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Bigg Boss 16 17th November 2022

Day 47
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.
Shiv does a workout giving Abdu a piggyback ride. He does push-ups with Abdu on his back.

11:45 AM
Shiv comes to Archana. She says I will do the duties when I want. He says want juice? Coffee? Tea? He says Archana isn’t getting up. Nimrit says she’s crazy. Sajid says to decide what to do with her. Everyone cleans the garden for extra groceries.

12:30 PM
soundarya cries and says I take so much stress. I’ve suffered so much here just because I care. My parents must be so worried. Archana says don’t take the stress. They would be hitting heads on walls. They must be asking if you’re here to play or love. Gautam says Archana we don’t do things for the camera. Don’t add extra drama. She says her parents must be crying. Gautam says I have parents too. Sajid says I can throw her out. Ask her Nimrit if she’s not well or I can throw her out. Soundarya says you never talk to me when I need you. Nimrit asks Archana if she’s okay. She says I am fine. I wanna sleep. Archana says Sajid was taunting me so much yesterday. Sajid says if she doesn’t do her duty I will do what she does. Priyanka says tells her if she doesn’t do her task in an hour, she will not get food. Sajid says she will cook hers. He says you both go if she doesn’t work in 20 minutes she will get punished. Shiv tells Archana if she doesn’t do her duty she will get punished. You have to listen to Raja Ji. She says I will do my tasks when I want. Nimrit says you will clean at night. You’ve to do it in 20 minutes. Archana says don’t bark. Nimrit says you bark, we only talk. Nimi says they’re celebrities and they are spoons. Sajid says we have to take action now.

12:30 PM
Everyone throws Archana’s stuff out of the room in the garden. They drag her mattress too. Soundarya says are you all crazy? Sajid says she thinks she’s a superstar. They throw all her stuff in jail. Archana says I am not alone. Sounadrya says I will talk to Sajid. Nimrit says nothing changed in her. They throw her things in the pool. Sajid says she doesn’t rule here. Priyanka says she’s calling me your spoon. Archana says Priyanka is trying to be in their group.

2:30 PM
Sajid says the game is one-sided. Sajid also gets extra food. Archana says they’re 10 people now. Ankit and Priyanka are also there. e Gautam says no they’re not. Soundarya says he knows better he was with them all the time. Gautam says I wasn’t. Archana says she’s saving herself from nomination. Gautam says they’re targeting Ankit. Priyanka asks Gautam what is she saying. He tells her and says I told them you’re not with them.

4 PM
Abdu and Sajid do a long-son-short-son show with Priyanka. Abdu asks why do you get into fights. She says I stand up for the right I can’t tolerate wrong. Sajid says asks what do you clean your teeth with? She says it’s a natural white. Abdu says you and Ankit? Friends or love? She says we love each other but we are friends. They laugh.

4:15 PM
Bigg Boss says it’s Raja Sajid’s regime. Some people like him and some aren’t happy. Who wants to change the regime? Only Archana raises their hand. Everyone laughs. Bigg Boss asks if is there anyone who wants to be the captain. Everyone raises their hands. Bigg Boss says what hypocrisy. Ankit says we are okay with him as Raja. But we want to be captains ourselves too. Bigg Boss says perhaps the audience is like this side of yours. Don’t stand against someone but take benefits. Priyanka says no sir. Bigg Boss says there will be a task between Raja’s favorites and non-favorites. If favorites win. Sajid will continue. Non-favorites will have to kill a favorite. Favorites have to survive. I will tell you how to kill. If favorites doubt any non-fav they can lock them in jail but one at a time only.

4:45 PM
Nimrit says we can trust Sumbul but, not Shalin. Tina says okay you always have problems with us Sajid. Sajid says you can play your game. Nimrit says it should stay between us. Priyanka and Gautam make the strategy. Tina says if we win I wanna be the captain. Shiv says you can play with them. Archana says these people have no shame. They threw my things here. They are ganging up on me. Tina says I’ve to play smart and say that I am with them. Do you all trust me? It shouldn’t backfire. Nimrit says we trust you. Sajid says Shalin is doing a double play. Shiv says they’re both. Tina and Shalin speak to Priyanak. She says non-fav should be captains. Nimrit says I hope we can trust Tina. We will get clarity about her today. Sajid locks Priyanka in jail.

Bigg Boss calls everyone to the activity area. He says every favorite’s face is here. There is a secret behind each face. The secret is how to kill the king and his favorite. You will come one by one and remove the face of one person and read the way to kill them. The first person to kill is Nimrit. Tina and Soundarya run. They try to fight over the face. Bigg Boss says what are you doing? Soundarya says I came there first. Sajid says it’s collaborative. Bigg Boss says I said one of you. Soundarya says sorry. Nimrit reads Nimrit gets ready and cooks. I want you to do something that makes Nimrit change her clothes in 30 minutes. Shalin says it’s very easy. Spill coffee or something. Don’t tell them. Archana says some people can do that. Tina says we are not like you Archana. Shalin says no violence. Gautam says Archana will spill coffee. Shalin asks Tina to spill coffee. So Nimrit can trust her.

