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Bigg Boss 16 1st November 2022

Day 29
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the mantra.
Tina says to Stan I don’t get Nimrit at all. He says she makes everyone against me. Tina says she is using you all to be visible again. I couldn’t understand you.

9:45 AM
Soundarya cooks. She says to Tina I am learning. Tina says then come here later. I can cook with Sumbul. She asks Ankit what do you want? He says egg roll. Soundarya says okay and then changes her duty. Soundarya says I can’t make paratha in a pan. Tina says I asked you to make potatoes. Tina says you get so dominating. Soundarya says I make it in a certain manner. Shalin says to Archana no one can cook better than you. She says now they will all suffer.

10:30 PM
Soundarya says to Gautam you could have told me whose flour was it? Soundarya says I made extra. Why didn’t you stop me from giving Shalin two? He says couldn’t you count? Sajid says Gori you look so good. Sajid asks who will go Nimrit or Gori. He says Nimrit. Nimrit comes there. Sajid says repeat now. He says, Gori. Everyone laughs.

Stan says I don’t know what Nimrit is up to. Stan says Gautam also said she’s pretending with Shiv. Shiv says she came here, we supported her. she’s playing her game. We are each other’s first priority. she comes later.

11:15 PM
Gautam asks Arcahan if no one is ready to work with him. Will you cook for everyone? She says I can cook for 50 people. I am fromt a village. People cry after making a few rotis. Priyanka says at least we don’t show people a favor. Gautam says Archana is making dinner. Soundarya says now I will have to do lunch too? Back to back? This is inhumane. She said no last time too. Tina says Soundarya said I only do cutting. I do everything 50%. You’re Gautam’s girlfriend otherwise I would have given us so bad.

12:45 PM
Soundarya says these people have taken me for granted. Stan says to stand up for yourself. She says I won’t cook now. Gautam shaves. Sajid says what a pretty girl. Gautam comes to Soundarya. Soundarya says you had to stop people. Gautam says calm down Soundarya. You have your way of handling things. Soundarya says you had no clue to stop Archana. Stan says don’t fight. Gautam says she’s fighting with me because of other people.

2:45 PM
Abdu cries and says Bigg Boss I need chicken. I will die and end if you don’t send me a burger. I will need a burger for protein. Please send one burger for me once every day. I will die, I need that protein. Shalin laughs.

3 PM
Archana says there is no roti now. Tina says you ate all the paratha. If you have a problem ask for your separate grocery. Tina says are we idiots? There’s on roti for us. Tina says you’re not fair at all.

3:45 PM
Shalin says they have all made fun of my protein. It’s my medical condition. It’s okay if people joke but bringing it as an issue is. Ankit says no one made fun of you. Priyanka says I never made fun, I only said it when it was valid. Shalin shouts and says you only know how to say rubbish. Priyanka says at least I am not fake like you. He says Abdu was laughing and making fun too. Priyanka says people can laugh, they won’t take your permission. Ankit says to learn some manners first. Shalin says to show your worth. Priyanka says this is real Shalin out when acting is over. See his language. Shiv says he’s mad because you made fun. Abdu says I was only joking I wasn’t making fun. Shalin says it’s our relationship. Why were they laughing? Priyanka says you messed with the wrong girl. I will not use words like you. I am self-made, not fake like you. Shalin says go and do your work. Priyanka says I will show you who I am.

12 AM
Gori laughs with Gautam. Nimrit asks Tina where is Gautam. She says he’s with Gori. Shalin says I don’t hate Shiv. If Gautam makes his alliance with Shiv. I will show him who I am. Shiv is smart because he’s played a reality show already. Stan says Shalin was burned by Abdu today. Everyone was laughing but he targetted Priyanka.

1:30 AM
Soundarya asks Gautam what happened. You are not talking. He says I don’t want to talk to them. Don’t taunt me. Soundarya says I can taunt. He says you don’t give me lectures. You don’t understand. Soundarya says so I should understand and not them? He says I have got nothing to do with me. SHe says I am sorry. He says you first pissed me. I suffocated. Soundarya says don’t do this. I am not a kid. He goes out.

Day 31
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Abdu hugs Nimrit. Archana sleeps on the bench. She says I want tea, my head hurts. Stan says she’s talking to herself. Shiv says she has lost herself. Gautam says sorry to Soundarya. He says I don’t want to fight with you because of others.

Archana tells Soundarya when she got kidnapped. She says it was a gang. I played so bravely. The police clapped for me.

11:15 PM
Bigg Boss says the nomination is going to start. But you all have to decide if Gautam should have the captain’s right or not. Gori says he became captain at our steak. Sajid says it would be that he can nominate someone. Priyanka says we don’t want to be nomiated by him. Shalin says we are suffering because of him. Soundarya says he is the captain. Gautam says I did what I did and it had a reason. I am trying to get everyone food. Sajid takes votes. 9 people say he shouldn’t get the right. Soundarya says okay fine. Bigg Boss asks Ankit. He says we won’t give him the right. He says I am glad you weren’t sleeping.

Bigg Boss says there is a special jacket for you all except for Gautam in the store. They all go and gre the jacket. Priyanka helps Abdu with it. Bigg Boss tells Sajid to stop smoking in a group outside washroom. Sajid says sorry it will never happen again.

12:15 PM
The nomation task starts.

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