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Bigg Boss 16 24th November 2022

Day 55
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.

9:15 AM
Shalin says we’ve decided one thing. She wants to become the captain. Nimrit says that’s not my priority right now. Sajid says we’ve become captains. These three should get a chance too. Nimrit says I never said Tina shouldn’t be. Tina says Shalin wants to be captain too. Sajid says you will be a fair captain. Tina says there has to be committed. Nimrit says why don’t you trust us? Tina says we are discussing. Nimrit says you always put conditions. Nimrit says we should keep power with us. You always want a guarantee. Tina says we are planning. Shalin says will Tina be captain? Nimrit says if we fight there’s a 50-50 chance. He says what commitment is that? Nimrit says that doesn’t mean I won’t take part in the task. Tina says she is putting allegations against me and that she can’t trust me. Tina says I can get hyper too. Nimrit leaves in anger. Tina says if she doesn’t wanna commit why should I? Shalin says we should fight as a team. Sajid says Tina said Stan and Sumbul won’t get a chance because they’re nominated? Shalin asks Tina to patch up with her. He says or this will backfire on us.

9:30 PM
Shalin comes to Nimrit. She says I know I would be TIna’s priority. She always doubts. I defend her everywhere. She always has no trust. Shalin says you both love each other. Nimrit says haven’t we prioritized her? Tina says I’ve proved my priortiy. I have to convince you every time. You’re getting snappy. Nimrit things pile up on me. Tina says we talk every day. Nimrit says I can’t say anything. Tina hugs her and says let’s end it. She leaves. Nimrit says she can’t have this attitude.

10 AM
Sajid says to Shiv you stay captain. Shiv says we four never fight with each other for it. We will win. We are the core team. Stan says we are enough for each other. Nimrit and Tina hug each other. Tina says sorry. Shalin says lucky. Tina says she matters to me. She has one girlfriend in the house only. Not three. Shalin says he has not even one.

12:15 PM
Sajid says things work on voting. Ankit says not really. It works up. We can’t see who gets how many votes. They plan the games. Sajid says they can’t lie to people. Ankit says if Shiv and I are nominated and I get more votes, they will have to let me go. Sajid says no people decide it. Sajid says who saves me? Audience.

3:45 PM
Bigg Boss says a lot of people are mad at each other.. Sajid and Archana. Then Priyanka and Ankit fight and solve themselves. Then Shalin gets mad at random people like a doctor, me, and Tina. This is the nature of this game. The only thing that shouldn’t be affected is your relationship with me. This is based on trust and transparency. I wanna confess something. One of you got a call that their dad was not well and wanted to talk to her. On humanitarian grounds, I changed the rule and overruled everything to let her dad call her. It sounds right? You all should know what happened on that phone call.

Bigg Boss plays Sumbul’s phone call with her dad. Sumbul started talking about Shalin right away. Her dad abused Shalin and said to stay away from Shalin and Tina. They’re fooling and people are abusing us because of him. It’s tarnishing your image. Shalin is shocked. Bigg Boss says this is my problem with Sumbul and her family who made us do that call on humanitarian grounds and used that call to talk about house matters and how is playing outside and how should she play. Nothing related to health was discussed. This is against the format of this show so I had to hang up this call. So I thought there was one contestant in the house who got information from outside and feedback. She was asked not to worry about nominations since she sounded right in it. She was told how to live with who in the house.

Bigg Boss says hiding this from you all would be unfair because it’s not fair to any of you so I decided to share it with you all. Shalin says when did this phone call happen Bigg Boss? Tina says after the weekend for sure. Shalin shouts then why the hell are you still talking to us. Why? He shouts. Shalin says when your dad is asking you not to be on a call, why are you still talking to me? Are you crazy? Donkey. Tina says if the uncle is saying all this I’ve done nothing. Salman, Bigg Boss everyone has agreed. Shalin shouts at Sumbul and asks when did you talk? She doesn’t answer. Tina says must be Sunday. Shalin says then why are you talking to us? Your dad is asking you but you can’t stay away? Archana says Salman too. Shalin says the whole world is saying, why don’t you stay away? Tina says how is he saying about me? I don’t even talk to her. How is he blaming me? I am also a girl. This is so wrong. How can you accuse someone else?e People are saying her actions. I am also a girl. I am not asking people to make fun of her. Shalin says if your mind is dumb. You wore my jacket even after your dad asked you not to? She says it wasn’t clear there. He says are you crazy? I could hear it. Everyone heard it. Everyone agrees. Shalin throws stool and says what nonsense. Tina calms him down. Shalin says she’s made a joke of me. Tina says how is he taking my name? I don’t even talk to her. Shalin says no one does. The whole world will blame me for fooling a young girl now? 40-year-old man? Sajid says you’re justified. Calm down. Sajid says he’s abusing me on TV. Tna says even me? I’ve nothing to do with your daughter. She behaves this way. I don’t even talk about it. My dad never talks about any girl like this. Shalin leaves in anger.

