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Bigg Boss 16 7th November 2022

Day 36
8:45 PM
Soundarya sits in Gautam’s lap. Gautam says why do you fight with me? Soundarya says I never thought I would date a Punjabi in my life. He says you must never have seen a lover like me. Abdu laughs. Shiv says why are you laughing? Gautam says I am sleeping like a good boy for 3 days. Soundarya laughs. Abdu says Nimrit see. She says I saw already. They laugh. Gautam says I want to win this for you. Soundarya kisses him on the cheek. Abdu says it’s out of the bathroom. He says Sajid you’re missing. Abdu laughs. Soundarya says why are you giving me extra attention? He says are you fine? She says yes. Abdu sits in Shiv’s lap. He says my father and mother see. They laugh. Shiv says come here.

Stan is upset. Nimrit says we are all with you. Abdu and Nimrit hug Stan. Sajid says tell us what’s in your heart? Do you miss home? Stan sleeps in the other room. Gorisays don’t cry. He says everyone is fake here. I don’t want to change for a show. I can’t fake feelings. I will go crazy here. Gori says to stay strong.

10:30 PM
Priyanka says if you can’t cook Sumbul tell Abdu. There is no vegetable on our plate. People take in groups. Nimrit says I only ate one roti. Priyanka says I wasn’t counting yours. I will speak if I don’t get equal food. Tina says I served myself. Shiv took himself. Priyanka says then we will take ourselves too. Nimrit says this is very petty. The quantity of food you eat, no one counts. Priyanka says I was talking to Tona. Don’t come between for footage. Everyone will get equal food. Nimrit says you took my name. I only ate one thing. This is so cheap. Priyanka says we always distributed food equally. You are cheap. You don’t care about others. That’s you tbhat you don’t leave food for others. Nimrit says we can see how petty you are. Soundarya says why are you abusing Nimrit? This isn’t okay. Gori cries. Soundarya consoles her.

12:30 AM
Abdu and everyone come to Ankit and wish him a happy birthday. They’ve made a cake. Abdu hugs him. Ankit says thank you. Priyanka says they’re doing this to make me feel better. Because I don’t have chocolates. Everyone hugs Ankit. Ankit goes back to sleep. Priyanka comes and says done? They’re doing this to make me feel better.

Day 37
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Sajid says Nimrit and Priyanka fought. Shiv says Priyanka was already in the bad mood. Nimrit says I always eat less than her. She doesn’t have to cook for others. Shalin says her appetite is more than mine. Sajid says Ankit is a nice guy. But Priyanka overshadows him. Shiv says if he came alone he would have made friends. Stan sits alone. Sajid and Gori try to talk to him.

9:15 AM
Abdu says Priyanka says you want juice? She says watermelon. He says and bitter guard for Archana. Priyanka says to Gautam they came to wish him to make me feel better. You’re wishing my friend and not involving me? Ankit gave them that ground. Gautam says you showed friendship from one side. It should be equal. You fight for his problems but he doesn’t do the same.

9:45 AM
Sajid says to Gori there are four people in your room. You can’t give food like this. Ask us too. I also give oiks. It’s okay to make friends but don’t hurt old people. Gori says it’s my room too. Sajid says then don’t sneak the food out. I can see it. It’s been three days. If you wanna give then give it openly. He says to throw all the food out. Give it all to them. Why is she stealing it? Abdu says calm down. I will talk to her. Sajid says kick her out of the room. I never say no to food but she steals. Sajid says this is very wrong. Don’t hide it at least. Gori says it’s my room too. I never say no to you. You also give things. I asked MC too. Sajid says we also live there. Ask us too. Soundarya says I just asked her. Sajid says it’s not about her but her actions are wrong. Soundarya says Stan was also there. He says why sneak it? Shiv says there are four people in the room. Gori says it’s my room too. Change my room if you don’t like it.

Priyanka tells Archana they’re mad because Gori gave Soundarya basin. Sajid says to take it all. Gori says throw it then. You just said it. Sajid says don’t argue with me. Sajid takes food out. Shiv says please listen. We can’t damage ourselves for her. Ankit calms him down. Sajid says she thinks we can’t see. Make new friends but don’t steal our things.

