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Bigg Boss 16 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Day 45
2 AM
Archana plays with Abdu with pillows. Priyanka plays with him too.

Day 45
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Priyanka hugs Ankit.

9:15 AM
Archana says if you get flour I won’t give lunch. Nimrit says only flour is in room 6. She says we only have some left. Archana says I won’t give you mine, she needs flour for everything. Shiv says we will eat what we want. Shiv says you hide food. You’re so cheap. Archana says it’s the rule. Shiv says we have courage. Priyanka says I know how much courage you have.

10:15 AM
Sajid says these two sisters are gone. Stan says they’re jealous of Shiv. They aren’t giving food. Archana says this Shiv thinks he’s the king. Priyanka says he’s gone crazy. Archana says when will they cook we cook? We can’t die of hunger. They’ve not even started. Nimrit says to Sajid you can get flour. You can’t eat rice. Ankit says to take it for Sajid only. Sajid says you give it. Ankit asks for 4 roti’s flour. Archana says we can only give 2 Rotis. Ankit can give only 2 of his. Nimrit says you can’t say no to the king. Archana says it’s our flour. Nimrit says there are other people in the room. I will tell Sajid. Archana says yeah we are not giving. Priyanka says give mine, Ankit says give mine too.

12 PM
Nimrit says what does it mean that the king will rule? Shiv says that people have to listen to what they want. Nimrit says to tell Priyanka and Archana. Shiv says to Archana you have to dance and entertain the king. Archana laughs and says the king doesn’t have food. He wants entertainment?

Shalin says to Tina if I do the same, I won’t be any different. Tina says they’re totally fooling. I never cross my boundary. I don’t like anyone to question the person I like. Tina says I don’t like anyone character assassinating me. There’s no vulgarness between us. Stan and I have a healthy relationship, he has a girlfriend outside. He says I didn’t take anyone’s name. He says you’re a kid in front of me. She says I am not a kid. He says at least younger than me. Shalin says I don’t understand certain things from you. She says I don’t want to explain anything to you. You call me things. I hate your negativity. He leaves.

1:30 PM
Archana says to Priyanka you’re taking too long. Priyanka says chopping takes time. Priyanka says you want me to make roti against just chopping potatoes? Priyanka says you didn’t even clean. I cleaned it all. She says I will make my food. Don’t play these games with me. Archana says you will do the chopping. Priyanka says I won’t. Archana says haven’t your parents given you food that you do this here? Priyanka says don’t drag my parents. Tina says they fight and then become sisters. Nimrit says they’re such a drama. Archana shouts. Priyanka says I am not scared of your voice. Don’t ever dare to bring my family in anything. Soundarya asks them to calm down. Archana says she will go to her in-laws and say she will only do cutting. Ankit says what will you do? Shalin says what is this drama? Archana says don’t stand with her on everything wrong. Priyanka says she can’t ever work. Nimrit says aren’t they getting late now? Ankit says she was the only person who stood for you. Archana says you can’t blackmail. Archana says I don’t talk to dash. Priyanka says say what’s in your heart. You use words like what you are.

Shalin sits with Tina. Tina says don’t do this. This also looks bad on Tv like it does with other people. I also have respect. Priyanka says stop dragging my parents Archana. What is your worth? You’re shameless. Tina says they are so fake. Archana says this is a fake friendship. I can’t tolerate it. Priyanka says I am not a fake person like you. You will stay alone in this world with this behavior. Shalin says now they will be sisters in a bit. Archana says I made a mistake by asking you to cut the potatoes. Ankit says how will your husband tolerate you. Archana says her MIL will cry every day. Ankit says to Priyanka if you talk to her again, I won’t talk to you. Gautam says have some shame Archana. Be respectful to people who stood with you. She says I won’t be their slave. Soundarya says no one asked you to be a slave. Shiv says Soundarya only repeats what Priyanka says. Archana says I can’t be a slave. Shalin says Priyanka copied Archana at the start and now she changed her channel. She became loud, in the first week she was asking all class. Nimrit says she got Ankit with her from the outside. Shiv says it ruined his life. Sajid says it doesn’t look good for him. Soundarya says you dragged all of us into it. Archana says yeah fine I am wrong. Shalin says now Priyanka is Archana, and Archana is crazy.

3:45 PM
Bigg Boss asks how is the king’s kingdom. Archana says it’s going well. Sajid says I am the first king without food. Priyanka says he’s assigned duties well. Bigg Boss says it’s time for nominations. King and his favorite people would be safe. The public would be all nominated. Shalin, Tina, Soundarya, Archana, Priyanka, and Ankit. Bigg Boss says before Priyanka and Soundarya’s call is biased, I got no activity done. Everyone out of favorites would be nominated. Bigg Boss now the saved people can save you. There are sheep in front of you named with all of you. The safe contestants will feed their favorite sheep. There is also a wolf. When the wolf wakes up, nominated contestants will come and feed a sheep to the wolf. The safe ships in the end will be safe from nominations.

Tina and Shalin speak to Archana. They say we want to play fair. The person who doesn’t participate should go. Priyanka and Soundarya are mad at Archana. Shalin says you have one chance. Ankit isn’t fair to be here. Shiv says he does nothing. Shiv says also see who is your competition. Soundarya says Archana won’t come. Priyanka says exactly. Shalin says to Priyanka will we play fair? We can go one by one. Tina says I don’t mind you going Archana. Archana says I am going first. Soundarya says I will go first. You didn’t decide with us. Abdu feeds Tina’s sheep. They mutually agree on Soundarya. Gautam says we should kick Tina out. Shalin says to Tina you go after me. She says I will kick Ankit. Shalin says no kick out Gautam. Kick strong ones out first. Ankit will go anyway. Nimrit says Shalin is right. Tina says not Soundarya? Soundarya gives Tina’s sheep to the wolf and says Tina was never fair and valid with her points. Her bond with me was very fake. She has said really bad things about me. Tina says I’ve never abused me. Soundarya says she was backstabbing.