Shalin says I asked her to stay away from me. Nimrit hugs him. She says relax, please. Sajid takes him for a smoke. Shalin says there’s a limit. What kind of joke is this? Sajid says she’s a kid. Shaolin says then why doesn’t she listens to her dad? Sumbul cries. Shiv hugs her. SUmbul says I don’t talk to him anymore. I don’t sit with him. Priyanka says everyone has explained to you. Nimrit says to stay away from him completely. Your dad matters to you right? TIna says we answered Salman. He abused me on TV. What game was he talking about? What relationship was he talking about? He’s doing my character assassination. I am also someone’s daughter. Shalin says her dad might be doing this interpretation. Sajid says calm down. You’re shivering.

4 PM
Sumbul says I couldn’t hear him properly and about the jacket. Then I realized I was wearing it. I am not going to them. I sit in a group. I can’t hurt my dad. Shiv says just listen to what your dad said. She says I talk to you and Nimrit. Shiv says be a little careful. Shalin shouts and says I told her to stay away from me. Tina says she said I am hurting. Sumbul talks to Shiv. She cries. Shalin says why am I being blamed? I asked her to stay away from her. Tina says I try to resolve it between them. Shalin says I have told her many times to stay away from me. She’s like a child to me. I feel like breaking her face. Her dad abused me and Tina. Tina says yes me too. Tina says this is why I stay away from her. Shalin cries and shivers. He says a guy always gets blamed. My character is tarnished. Nimrit hugs him. Tina, he did my character assassination as well. Shalin says it’s way more that than on me. Tina says he said I came between you too. What relationship?

Sumbul says he’s saying that to me. Shiv he’s saying that as a dad. Priyanka says but they’re hurt because he spoke bad words about them. Sumbul says anyone’s dad would stop his daughter. Priyanka says but anyone would mind what was said about them. Sumbul says I stay away from them. Tina says she’s an adult. Nimrit says everyone is responsible for themselves. Tina says we didn’t ask her to get over possessive about SHalin. Shalin comes out in anger. Nimrti and Tina stop him. Shalin comes out in anger and says you promised your dad still came to me. Sumbul says I don’t even sit with you both. Do I even sit with you both? Tina says don’t drag me. Shalin says is she crazy? Shiv says she won’t talk from now. Shalin says what is wrong with her. Tina says how is he accusing us every week. It’s her actions. Shalin says I can’t even get mad even that would come on my character. Sumbul says he’s a dad. Tina says don’t I have a dad? I am also someone’s daughter. SUmbul says nothing was said wrong about you. tina says that’s because of your actions. I’ve not done things like that. Your dad has no right to blame me if his daughter is doing all this to herself. Shalin says why did you wear my jacket? Sumbul crie sand says listen to me. She shouts I wore it because I couldn’t hear things clearly on call. He says yeah we saw you responding. Sumbul says I just heard about the jacket. Tina says thank you Bigg Boss for this. Sumbul says I couldn’t hear that part so I wore a jacket last night. Shalin says your dad has tarnished my image and I was standing with you. She says I am not talking to you. Shalin says to stay away from me. She says it’s not my fault that I am in that room. Shalin shouts change your room. Nimrit says you knew about that call so you should have controlled at least after that. Sumbul says I don’t go to him.

Sumbul says I just can’t suddenly stop talking to him. Nimrit says you had context, he didn’t. It’s news to him. It’s putting the wrong image on him. Sumbul says I can’t change suddenly. She cries and gets a panic attack. Nimrit says that’s very unfair to all of us if she had a family intervention. Sumbul cries say how can I stay away? We are in the same house. I am not clinging to him. Tina says my dad can also call. Shalin says we didn’t even know. Sajid says why did you sit with them? Sumbul says I was sitting with you all. They come, I can’t stop talking to you all. He says you three were eating together. Sumbul says I was awakward. They made me sit. Sajid says I told Tina you feel alone. She gets a panic attack. Samuel says I didn’t hear half of the things. shiv says please calm down. Sajid says yo dance with him every morning. Nimrit gives her water. She gets a panic attack. Nimrit asks Bigg Boss to get her into the medical room.

Shalin says I told her to stay away. I told her the points. What else could I do? Priyanka says that’s right. And her being told about nominations, that’s wrong. She doesn’t listen to her dad. Sajid asks Shiv who is wrong. Shiv says no one. Her dad spoke as a father to her. But for them obviously, it’s an insult. Tina says everyone could hear it. Soundarya says I clearly heard the jacket part. Nimrit and Sajid calm Sumbul down. she sobs.

