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Bigg Boss 16 21st November 2022

Day 50
8 AM
Soundarya says to Archana, she says I spoke Priyanka. She said I know your feelings were real. But I am not sure about Gautam. I said I felt it was real. She said he wasn’t even holding your hand when he was leaving. Archana says he wasn’t even crying or felt no attachment. SOundarya says when I hugged him I was crying and hugged him so hard. But he wasn’t hugged back. Archana says it was never really from his side. Soundarya says but he started it. Why would he? Archana says people can do anything to win this game. Soundarya says he swore on his mom that he loves me. Archana says if he was real he would prove it. Archana says Tina and Shalin aren’t real either. They fight and get so bitter with each other. Tina isn’t strong so she’s using Shalin to stay here. She’s very clever. She says can get many like Shalin. So she’s using him.

Soundarya asks Shalin what did he feel like it was when Gautam was leaving? Shalin says that moment he wasn’t into it. Soundarya says so he was detached. He says yes. She says don’t discuss that with anyone.

Bigg Boss calls Sumbul into the confession room and tells her that her dad isn’t well. She can leave the house but that would be permanent. He says you should talk to him first. They dial his number. Sumbul asks are you okay papa? She cries and says papa there’s no such thing in my heart. He says to be strong. Don’t get fooled by people. He says to stay away from Tina and Shalin. They have made a joke out of you. People are taunting us so much. People are saying I made a drama of you. Sumbul says sorry papa. He says please stay away from Tina and Shallin. Slap Tina and tell her she has no shame. You considered her a friend and she accused you of such bad things. Sumbul says I never thought it would become so big and so wrong. He says I know how you are. Sumbul says you know how I am. He says the world doesn’t see you as your father does. I am with you and will always be. Shalin becomes nice in your face and says things behind your back. It sends a message that an 18-year-old girl is being fooled by a mature 40-year-old man. I know you can’t see beyond the false faces. Sumbul says it is being shown the wrong way. Tina thinks I am coming her way. I don’t need to. You know what kind of girl I am. I was very scared that you will start believing all this. He says no I trust you and I know how you are. I have raised you right. They are disgusting people who’re using your fragile mind. Sumbul says papa I promise you that I will do what you are saying. I don’t want all this. I didn’t come here for these allegations. He says you’re a lioness. You don’t have to lose because of them. Stay away from Tina and Shalin. I will always be there for you. Show them their place. Show them what you can do. Sumbul says are you mad at me? He says not at all. I can never be mad at you. Bigg Boss says this call was made in unusual circumstances but the discussion that happened was not right. We will take strong steps if this happens next time.

Sumbul says to Sajid I want to change my room. Sajid says come to room three. She says but it’s your room. She says I don’t want to hear such things. Sajid says let it be. Sumbul says I don’t want to look bad outside. He says what do you want? She says I want to be the captain. I want your support. Sajid says you’re all stars but you all get scared of nominations. Don’t be Gautam. Sumbul says I am not. She says ever since I saw my name in my glam my faith in my fans was restored.

2:15 PM
Shalin says tina we will stay a little away from Sumbul I told her to never come between us. Tian says she’s not clear. She says she has no relationship outside then she says she does. She doesn’t know if she has feelings. Shalin says if I ever felt she has feelings, I won’t even be friends with her. tina says every guy knows when a girl hit on him. Shalin says I had a discussion with Soundarya. She asked me what I felt about his reaction when he was leaving. She says it’s their matter why would you give a judgment? Shalin says I told her it looks like he’s over you. Tina says he’s left. Don’t talk about it. He says she wanted to know how would I react if I was leaving. I said I would be very emotional. Tina says that’s between the two of us. Why would she care? Is she regretting not starting with you? He says oh God, not another one. She says would she care. I would never focus on other couples.

4:45 PM
Nimrit says I don’t get them. When they fight they say such extreme things about each other. Shiv says their reactions change so fast. Nimrit says Tina will never accept. They’re doing this for the game. e Shiv says they’re mad about the game. Even Tina. 200% are doing this to save themselves.

8:30 PM
Archana says I bet they won’t be together outside. Soundarya says he won’t. Archana says even Tina. Tina says she’s doing this for the content. Sumbul is sautan and friend. Archana says she’s half-wife and Sajid is the MIL. Nimrit is SIL and Shiv is the brother-in-law. Soundarya says I will have to fight against Nimrit. All color heroines go to the top 5. Archana says that’s not true. Soundarya says why was she given the first captaincy. Archana says she came first. Soundarya says who decided that? Archana says she was presented very strongly. Soundarya says we can all see.

