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Bigg Boss 16 3rd November 2022

Day 32
10 PM
Sajid asks Shalin why didn’t you eat? He says my chicken didn’t come. Sajid says to take it from the fridge and replace it when you get it. He says no I will wait for mine. Shiv and Abdu talk about Stan. Tina asks Shalin was your chicken part of the grocery? He says no Shiv said it’s not. Nimrit says to Shiv I never felt bad about Stan and Gori. I never said anything about them. He says they will come back don’t worry.

12 AM
Sajid says Gautam and Shalin will be one in a few days. Shiv says Gautam keeps playing the love and friendship angle. Bigg Boss asks everyone to come to the living area and SHalin to come to the confession room. Bigg Boss says Shalin we don’t like to keep you hungry. We sent protein for you because there was no grocery. But today grocery came into the house that chicken too. Shalin says it’s not for me. Stan and Shiv distributed it. Bigg Boss says grocery is distributed the same way. Shalin says there were other protein things for me in earlier grocery too. This has become a point. I can’t fight for it every day. Obviously, my diet is at stake. Bigg Boss says we send everything in enough quantity for everyone. Shalin says different people have different requirements. They don’t have medical knowledge. Everyone needs air to breathe but someone whose lungs are damaged needs an oxygen cylinder. Bigg Boss says our doctors know your problem and send enough food. Bigg Boss says did you speak to Stan? Shalin says if he’s inhumane and has no medical knowledge that’s not my fault. My health is being jeopardized. Priyanka says he never speaks to anyone. Shalin says if I ask Priyanka will come fighting for it. I will try to convince people and beg them. I can’t keep begging here. Bigg Boss says can I say something if you wanna hear? It’s our responsibility to take care of your health, we won’t send chicken separately. Shalin leaves.

Priyanka says he doesn’t listen. Why did he take my name? I don’t even eat chicken. Tina says to Shalin he said that chicken is for you. Tell Stan it’s yours.

12:45 AM
Archana says why did you come here if your health is jeopardized. Are you here to eat only? Go back to your palace. I will nominate it. I have had enough. Shalin, Sajid, and Sumbul are in the bathroom discussing. Bigg Boss asks them to come out. Tina says 300gms a day, makes this for a week. Priyanka said you won’t have eggs then. Shalin says thank you for considering it. My reason is only medical. Nimrit says how many eggs would it be? He says 3 for breakfast. Sajid says give her everything Gautam. Archana says is Tina Ph.D. in nutrition? We don’t need such people here who are only here to eat chicken. I want to meet that doctor too. Tina says to ignore her. Soundarya tries to calm down Archana. Tina says he has medical rooms. Sumbul says why are you losing it? Bigg Boss called him here. Shalin says it is such a difficult discussion for me. Tina and Sumbul hug him.

Day 35
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.

9:15 AM
Stan says I won’t do the dishes. Archana says whose duty is it? Clean your own dishes then. Shalin says to Archana clean your pans. Archana says my house is clean. I am not out of the dirt. Shalin says let everyone cook. They all fight. Archana says I wanna cook the rice first. Sajid will come and not let me cook.

9:30 AM
Shalin and Gautam fight over tea. Shalin says stay out of it. You wanna fight over everything. You have a hunger for attention. Tina says Archana is such an idiot she threw the entire sandwich in the dustbin.

10:30 AM
Abdu hides behind the pillar. Archana says this Shalin only acts. Soundarya says to Shiv I am not scared of rats. Shiv says I will catch it for you now. Soundarya laughs with him. Archana says Shiv gets free with Soundarya. People will say things to you like your girlfriend is this way? Gautam says I will also have a limit right? Archana says if I were your girl I won’t ever like it. If I belong to someone I would be 100%. Which guy wouldn’t touch a girl who gives him a hint?

11 AM
Archana says to Sajid there was hair in the sink. He says to learn to adjust. Archana says I want things clean.

1:45 PM
Bigg Boss asks Tina to come to the confession room. Sajid and Sumbul do a long son-short son show. They ask Sumbul laughing while crying and crying while laughing what does it mean? They fall asleep while she answers. Bigg Boss says Tina because of a special circumstance in the outside world you will have to come outside for a while. Use the door behind you and come out. Tina cries.

2:30 PM
Archana says give me flour to make roti. Sajid asks Stan why is Gori showing me attitude? Who is she? I won’t tolerate it. Stan says that wasn’t her intention. Stan says come here, Gori. Sajid says you’re showing me attitude. Gori says I am sorry. He says I respect you all, don’t show me this attitude. Sajid says there’s no one to make roti. Soundarya says I won’t. Abdu asks Archana if Shalin is good or bad. She says he’s a chicken person. Always hungry and crying. Tina comes back. Nimrit and Shalin come to her. She says I feel like throwing up. She tells Nimrit and Shalin I lost her. She cries. Nimrit and Shalin hug her. She says today morning. I couldn’t even go for her last rites. She cries.

3:15 PM
Soundarya says when Tina moved to my room and said people become friends here for an agenda. Gautam says we can see her agenda. Archana asks Gautam for a spoon. He says it’s a spatula. She says I don’t know English.

4 PM
Sumbul says to Abdu I love you, bro. He says I love you too. She says no you will be happy when I leave. Spundarya says why did you make fish? shiv says you’re not the captain here. Archana says you don’t own the kitchen. Soundarya says now you know how it feels. Ankit says who added cheese to the flour? I did it from the jug. Priyanka says we will only use the jug. Archan fights with her. Shiv says mummy give us Roti Archana. Priyanka says I am sure she’s tired. Archana says yeah my legs are shivering. She says I made vegetables I won’t make roti. Priyanka says tiredly. Gori says I won’t make roti with her. She says Sajid said I don’t like it. Sajjid says don’t make it then no one cares.