4:15 PM
Priyanka says to Sajid she doesn’t understand. She couldn’t understand what Salman said and her dad. Would she listen to us? We will look like an idiot. Tina gets angry. She hits the wall. Shalin says calm down. She says how dare he say this? Can’t he see?? I have no respect for you. You are doing my character assassination because of your daughter’s actions? She didn’t listen to you after the first week. To save his daughter, he’s dragging me in the mud? Aren’t my parents seeing? Shalin says I don’t even know his interpretation. You said I came between their relationship? What relation? How dare you give it a name? Who are you to call a relationship? Don’t accuse another person’s daughter just because you can’t handle yours. Just because my parents have respect doesn’t mean you can say things like these. My dad maintains dignity because she’s also a girl. Shalin says is this for the game? Tina says it looks like it. They did this plotting on call and used medical reasons as an accusation. That’s surely for the game. Shalin says it was all planned. Tina says it was a trap to take to her. Thank you Big Boss for maintaining this transparency. Bigg Boss asks Sumbul to come to the medical room. Shiv asks her to come out of the washroom. Tina says you stay with Shalin. He’s not the last man on the plan. I am a woman too and there’s no allegation on my character outside.

Shalin shouts Shiv. He says Shiv end this right now. Tina says it’s going on my character. Shalin says it’s on the guy’s character too. Tina says I don’t care about you. Nimrit says don’t you both fight. Tina says you stay away from me. I don’t wanna come between your relation what he said. What must my parents say? Shalin says don’t I have parents? My son and the entire world. Tina says this woman is crazy. Shalin says my son goes to school. Imagine what is world thinking about me. Nimrit says he’s right. If I am fair, it’s way more grave for him. Shiv asks Sumbul to shift to room 6. I will tell Bigg Boss. Sumbul cries and says if I am in this room, I can’t stay away from him. I don’t go to him and sit with him. What else can I do? Tina says it’s irritating me. Shalin ugs her. She says it’s about my character. He called me Kamina on TV. He says he said much worse about me. Tina says did I ask his daughter to wear around wearing your jacket or make tea for you? How dare he say all that being a father.

4:30 PM
Tina says to Sumbul I have no relation with Shalin. You and your dad keep me out of it. I am also someone’s daughter. tell that to respect, other women, too. Sumbul cries. Stan consoles her. Tina says I asked that stupid Shalin to not talk to you. Sumbul says do I like it? Things are being said about me too. That I am crazy after a man? Does it look good on me? That I am obsessed with him? Was that the right thing to say? Tina says I didn’t say it. Salman did. He used that word and I just agreed. Sumbul says you said she’s stuck to him. Tina says everyone said it. That was my answer, everyone could see it. People are making your memes outside, have I asked them? Go and question Salman and Bigg Boss not me.

Sajid says to Simnul sit with us. Don’t sit alone with anyone. None of the men. Sit with Nimrit alone only. But with rest, sit in a group only. Sumbul says why? Sajid says your dad might say something about us too. Sumbul says I know he’s not like this. I am not blaming anyone. Sajid says I don’t get who’s wrong. Tina says who was overbearing in Shalin’s matter? You started all that. You overreacted. Sumbul says I am not saying anything to you. Tina says my name is taking. Sumbul shouts I didn’t take it. Tina says she got a problem she leaves. I will sit in this room. They are my friends. Sumbul says they’re my friends too. She cries. Tina says your dad has a problem. He asked you to stay away. Nimrit calms Tina.

Archana says one group is broken. Soundaarya says this matter is very sensitive and can’t even joke about it. That girl still doesn’t understand. Archana says it’s too late. Priyanka says if she couldn’t understand her dad and Salman, she won’t listen to us. Shalin says do you understand how would it go? A 40-year-old man? Tina says I am also a girl. Sajid says to Subul you should have ignored yourself. Sumbul cries and says I wish I get evicted. Priyanka says she is crying I feel so bad. Archana says she will do it again. Soundarya and Archana make each other eat. Archana says we will become an example of friendship. Priyanka says she fights after saying that. Archana says she’s provoking you.

4:45 PM
Shalin asks Sumbul was this call after when we were sitting on the sofa. She says after it. Shalin says you sure? Think again. Sumbul says it was later. Tina says it happened on Saturday. Sajid says what’s the point? Shalin says she sat with me after the call too. He leaves in anger. Sajid says the correct thing is that Sumbul just says sorry and parted ways. Tina says why did her dad blame me? I am not responsible for his daughter’s actions. Sajid says she was told that. Tina says she said I came between them. Sumbul says I am sorry Tina. tina says the damage to my character is done. Sumbul says sorry to Shalin. Shalin says what sorry now? Sumbul says Nimrit things are going wrong with me too. Nimrit says who am I to judge? I can’t force them to forgive you. Of course, they’re hurt. Shalin says what wrong did we do to you? Tina says such a drama. She says she said I am not comfortable sharing a bed, then she slept next to Shalin. Did I ask her to? She was consoling Shalin. Did I ask her to do all that? Sajid says that was before the call. Nimrit says it’s still wrong. She was asked by Salman before already. Sajid asks Sumbul to answer. Tina says then they call me I have a relationship with him.