9:45 PM
Sajid says Tina is asking for captaincy. Shiv says I don’t get her. she speaks against Shalin and then the next day goes and gets lovey-dovey to him. Sajid says Shalin has no line. Everyone talks to Tina and not Priyanka. Shiv says Shalin acts like a God. He is a demon.

Day 51
8:15 AM
Shalin says you are not a bad human and neither is Tina. Soundarya says I don’t like some things about her. Shalin says you both can be really good friends.

8:30 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Soundarya says to Shalin we can be friends if you give me almond milk. He gets milk for her. Priyanka says he’s gone. Tina will kill him. Well done. Shalin gives milk to her. He says don’t get my fight started. She says are you scared? Can’t you do this for me? He says I did.

8:45 AM
Tina says we have very less almond milk left. Please don’t give it to anyone. Shalin says I wasn’t gonna give it. I mixed a little milk with lots of water and mixed it in my shaker. They both laugh. Tina says that’s very bad. You could give me milk. He says I added all my shakers in it.

9 AM
Archana says to Shalin pick that paper. Tina says it’s my prescription. She says papers aren’t allowed here. It would look like a script. Tina says you’re no one to tell me my things. I will keep it where I want. She places it on the bench and says we just woke up. She says Shalin just went in. She says he’s not my servant. Archana says papers send out rumors we get a script. Tina says people are no idiots like you. Tina says she’s such an idiot. Archana says it’s written in the rules. Shalin tries to calm her down. Tina leaves in anger and says go chill with her. I told you to ignore her. Shalin says I was asking her not to do it. Sorry. Tina says I was asking you to avoid her. Let her be on her own. Archana tells Shiv. He says good. Why ego? Shalin says go have your tea. She says to be a spoon. Shalin says I want to be your spoon. Shiv will be your love and I will be your spoon. Archana says I will teach you a lesson in one minute. She says don’t abuse. Shalin says when did I abuse? Archana says tell me to my face. I am not Tina, I am not scared of you. Soundarya asks Shalin are you scared of Tina? He says no we are just having fun. Soundarya says Tina is different. I don’t want her to be the reason she feels bad. Tell me if you’ve something special with her. He says we are just enjoying life. Shalin says chill you won’t.

10:!5 AM
Soundarya tells Archana she asked Shalin if they have love. He said no we are just seeing. Archana says he’s trying to be your friend and Tina will do what she did with Sreejita. Ankit says he’s playing on both sides for votes. Soundarya says Shalin said you will be best friends. Ankit says really? Shalin gives Tina juice and says enjoy.

10:45 AM
Shalin says Bigg Boss please turn on the treadmill it came back after many days. Tian says such a bad joke. He says let me help you, Soundarya. She says what? Tina leaves in anger. Shalin goes after her. Soundarya says to Shalin so much happened in workouts. I miss Gautam. Tina says he just left and now she’s hitting on Shalin. Shiv says could be a normal conversation. She says they were not talking. Stan says Gautam must be crying outside.

2:30 PM
Shalin tells Tina Soundarya was asking out status. Tina says she was asking Shiv and Ankit to help her with the workout now she’s only asking you. It’s all coming very badly on you. Be careful. He says if she hits on me how will it come back on me? She says you draw a line. No one hits on me here, there are so many guys here. Did Gautam or Shiv hit on me? He says I didn’t give her any hint. She says it all proved in Sumbul’s case. He says you’re manifesting it. Tina says just go away from my life. Shalin says what have I done? She says go. He says I have not given any hint I swear on my son. She says stop bringing him into this. He says you won’t believe otherwise. He holds her hand and says it’s not that way.

3:30 PM
Shiv picks Abdu. Abdu says they are touching my body. They are being physical. Shiv picks Abdu. Abdu says Bigg Boss says Shiv and Stan think I am a baby and being physical. Nimrit calls him but he doesn’t come. He ignores her. Nimrit says I’ve had a conversation with him. It’s not in an unhealthy space but he does ignore me. Shalin laughs. Tina says it’s not like your situation. It’s not cool. She leaves in anger. Sajid comes after him. Nimrit says Shalin tries to act very smartly. He has been scolded for his behavior with Sumbul and tries to imply that here to justify here. I am sorry I am not irresponsible like him. I’ve had an open conversation with Abdu many times and we are honest.t Some people only drag others. I don’t act dumb like him. I fixed this with an open conversation but he brings his dirty jokes in there to justify his actions. Tina says true. Shalin says I am sorry. It’s not such a big deal. She says it’s a big deal to me. Shalin says I am sorry. I will be careful. Shalin hugs Nimrit.