5:15 PM
Everyone comes out. Shalin asks Tina whose side are we on. She says I know what am I doing. He says please Tina. Nimrti tries to ask Tina. Tina goes to the washroom. Shalin says Nimrit will keep fighting and not change for a while to make a point out of it. Tina tells Nimrit. Shalin says we don’t have to do this task.

5:30 PM
Sajid throws Soundarya in jail. Priyanka comes out. Sajid says Sumbul is loyal to me. Soundarya says you always drag me into this. Sajid says I got tofu for you. Soundarya says to Priyanka Tina has told them everything. Sajid says Shalin doesn’t even belong to himself. Shalin says I am not even surprised. They don’t trust us. Tina says I have had enough. Shalin says you don’t trust me either. Don’t tell me. Tina says I am not trying to tell you anything. Tina leaves in anger. Nimrit says even Tina can’t trust Shalin.

6 PM
Activity area, Sumbul reads the next person is Stan. If he raps in 30 minutes, he will die. Shalin says it’s very easy. Let’s do a fake task. We have to hug Abdu. Meanwhile, someone will sing with Stan. Ankit says I will rap, he will rap with me. Sajid says I have a meeting Abdu is next. Abdu hides. Sajid throws a pillow at him. Tina says Nimrit listen.

6:15 PM
Everyone looks for Abdu. Shalin goes around Stan. Stan goes inside. Tina says why do you take my things. She fights with him and tells him everything. Bigg Boss says you have failed in the second task too. Ankit says someone is telling them. Tina says to Nimrit you shouldn’t come after me right away.

6:30 PM
Shalin says do you think this is an act? You’re being played? She says the task is over. He says are you playing with me? She says yes. I have supported you from start. He says you don’t trust me. Sumbul gives him tea. he says thank you.

7 PM
Bigg Boss says the next contestant is Shiv. Soundarya reads, get an announcement made Shiv wear your mic. Gautam says I will pull his mic. Sumbul tells Sajid. Nimrit takes Archana to jail. She says Archana has shoved me. Bigg Boss says non-favs have failed again. They’ve lost it. Sajid will continue ruling the house.

7:30 PM
Gautam says you only had to throw water. Priyanka says what did you do? Don’t blame me. Gautam says you always act smart. Priyanka says do whatever you want. He says we lost the chance because of you. Sajid asks Shiv if he trusts Tina and Shalin. Shiv says we don’t know what happens in a task till the end. Gautam says you only cry here on useless points but do nothing in tasks. Ankit says what is this helping? Shiv says we were trying to protect you. Nimrit says Tina told us smartly.

8 PM
Archana cries. She says they ruined all my designer clothes and shoes. They’re all ruined. Soundarya gives her food. She asks Gautam who threw them. Gautam says you frustrated them. She says I will handle myself.

8:15 PM
Shiv says Archana will blast now. Stan says we will handle her. Stan says Shalin’s drama will also not work with us. Who called him here. Nimrit says I don’t care about him. Shiv says we will protect Tina. Shalin is selfish. Nimrit says don’t associate her with him. Shiv says she’s also fake. We can see it. Nimrit says just treat them as different people. Shiv says Nimrit can’t see how they’re using us for the support. She’s mad sir didn’t save her. We can’t be running after her like Shalin. Stan says I trust Nimrit.

9:15 PM
Nimrit reads about shampoo. The girls have to do hairstyling in teams using the salon in the garden. The men will give them the style icon winner trophy.

10 PM
Everyone tries to style their hair at the salon. Nimrit helps Tina. Abdu does a ramp walk and says I am the model. Shiv says we are the judges. Tina and Sumbul walk on the stage. Archana comes on the stage with Priyanka and dances. Shalin dances with them. Shiv says I love this. Nimrit and Soundarya come in the end. Everyone dances on Laila with them. Sumbul and Tina win. Shalin hugs Sumbul and says well done.

11 PM
Does Archana ask Nimrit who else touched my bags? Shiv says Salman will tell you. Shiv says first tell what you did. Archana says I know who did these disgusting things. She says you guys are so cheap. Sajid says don’t respond to her. Archana says I have to make Salman speak on it. Sajid says she wants to fight without doing anything. Soundarya says they’re all planning against you. Archana says I am not scared of anyone. Sajid says I won’t tell Sajid my plans. Stana says he wants to act smart with us.

1:45 AM
Tina trips over a sofa. She screams in pain. Gautam asks are you okay? Shalin and Stan come too. Tina says leave my feet. Stan says are you okay? Shalin tries to twist her foot. Stan says don’t twist it. Shalin says I know. Stan says okay lick it. Shalin says what did you say? Stan says she’s also my friend. Stop acting like her husband. Shalin says how dare you abuse me. Tina says Shalin stop it, please. Stan says don’t do this drama with me. Don’t talk to me with your fake face. He asks Tina is he your husband? Nimrit holds Tina. Shalin says who are you? Stan says to her friend. Tina says I am fine. Nimrit takes her to the sofa. Shiv says you half one. Sajid asks what happened. Shalin says he was abusing me. Stan says he was abusing me. I’ve hit bigger than you. Shalin says come to my face. Shalin says meet me outside. Tell me your address. Shalin says you will find it everywhere. Sajjid says relax Shalin. He says Stan started. Stan says stop barking. Shiv says you were born after I saw the world. You are worth not even 2 rupees.