10:15 AM
Shiv hugs Tina. He says do you feel better now? She says I feel better. Abdu teases them. He hits Shiv. Tina asks Shalin why are you mad at me? He’s my best friend. You can change the girl. You have on in the kitchen. He says you’re the best I have.

10:30 AM
Ankit asks Priyanka what happened. She says you know everything. I know when you feel bad. She says I asked Gautam how would he feel if people celebrate his birthday and leave Soundarya out. You don’t fight for me. That’s your nature. If fight for you all the time. It’s my problem.

10:45 AM
Priyanka asks Stan what happened? He says Gori feels alone. Priyanka says you have to stand up for yourself. Stan says this is affecting me a lot. They said we are so nice we don’t let you cry. They’re so fake. Priyanka says don’t hurt over it. Archana says why did he come if he didn’t want to be there. Gori comes to Stan. Priyanka says see Gori is so strong. Soundarya returns Gori to the basin. She says I am putting it back. Shiv says what’s the point now? You had to ask when giving. She says I told MC. It’s my room too. Gori goes to the room and says I don’t care. Priyanka says they kept Stan with them for votes. Sajid says she’s so ill-mannered.

12 PM
Sajid asks Abdu if was Gori right. He says no. She had to ask people. Gautam says Stan didn’t even support Gori. His problem is why si Gori talking to us.

1 PM
Tina says to Shalin if we were not on camera it would have been different. My image matters to me. I don’t like any news about my character. I am protective of my name. I don’t want any drama. He says I Shalin, in all the cameras want to say we are very good friends. We are adults. She says to give her the jacket if she wants. He says how could I say no? She says give it then. Shalin says okay done. I will not talk about it anymore.

1:30 PM
Nimrit says I want to slap some people, I’ve so much anger inside me. Abdu says Priyanka? She says yes. He says Archana? She says yes. She says, Soundarya? Nimrit says little. He says Gautam? She says yes. He says me? Nimrit says no.

1:45 PM
Sajid says to Abdu she can’t be your gf. She loves someone else. Don’t fall in love. Abdu says I like her as a friend. He says don’t be smart with me. Abdu says no.

Stan goes to a confession room. Bigg Boss asks about his problem. He says people are so fake I can’t stay with them. Bigg Boss says are all people in the outside world real? He says I cut off fake people. Bigg Boss asks who is fake here? He says more than half of the people. Stan says I don’t feel like staying here. Shiv, Abdu, and Sajid aren’t friends with Gori. I am torn between both sides. Stan says they have a problem with Gori. I don’t feel like being fake with people. Bigg Boss says since Gori asked you to talk to people for no reason you feel bad. Why are you faking it for her? Talk to people you like only. Stna says thank you Bigg Boss.

Sajid asks what did Bigg Boss say? He says he gave me suggestions. Gori tells Archana he made such a fuss over a basin only. Archana says this is why I am not part of any group. We are all competitors. Stan says thank you Bigg Boss for guiding me.

3:30 PM
Priyanka says to Ankit I asked Gautam if he would be okay if people left Soundarya out? He said no. Nimrit came to you because she wanted to make me feel bad. She knew you can never stand for me. Shiv stood for Nimrit. Every friend comes for themselves. Ankit says have I never taken a stand for you? Priyanka says you can go and make new friends… I am tired of this. You can chill with them. She cries. Ankit says I don’t need to prove myself. I will leave in a week or some days anyway. She says have you ever answered Nimrit back? She just abused me a minute ago. Ankit says what did you expect me to do? I was sleeping. She says you were up. Ankit says now you will tell me? Priyanka says yeah you see on your own now. He says okay do your own. Priyanka says if I did I would have done better. She cries.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss says there is some problem with food in the house. Now I know you would understand the value of groceries. There’s a list of weekly groceries in front of you. Write what you would like for yourself on the board. Abdu writes chicken. Tina says he’s doing it on purpose?

6 PM
Shalin says nothing much is left. He says mutton, eggs. Shalin says milk. Bigg Boss says it has protein. Shalin says only 9 gms. I am the champion of it. Bigg Boss says droplets make sea. Bigg Boss says the orders are written. Only half of them will be delivered. Two orders will come at once. The delivery executive will give one to a contestant and return on.