4 PM
Priyanka says Sajid fixes all their fights or they would break each other’s heads. Bigg Boss asks Priyanka to fix her mic. Soundarya says Bigg Boss also wants to hear the gossip. Bigg Boss says I can tell you gossip too. He asks them to all come to the living room. Bigg Boss says Soundarya thinks I like to hear gossip little does she know I like to gossip too. Everyone laughs. He says Soundarya was gossiping about Raja Sajid. Everyone laughs. He says Sajid’s regime ends today. Time to choose the next Raja. He asks Tina, Tina says yes sir. He says it won’t happen. It can’t happen because you all failed to succeed in your task to change the regime. Only people from rooms of 2 and 3 can contest for captaincy. It was told that day too. Priyanka says it was our chance. Shalin explains to Tina. He says Abdu, Nimrit, or Shiv have a chance to contest for it. Stan is nominated hence he can’t be the captain.

Bigg Boss says there is a there’s a skull in the garden. It makes people do what it wants. Abdu, Nimrit, and Shiv will be under its control One of the ordinary audience will control them and ask them to do some tasks. The person wearing the hat will have to do the tasks or they will be out of the race. The person can always opt-out. Sajid will be the umpire. If he thinks the task is impossible to be completed. He can discard that task. Sajid asks how long would it run. Bigg Boss says till I end it. Ankit asks what they all can’t do it. Bigg Boss says your question too. You will know your time. Bigg Boss says let’s start with the one who at least controls one contestant here. Priyanka laughs. Tina tells Archana to ask Shiv to dance on one leg. Shiv says they are both playing with us. Sou

4:15 PM
Nimrit says it will be good for me if I get the captain. Sajid says but protects Tina. Priyanka gets into the skull. Bigg Boss asks her to control Nimrit. Everyone wishes her luck. Priyanka asks her to do 100 push-ups. Nimrit starts it. Priyanka says you’re not doing it properly. Priyanka says this isn’t push-ups. Nimrit says you didn’t mention not doing breaks. Priyanka says Sajid Ji tells her to do 100. This is wrong. Priyanka says you’re cheating. Nimrit says she didn’t mention anything. Bigg Boss tells Nimrit she’s out of the task since she took out her in-ear. It wasn’t allowed. Nimrit says okay. She leaves in anger. Priyanka says thank you. Sajid says she broke the rule. Nimrit says no one is listening. Sajid says it was your duty. Nimrit says no one can do 100 push-ups. Nimrit says no one would do 100 push-ups. Bigg Boss says the first round is over. It ended due to Nimrit’s stupidity, not Priyanka’s smartness.

Bigg Boss says Archana is next in the skull. Let’s see how she controls Shiv. Archana asks Shiv to take salt in a big bowl and eat it. Sajid says it’s impossible. I discard it. Archana says you have to Sajid says she will make people fall sick. Archana says to pick the yellow bottle and drink 3 bottles full. Shiv says I will do this for you, my love. Archana laughs. Sajid says there’s no time limit. Drink slowly. Archana says I am nice. Sajid says she can’t change the order now. Ankit says what if time gets over? Sajid says I am the umpire I will decide. Ankit says to be fair. Archana says to keep drinking till tomorrow then. Sajid says don’t tell me what is right. I am the umpire. Nimrit says if Archana doesn’t have a brain it’s not our fault. Soundarya says how could she not tell the time. Archana says Tina spills his bottle. Shiv says I can hear. Use your brain. She says to tell Soundarya to spill it. Shiv says what school did you go to. Buzzer blares, and Shiv tries to complete it. Soundarya says he drank after the buzzer. Bigg Boss says that wasn’t the rule Sounadrya. He has to survive till the end which he did. Soundarya says she is an idiot. Shiv tells Nimrit that Tina was speaking to Archana.