Sumbul cries and says I was going down at that time. I.. she cries. Tina says I am doing all this for the game? Shalin says I always wanted better for you. Kept you like a child. Sajid says but you were also there. Nimrit says Salman asked you to stay away from her too. Salman told you you’re a mature person and keep a distance. Shalin says I had a fight with Stan and I was so tired. I kept a pillow in between and said okay if she wants to stay there. Ankit says was there no other bed in that room? Shalin says there was. Ankit says then? Tina says that’s what I say. It’s his and her actions. I’ve nothing to do. These actions look bad outside. Sajid asks them to end it and asks Sumbul to apologize. Sumbul says I am sorry. Shalin says my sister, I can’t afford this. Please.

5:15 PM
Bigg Boss asks Sajid what was in the food. He tells it. Bigg Boss asks do you like fish? He asks Tina. She says I am dying to eat fish. Bigg Boss says let’s catch fish today. Come to the ship in the garden. They all get on the ship. Bigg Boss asks Abdu where do you wanna go? He says Dubai. Bigg Boss says to your home? He laughs. He says no I am here, not going anywhere. Bigg Boss says only, Shiv, Nimrit, and Tina have the right to become captains. Their pictures are on the board with the next ruler’s board. Other contestants have a chance to remove their photos and get their picture on it and they can protect their pictures. In the end, the three people on it would have a chance to be the captain next week.

There are two fisheries. You’ve to catch the fish. One is of favorites and one is non-favs. On the buzzer, fish will fall on Shiv and his favs and 3 non-favs will have a chance to collect fish and take them to their workstation. When the basket is full, press the buzzer. Stan will check the baskets and choose the winning basket. That team will win. In that round, three people in the team will have a chance to replace one photo on the board. Stan’s decision would be final in the end.

5:45 PM
Ankit asks Soundarya to go with Shalin and Sumbul. Priyanka says they don’t want to go. Shalin comes to Priyanka and says I don’t want Shiv there. The horn blares. Bigg Boss asks who is coming from non-favs. Priyanka says Ankit, Soundarya, and Sumbul. Fishes start falling. They all try to collect fish. Soundarya says Nimrit don’t touch my basket. Nimrit’s basket falls. Nimrit says don’t cross the limit Soundaarya. Nimrit snatches Soundarya’s basket. Soundarya says what are you doing. Stan checks the baskets. Soundarya says you snatched Nimrit. Nimrit says you also dragged me. Soundarya says Shiv also shoved me. Stan declares favs winner. Nimrit says okay I snatched it.

The next horn blares. They can have 5 baskets. Priyanka, Ankit, and Soundarya go from non-favs. Archana goes there. Sajid says how can she go there? Priyanka says go from here Priyanka. They all snatch the fish. Shiv has fish in their pocket. Everyone says he can’t put them in. Soundarya says this isn’t fair. Stan says don’t do this. Sumbul says he picked it up late. Nimrit says the task has to be disqualified. Archana got on the deck. Bigg Boss asks Stan’s decision. He says they broke the rule at the start. I disqualify them so Shiv’s team wins. Shiv says you all lost because of Archana, not Stan. Archana says Tina picked up from the ground. Ankit asks Tina to go inside. She says they said 5, Ankit says 5 baskets, not people. Archana says I had to go in the second round. Shalin and Shiv discuss this. Nimrit says if they win, they will remove Shiv’s picture. Shiv says I won’t remove yours.

Archana says have some shame, Stan. You’re such a liar. Shiv says people have seen your reality. Learn to play. You never follow rules. Sajid asks Sumbul to go. Archana says he doesn’t know how to play. He’s ruled by an old woman. Sajid gets angry. Sumbul says to learn some manners. Archana says I have sympathy for you? She says I don’t need your symptoms. Sajid says she’s getting to my head. Shalin says you have to be here for the show. Archana says I don’t wanna go now. Sumbul says scared? Sajid says she deserves one slap. Shiv says I will teach you a lesson. Archana says you will go out before me. Shiv says you have always been out. Should have studied.

The buzzer blares. Abdu hugs Sajid. Archana says I am heroin. Shiv says to kill me. Shiv says Sumbul says is so young and sees her name. Who are you? Shiv says she loves me. Archana says you bark. He says I miss you too baby. Abdu laughs.

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