Stan gets Shiv and Gori’s boxes on the delivery express. Bigg Boss asks whose order you want to deliver. Gautam says if Sajid doesn’t get his food, he will break bottles. Abdu says I will not give Archana’s. Priyanka says he’s also a contestant. We all like him but that doesn’t mean he’s not the competitor. Archana says when he gives orders and makes plans he isn’t a child then?

Stan delivers Shiv’s groceries and leaves Gori’s back. He says Gori was giving food to other people. At least Shiv is honest and calculated about it. Sajid says proudly of you Stan. Gori says it was food only. It’s fine. Archana hugs her. she says Shiv is a snake. He will bite Stan for real one day. Shiv says the person who has no friends. She comes between other people’s fights. He fought with one friend he had only because she was a snake. Priyanak says why are you dragging me? I am her friend. Shiv says I never took your name. Ankit says mind your own business Shiv. Shiv says you have to become a part of everything. Soundarya and Archana laugh at Gori. Priyanka says Sajid was calling me a snake. Archana and Soundarya laugh Shiv had to fight with Archana but Priyanka is now fighting. Sajid says to Priyanka calm down. She says don’t stop me. He started it. He was calling me a snake. Go take all the food. That’s all he cares about. Nimrit says she teaches us like a teacher all the time. Sajid says to Priyanka to fight when it’s the right time. Sometimes you can be wrong too. Archana and Shiv laugh. She says no you both fight. Priyanka says Nimrit abused me last night. I didn’t stoop to her level.

Soundarya and Archana laugh. Gautam says if someone else is getting shot Priyanka would come in between for footage. They all laugh.

7:30 PM
Sumbul gets delivery express. She has Tina and Sajid’s food. Bigg Boss says to decide who you want to deliver to. Shiv says she will give it to you. Tina says she will give it to Sajid. Sumbul says I will deliver Sajid’s and return Tina’s. She gives it to Sajid. Sajid is happy. Bigg Boss asks her the reason. Tina says this is what I wanna hear. Sumbul says Sajid has medical reasons. Tina gets bossy in the kitchen. Tina says seriously? You fake so much with me.

8 PM
Tina says it had chicken for Shalin. I thought she would at least care about that. Shalin says calm down. Others would listen. Tina says I don’t need her. She showed her reality. She called me bossy. I am solo. Nimrit says her anger is justified. Tina says you can’t defend her every time. She knows I am sick. She showed her loyalty. You always keep defending her Shalin. Sumbul my foot. Sumbul says to Ankit she tries to boss him around in the kitchen. Tina says we lost 25 lacs because of her because you wanted not to let her go from this house. She doesn’t want to stay here. I always stood by her. I am bossy in the kitchen? She says Abdu I won’t do lunch and dinner. Shalin says no, please. She says shut up. Stay out of my business. She says Abdu give me breakfast, please. Abdu says who do I give it to? I can’t give it to Archana. She called me the bag. Tina says I will be better tomorrow.

8 PM
Sajid and Shiv discuss who will be next? Bigg Boss says should we have a bet on iti? He says Gori is the next one. She says Gori you have Priyanka and Archana’s food. Archana laughs. Gori says I am delivering to Priyanka. We can’t be friends. She laughs. Priyanka says thank you. Archana says when did you become friends with her? Everyone hoots. Shiv says to Archana this is why making friends in this house is important. Archana says I don’t need anyone. Archana is angry. Shalin says people use you for votes only.

Sumbul comes to Tina. Tina says when was I bossy to you? You could say it openly. Sumbul says I am not very confrontational. Shalin says Tina was with you in everything. She’s sick and you took her food? Tina says let me talk to her. Shalin says she standing with you in everything. That’s ashaming. He leaves in anger. Tina says I stood by you since day 1. Sumbul goes after Shalin. Tina says Shalin doesn’t let me talk. Now Sumbul will makes it about him. Archana says when did Priyanka win? I knew she won’t give me but Priyanka? Priyanka says don’t listen to her Gori. She laughs.

Tina comes ot Sumbul. Tina says to Sumbul I told him to not talk in between. Sumbul says I had no reason to take Sajid’s food either. I could come and talk to you. Shalin didn’t have to misbehave with me. She says I won’t talk to him. TIna says that’s your problem with him not me. Sumbul says I had my reasons. I don’t want to talk to anyone. Tina leaves.

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