5:15 PM
Ankit goes next and Abdu comes next. Ankit asks him to drink red chili. Sajid discards it. Ankit says drunk two eggs raw. Ankit goes next. He orders Abdu to drink 2 eggs. Abdu drinks the eggs. He says very tastily. Abdu says to throw water on Nimrit. Abdu throws it on Nimrit. Nimrit says to do it. Priyanka says Ankit gives a time limit. Priyanka says to drink 2 liters of water in 5 minutes. Sajid says now allowed. Priyanka says what’s wrong with water? He says I am the umpire I will decide what is safe for his health. He asks Ankit to change. Ankit says one bottle in 3 minutes. Abdu says no. Sajid says no. Priyanka says why is he sitting there if Abdu will decide? Sajid says I am the umpire. Why is there an umpire? Everyone can shout. He shouts and says Bigg Boss so wrong, why do you make umpire. Anit says one bottle in 5 minutes. Abdu says no. Sajid says he’s not comfortable. It’s a medical condition. Priyanka says this is so unfair. Abdu decides what he will do. Sajid shouts yes I am a cheater. The umpire is the cheater. I will see who shouts better than me. Ankit says I can’t do it like this. Bigg Boss asks are you quitting? He says yes. They’re not doing anything. Bigg Boss Abdu winner of the round. Priyanka says they are misusing the power. Sajid says I am heater. Priyanka says you are. He’s saying no and you’re agreeing. Ankit says he can’t decide on his own. Shiv says to learn the definition of cheating yourself first. Ankit says one bottle in 5 minutes isn’t doable. This isn’t right. He can’t decide on his own. Sumbul tells Shiv no matter who becomes captain I don’t want to be in the kitchen with Tina.

6 PM
Bigg boss asks Shalin, Tina, and Soundarya Shiv and Abdu have tied. You three can decide who you want to make the next king. You are kingmakers. Tina says Abdu. Abdu was fair. Soundarya says I agree too. Tina says Shiv wasn’t a good captain. Soundarya says I agree. Shalin says I think it should be SHiv. He didn’t get a chance to prove himself. Tina says everyone is here for the first time. Soundarya says has Abdu been here many times? Tina says he did it very well. He ran the house so smartly. Shiv says he’s such a drama. Now he will stop to think and then say Abdu, okay. Tina says it will be challenging for him. Shalin says he will do what his team says. Soundarya says Shiv will do the same. tina says Abdu was still using his mind a lot more. Shiv says he didn’t get a chance. Tina says now I will get it. Soundarya says okay. They agree on Shiv. Shiv becomes the captain. Bigg Boss says Shalin brought Tina and Soundarya on one page. Shalin says I will be happy if they become friends. Bigg Boss congratulates Shiv.

6:15 PM
Priyanka says I will get him fired. Shiv says he gave me a favor I have to return. I don’t know if he acted. Sajid says we only committed to Tina. Sajid says then Sumbul won’t be safe.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks the new king who are his favorites. He says it would be boring like last week same rooms, the same things. I would get bored. I am changing the game. A room of 2 people will cooks and only these two would safe and Raja’s favorite. Everyone laughs. He says everyone else will be the audience. Archana laughs. Sajid says well done. Archana says wow poison. She says Sajid can you cook? Sajid says to do the fair thing. Shalin says I made you the captain. He puts Tina in room 2. She says thank you. He puts Nimrit in it. Room 3 has Sajid, Stan, and Abdu. Room 4 has Shalin, Archana, and Sumbul. And a room of 6, Priyanka, Ankit, and Soundarya.

6:45 PM
Ankit says to Abdu I was being funny. Abdu says it wasn’t funny. Ankit says it was the task. Shiv says to Archana we can decide the duties. I will announce you’re my maha minister. She says Priyanka will do the lunch dishes. I will teach her now. Archana says she’s left her food outside. Shiv left his food. Shalin asks Tina what will be my food? Tia says there are Soundarya and Sumbul. Archana says Tina is doing this for content. Priyanka says and supports artist Nimrit.

11:45 PM
Archana says Tina doesn’t change her dishes. Nimrit says I read the bedsheets. Tina says Bigg boss has told me. I will give it tomorrow. Archana says she took pillow covers too. She keeps calling things hygenic. Soundarya says she leaves her food outside. Soundarya says I put my food in the fridge. Archana says why do you ruin the game by being good all the time. Soundarya says I don’t do everything for the camera like you all. I can’t see food getting rotten.

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