Tina says I need to stop them. Soundarya says you don’t go out. You need rest. Tina says I have to go out. Shiv and Stan abuse each other and their parents. Shalin says what’s your dad’s worth? Shalin says come touch me if your dad is worth anything. Stan abuses him too. they throttle each other. Everyone tries to stop them. Shiv holds Shalin he says Shalin leave Stan. Nimrit says Stan leave him. Sumbul hugs and gives halin. She cries. Shiv says don’t you dare. Stay within your limit. Don’t you dare to touch? Shiv says come touch me. Nimrit and Soundarya stop Shalin. Sajid also gets mad at Shalin. Shalin says I will handle them both. They’re worth nothing in front of me. Sajid says enough. Sumbul cries and takes Shalin to the room. Shalin says I will handle him. Sounadrya holds Stan. Stan says I will break his legs. Sumbul takes Shalin to the room. Sajid asks what happened. Shalin says he started abusing me? Id didn’t even touch him. Sumbul cries. Sajid says calm down. Shalin says I am calm.

Shiv says he’s abusing all of us. Nimrit stops Shiv. Soundaarya says no Shiv please. She brings him back in. Tina says Shiv, please. Sumbul hugs Shalin. Shalin says I need to go see Tina. Ankit says you better stay here. You have also hit him. Priyanka says everyone has seen what has happened. Shalin says Bigg Boss you see what has happened. You decide and take action. Ankit says it was all clear. Tina tells Nimrit Stan was concerned nad he abused in anger. Stan says he was dragging me in it. Shiv says why did he drag me? He can’t abuse us we won’t tolerate it. Tina cries. Gautam says he said Shiv hit me. Stan hit me. Shiv says I will slap him and he will see what happened. Shalin says he came to me and jumped on me. Priyanka says I saw it myself.

Tina cries. Sumbul says Shalin you won’t go anywhere. Sajid says you stay here and calm. Ankit says say in the camera. Priyanka says I saw it. Sumbul says I was stopping Shiv. Tina says our equation is different Stan. I told him to stop. tina says he was concerned. Sajid asks who did it? Stan says he asked me to leave. He started bringing my parents into it. I was concerned. Soundarya says you sit only Tina. Shalin says I need action right now. Ankit says we won’t stay if there’s no action. Sumbul says you won’t go out. Shalin says I am fine. Sumbul’s screams don’t go out. I won’t let you go. Nothing will happen to you. I don’t care about anyone. Sumbul screams. Sajid says he’s talking about violence now. He said Shiv also held. Shiv says I was stopping them. Sajid says he’s saying Shiv has hit me.

Shalin shoves him. Sumbul stops Shalin. Tina fights with Sumbul. Sumbul shouts you will not go out. Tina and Soundarya come there. Soundarya says calm down Shalin. Shalin says I am calm. Tina says it’s okay. Tina says you can’t abuse. He says Stan started it. He was abusing me. I only held him. Soundarya says I saw you hitting him. Shalin says he started it. I was saving myself. Shiv jumped on me. Sumbul says no Shalin didn’t do anything. He won’t go anywhere. SHe screams. Tina says you calm down first. Sumbul says I won’t. Tina says I know how to handle him and all of this. go outside. Sumbul says I won’t. Sumbul says to Shalin you won’t go anywhere I will be with you. Tina says then you stay with him we will all go out. Tina leaves. Shalin says please listen. Guy stop. Stop it Sumbul. Sumbul says you won’t go there. Sumbul says I care about you. Shalin says she also cares about me. I am not going there. Tina says this is friendship. He’s my friend. She has no shame. Grow up. Ask her to grow up. She’s so possessive with you. Shalin says you wanna do this? Shalin says Tina come on. You wanna do this? She says she’s so possessive about you. You wanna do this?


Bigg Boss 16 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tina says she keeps clinging to Shalin all day. Sumbul Shalin. Salman says Sumbul is obsessed with Shalin. Tina says oh yes exactly sir. Salman says and even Shalin knows this. Shalin says she’s 20 years younger than me. Please, sir. Salman says what is this friendship where she can’t let Tina talk to you for 2 minutes? Sumbul cries and says please sir. I wanna go home. This is wrong. I wanna go. Salman says okay go then. Who stopped you? Salman says one man thought’s very manly. Shalin says you tell me once, I will go. Salman says should I ask you all to kill each other? Salman says Stan if you abuse someone they will fight back. Should I send this clip to your mom and show her what you’re doing? Stan says I did the wrong sir. Shalin says either he’s going or I am. Salman says no one is stopping anyone. you can go. Shalin leaves in anger.

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