori you should have fought. You should have answered. He was insulting your talent. Gori says I am here because of that talent.

Sajid says to Gori I was trying to talk to you. Gori says what did your words even mean that I am just a dance from Rajasthan? He says it should be your pride. He says you’re my younger sister. Priyanka says solve it.

5 PM
Gori says he didn’t take the name of any place. Archana says to stop being scared of him. Sajid says she’s lost. Tina says she knows what she’s doing. Gautam says to Gori you’re not here to be good to everyone. Stan also speaks behind your back. Bigg Boss talks to Archana. Archana says he said you must be a dancer. You will see who I am. We are not scared of anyone. She says he said you’re just a dancer. I told him to respect the artist. Bigg Boss says did you know the matter? She says they were fighting over the grocery. Archana says he was trying to threaten us. We aren’t scared of him. I felt bad for her. Bigg Boss says you didn’t know the matter. You don’t know the entire story. You picked one word and changed the entire story. Shalin says she called us all TV actors too. Bigg Boss says we shouldn’t be discussing professions in derogatory terms. What does Gori call herself? She says the dancer. Bigg Boss says so is it a bad word? Archana says it the way he said it. He says if Gori didn’t mind it what’s your problem? She says I thought to stand for her. Bigg Boss says do you understand dancer is not a bad word? If you don’t want to understand then there’s no point in speaking. No one should make points on backgrounds, professions, and races.

Sajid says Gori I was saying you’re from Rajasthan. I’ve danced since the age of 15. Gori says let’s end it.

5:45 PM
Soundarya and Gori try to talk to Archana. Soundarya says dancer isn’t a bad word. Gori says it’s my pride. Archana says if someone called me Meerath’s dancer, I would break the face. Priyanka says she didn’t even under. According to her being a dancer is a bad profession. It’s her mentality. Soundaarya says it’s her profession. Archana says I wasn’t wrong. I am not scared of Sajid.

6 PM
Bigg Boss says I have no valid reason to fire Abdu. So he has a chance to be captain for next week too. It will depend on the task. There’s a gold mine in the garden and Priyanka is the supervisor. When the buzzer rings, two people will go into the pool and collect gold. They are two sheds, for Abdu and change Abdu. People will put gold in them. Priyanka will count bags in the end. If For Abdu has more bags, Abdu will remain the captain and change otherwise. Priyanka will decide who will go to the pool for mining. She can choose the same person again. If she thinks there isn’t enough gold she can discard the bag.

6:15 PM
Gori says Abdu is nice but he favors his people. Shiv says to Ankit he’s fair. Tina says Priyanka is fair. Priyanka says thanks, Tina. Archana says now she will acct great. I will not talk to Priyanka.

6:30 PM
Buzzer blares. Priyanka calls Tina and Soundarya. They start mining the gold. Sajid says to Gautam I am fond of you and Soundarya. Shiv says Tina you are doing the best. She puts them all in for Abdu. Soundarya runs but couldn’t put it in the shed. Shiv says you couldn’t get in there. Archana hugs Sajid. He says you’re my younger sister. Priyanka says the task has stopped. You can’t put it on the shelf.

6:45 PM
Nimrit says Shiv calm down. She will not send any of us. Shiv says you’re getting personal. Abdu says don’t fight bro. Bigg Boss asks Priyanka what has she decided. She says you can put the bag on the shelf. They can’t collect it. Bigg Boss says so you are letting them put it on the shelf? But not collect. Priyanka says yes. Shiv says okay fair enough.

7 PM
Nimrit says Shiv be fair. She won’t send any of us. Shiv says I have to answer her. Priyanka asks Gautam what will he do. She sends Archana and Nimrit to the next task. They start collecting. Archana used a bowl. Priyanka says to use your hands. This isn’t fair. She says Bigg Boss didn’t do it. Priyanka says I will reject it. Buzzer blares. They put it on the shelf.

7:15 PM
Gautam says don’t they want to be the captains themselves? Ankit says they’re all getting favors. Archana asks Nimrit Tina don’t you want to be the captain yourselves? What are you here for? Tina says we are here to chill. Archana says I am asking as a friend. Tina says you’re not my friend. We are chilling here. Shiv says to go now. Archana says Tina Ji is here to be Abdu’s follower. They get impressed by followers. Tina says Soundarya you’re laughing? Have some shame, look at what’s saying. Archana says they don’t want to be captains. They’re all Abdu’s spoons. Soundarya says I am not her mom. I can’t stop her.

7:30 PM
Tina says I will support who is right not people like you. Don’t do this drama here. Shiv says you will lose elections this time too. Then you will follow me. Ankit says how many people will you be a lawyer for? Abdu asks Shiv to calm down.

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