Shalin says I am going next. Priyanka says I want to go. Soundarya says let them go now. Shalin says to Tina have faith in me. Please kick out Gautam. Tina says I know what to do. Archana says to Soundarya I had to fool Shalin. Soundarya says you’ve to trust us. We will save each other. We are 4. Gautam says we can go third and fourth. Shalin says I am nominated for sure Priyanka. I don’t want you to be fooled by your own people. Shalin says let me go. Sajid says you guys have to decide fast. Gautam says I am going. Tina says I won’t let you go. Priyanka says to Shalin, send Archana. Priyanka says we always get fooled. Archana says I will go. Shalin says this is so not fair. Priyanka says to Ankit we have to play our game too. Archana says let me go or I will ruin the whole task. Shalin says Tina and I are nominated for sure. What’s the point? Let us go. Archana goes second. Shalin says this is so not fair. Priyanka says we have decided, and Shalin will go. Shalin says the same will happen. Shalin nominates Gautam and says he’s not original at all. He was copying an old person. He only is here to be chummy, he also copies me. The woman in hiss out.

5 PM
Archana says to Priyanka what are you scared of? Priyanka says now you know how it hurt when your friends betray you. Archana says to Gautam and Soundarya I can’t trust Priyanka. Shalin thanked Priyanka for being fair. Nimrit asks Tina to stand up for herself. She says I am not talking to Shalin and I can’t speak to the rest of them. Priyanka says I don’t trust Archana at all. Shalin says the game is in your hands. Shalin says I have to nominate at any cost. Nimrit says don’t leave Priyanka alone. Archana will provoke her. Archana says I am going now. Majority votes for Priyanka. Tina supports Priyanka. Priyanka goes. She nominates Shalin. She says Shalin forgets his limits when he fights. Shalin says great. Archana says I don’t want to go now. It’s so unfair. I am not a traitor. Shalin says to Priyanka everything is fair. Let Tina go now. Priyanka says I will stick to my words.

Tina says I will go now. Priyanka says I am okay with that. Tina nominates Soundarya and says she gets petty. Soundarya says I’ve always cooperated with me. Tina says they talk to each other only. Archana says Priyanka has completely flipped. She says Soundarya see who were you fighting for. I would never nominate Priyanka. I would nominate Shalin. Tina says what was that game where we are both nominated Shalin? He says Gautam and Soundarya are too. Task ends. Gautam, Shalin, Tina, and Soundarya are nominated. Nimrit says to Tina Priyanka played everyone. Archana says she flipped to save herself. She’s very clever. Tina says you can’t trust Archana. Tina says to Priyanka you guys are safe.

5:45 PM
Sajid says to give your vote to the weaker person, not the stronger one. Shiv says Shalin played a double role. Shalin says I knew I would get nominated. Archana says even after the wedding when they do the ring-finding ritual, Ankit will give it to Priyanka. Priyanka says I couldn’t trust Archana. She said different things on both sides. Archana says I never said I will nominate you. Priyanka says I had to save myself. I won’t trust Archana or anyone related to her. Tina says to Shalin you get rude and aggressive. He says I did that to get you in the line. Archana says you haven’t saved me. Priyanka says you betrayed us. Gautam says you did the same. You could nominate me. Priyanka says I did fair play. Gautam says wow clapping for your fair play. Archana says she’s so scared of nomination. I would nominate Shalin or Ankit. Nimrit says you came back on your own not due to them.

Priyanka says to Soundarya and Archana you guys can say bad things about me. Sajid says to Tina Shalin will make sure you aren’t unhappy. Soundarya says Ankit got birthday party invites. Shalin says that’s quite a task to keep her happy. Shalin says to Tina I don’t want us to go.

8:30 PM
Sajid asks Sumbul what would you do if his man cheats but cooks for him. She says I would kick him out. Bigg Boss calls Shalin into a confession room. He says I didn’t even complain. Bigg Boss says we are grateful. He says we have chicken for you. Shalin says thank you Bigg Boss. This is amazing, I love the kabab. He says the game had their majority. Bigg Boss asks are they are a group or if they’re doing it for survival. Shalin says they don’t have individuality. It’s your identity that makes you win. Shalin says can I take the rest of it? He says sure. Shalin says thank you. You are so sweet. Nimrit Shiv and Stan make fun of how Shalin has two shoulders to cry on. Sajid laughs.

Shalin comes and says I got seekh kabab. Bigg Boss feasted on me on my birthday. He’s very happy. Priyanka says for the first time he didn’t scold you.

11:30 PM
Nimrit throws Sumbul in the pool and says happy birthday. Stan throws Shalin in the pool. Archana says what are they doing. They throw Sumbul back in the pool. Abdu jumps in the pool too. Archana says wishing him. Gautam says he’s not my friend. Sumbul says Shalin gave me this bracelet as a birthday gift. They all sleep. Tina says Bigg Boss plays with me when I try to make an equation. This house is pulling me down. Nimrit says it will be Gautam vs. Shalin. Shalin says I will never speak to Gautam even if we are the last two people. Tina says he thinks this love angle will save him. Nimrit says Priyanka and Shalin will become friends. Shiv says he will be dead for me then. Shalin says to Tina I can’t lose you. She says I can see. He says see what? Tina says I am scared. He says don’t worry. He holds her hand.

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