4:45 PM
Bigg Boss asks everyone to come to the garden. Abdu comes. Bigg Boss says if you all don’t want to come I will explain to Abdu only. They run out. Bigg Boss says stan is on the way. It’s the path to the captain. The fired 4 captains will choose the new captain. You all must have heard the story of the pied piper. Shalin won’t be a part of it. On the buzzer, there will be a round. Everyone will stand with their name mushroom. The pied pipers (old captains) will play trumpet in front of them and ask them to follow the contestants and throw them in the pool and throw them out captaincy rounds. After 4 rounds the last remaining contestant will be a winner. All former captains wear your costumes. Tina says to Gautam I stood by you when you needed it. He leaves. Shalin says I told you he doesn’t care.

5 PM
Gautam says to Shalin don’t talk to me. Shalin says I am not talking to you. Tina explain Abdu the task. Archana says to Gautam should we make Abdu the captain? Tina says I really need to stay Gautam. He says you chose someone else. She says you have been there for me. He says you nominated me. Tina says so did you? Shiv says to Abdu you will have to convince them how you will be the best captain. Shalin comes to Gautam, and Gautam says go from here. Shalin says shut up and says we aren’t begging you. Gautam says to stay within your limit. Shalin says I don’t need to talk to you. It’s you who wants to show off. Gautam says you stay in your work. Eat your chicken and shut up. Shalin says I went to talk and he said get lost. Gautam says he’s abusing me. Soundarya says he was abusing. Gautam says what’s your worth? I have seen many like you. Shalin says come here. What worth? Let me show you. Soundarya stands between them. Gautam says hide behind Tina. Shalin says we weren’t cowards and dying after getting nominated. Gautam says you can’t even be captain. Shalin says go and stay behind a girl. Gautam says go from here see who were you begging for. Nimrit says they were both abusive. Shalin says he provoked me. Soundarya says to Gautam I told you how fake is he. Don’t go out. Gautam says I am not scared of him. I will show him who I am.

Gautam comes out. Shalin says scare for yourself. Gautam says you’re not even worth doing a face-off with. Shalin says you’re alive be grateful. Gautam says you will kill me? You can’t even dare to touch me. Soundarya says this is his reality. Shalin says you didn’t have faith in yourself and that you were begging to save yourself. Gautam says so you don’t have faith in Tina? Gautam says Bigg Boss I can’t live with him abusing and shouting everywhere. Nimrit says to Shiv we need to choose someone who is on our side.

Buzzer rings. Gautam takes Sajid and Tina. She says I wasted my energy to make you the captain. Gautam says Sajid is very strong. He manages himself. People already listen to him and he doesn’t like to sleep alone he has a phobia. So I am taking him out of the race for now. Sajid goes in the water himself. he says I chose Tina because she lives in her world. Tina says I am in this house. He says let me speak. Gautam says she can’t manage on her own and stand for herself. Shalin says don’t even have a valid reason. Gautam says you stay out. Tina goes in the water herself. Tina says it’s just his grudge. I made him captain.

Nimrit is the next pied piper. Soundarya says to Nimrit I have always supported you. Ankit says I will be the most chill and fair captain. Nimrit laughs. Tina says to Soundarya Shalin has always gone to captain. Shalin says he takes out his grudges. Abdu says to Nimrit I will be a fair and strong captain. Shalin says the things he said about you 5 days ago you will kick him out. Soundarya says tell me. He says I don’t want to get into your personal matter. She says if you cared about then tell me. Tina says you could see it yourself. Bigg Boss told you Gautam is faking it. Your feelings might be real. Soundarya says what will he get? Tina says footage.

6 PM
Shiv and Abdu make a plan. Abdu says my dream is to become the captain. Buzzer rings. Nimrit takes Priyanka and Soundarya. Priyanka says to do something new, this has gone old. Nimrit says old is gold. Nimrit says Priyanka because she said herself she doesn’t need captaincy, then why not. Soundarya because she’s very emotionally charged at this point so I don’t know if she would be fair. Bigg Boss says the next pied piper will be Archana. Ankit says to Archana I will be the best captain. I will have some involvement. She says Priyanka will dictate to you. He says no really.

Tina says to Gautam we weren’t fake to each other. I will wait for you to come to me. Archana says Shiv I trust you for today. I will see your promise. Don’t break his heart. Archana plays the trumpet and takes Gori and Ankit. She says Gori because she’s she can’t sleep alone in that room and her group would rule. She goes in the water. She says if Ankit becomes captain Priyanka will be the captain. Ankit says she’s scared of me. Ankit goes in the water. Soundarya says to Gautam Shalin and Tina came to me and said you said weird things about me. He says wow, so you will trust them now? Sumbul says to Shiv I want to stay to prove myself. He says let me think. Sajid asks Abdu are you sure you want to be the captain? He says yes. I will be strong. Nimrit comes there. Stan comes. Nimrit says that’s Shiv’s choice. Sajid says the blame would be on me if Abdu becomes captain. Nimrit says Abdu is very fair. Abdu says I will do it myself. Sajid says you will be a good captain.

7 PM
Buzzer blares. Shiv takes MC Stan and goes to Abdu.

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