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Bigg Boss 16 14th November 2022

Day 44
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.
Priyanka asks where is sugar? It’s common Archana. Keep it here. Priyanka says I asked Tina to keep it here. Soundarya says she can earn her own here. She says people try to burn others’ homes and get burned themselves. Archana says Tina keeps the sugar in common. Tina says did Soundarya get it? Soundarya says it’s common. Priyanka says you used all common sugar and now have kept yours in the room. Shalin says I took it, do whatever you want. Priyanka says I will take it from your room and see who can stop me. Shiv says what a drama. Tina says then she will say go. Priyanka says everyone can see your fake acting. Nimrit says everything isn’t for footage. Don’t tell us what to eat. I can eat whatever you want. I will make sugar Parathas.

9:15 AM
Shiv says now we will make parathas and cook for Ankit too. They laugh. Shalin says you took my sugar. Soundarya says I don’t want to talk to you. Shalin says why did you steal from my room? You could ask me. She says don’t try to mess with me. Shalin says I don’t need to ask you for food. Soundarya says you are showing who you are and you wanted to be my friend. He says I never wanted to be your friend. Soundarya says I was the one who fought with Archana for keeping sugar inside. Shalin says so you will steal. Have humanity? Gautam says don’t show your fakeness here Shalin. Don’t tell us about humanity. He goes inside. Priyanka says come here are you scared? Shalin laughs and says yeah I am so scared of Gautam and Priyanka.

9:30 PM
Soundarya says they are so insecure. They stalk me, look at Tina remembering my followers. Tina says people put 1kg base every day but never show up in my glam. Soundarya cooks from the common grocery. Sumbul and Nimrit fight with her. Nimrit says this isn’t cool. Soundarya says talk to me. Sumbul says to stop abusing. She says look at Nimrit who abuses everyone. Gautam asks Soundarya to calm down. She says it’s none of your business. Don’t get into it. He says breakfast becomes a problem in this house. Soundarya leaves in anger. Gautam also leaves. Shiv says don’t do it over food. Eat first, please. Soundarya leaves in anger. Gautam says they’re talking about my pancake and fighting. Then I asked Soundarya to calm down. Priyanka says he had to stand with you.

Shalin says I don’t even care about what think baby. Priyanka says don’t call me baby. Ankit says stop it Priyanka. She says don’t stop me. I will answer him back.

3:15 PM
Gautam tries to talk to Soundarya. He says I was gonna make it. I was just asking you to let me eat in peace. Bigg Boss says everyone comes to the living area. Abdu says I love you Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says you all like to make me wait? Shalin is taking shower. Shiv says just come out. Shalin says sorry Bigg Boss. He says this is commitment. Nimrit says I hope your towel doesn’t fall. Bigg Boss says I can see all the protein. Everyone laughs. Bigg Boss says you made the decision to come here. What did you gain and lose? He says lost the right to be captain. He says one of you had to leave the house too. So we wanted to give you another chance too. You’ve taken the clothes off. I hope you’re learned your lesson. You can be the party of the captaincy race now. Everyone claps. Bigg Boss says take care of your towel.

Bigg Boss says time to find the next captain of the house. I want you all to tell your complains to the eldest one in the house. Sajid will be the tour guide of the house. People will become statues. He will take two people as tour guides of the house. Then those two will eliminate any three people from the captaincy rate. They can eliminate Sajid too. The test starts.

3:30 PM
Nimrit says Sajid can become the captain. Tina says he’s biased toward Ankit though. Nimrit says sir take one of us. Priyanka says I will not mind if Sajid isn’t captain. Nimrit says take all of us and them in the end. Priyanka says they won’t take us, they don’t think like us. Shalin says we should make the person who is in danger. Nimrit says if we don’t make him captain, he won’t take any of us. Sajid says once I become the captain, you all will see the change. Tina says will you save Ankit? Shalin says if we are family, we have to save each other. Tina says don’t save Ankit. Nimrit says she wants sir to take 3 of us first and them in the end. It’s not fair. Tina isn’t listening.

4 PM
Shiv says Shalin and Tina can change their stance anytime. Sajid says Tina won’t betray them. Archana says Sajid will become the captain. Sajid says I will be fair when I am the captain. Ankit sits with Sajid and laughs. Nimrit says Ankit always sits with Sajid when it’s about a task.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss says statue. He takes Nimrit and Shalin. Sajid shows them around. He says this kitchen cooks more fights than food. Archana says how do I remove this fly from my nose. Sajid in this room 3 sisters live. I am Gautam, Soundarya and Priyanka. He says this guy Abdu is world famous. He says this is Tina and this is Archana. Nimrit says we have heard a lot about you, you do comebacks. He says this is Soundaarya and Priyanka. Shalin says they look good this way. Sajid shows them the activity room. He says to take three names out of captaincy. Nimrit says Soundarya, Gautam, and Priyanka. Shalin says ladies first. So Gautam is out. Nimrit says the next name is Priyanka. She can’t resolve matters with peace. The third name is Soundarya Sharma. Shalin says all three sisters are out. These two sisters Gautam and Soundarya should be out together. Soundarya says so very fair. I knew it. Ankit says we will fight for it. Priyanka hugs him. She says you realized it late.

Sajid asks who should I take now? Nimrit says Sumbul and Tina. Sajid takes Tina and Sumbul. Soundarya says it’s so unfair Bigg Boss. They go to the activity area. Tina says Ankit, has no stand for himself. He only defends Priyanka. Sumbul says Archana next. She failed as the captain. She couldn’t manage at all. Archana says you all made Shiv famous. Priyanka says don’t blame it on us. Soundarya says as if she wasn’t responsible for it. You had the biggest fight. Tina takes out Abdu’s name and says Abdu because he has been the captain already. So a new person should be the captain. Ankit says to Sajid this is so unfair. Nimrit says don’t take it seriously Abdu. Abdu says it’s fine. Priyanka says to Gautam they’ve planned it all already.

5:30 PM
Priyanka says they’re are so cheap. Sajid takes Abdu and Stan on their tour. Soundarya says it’s so unfair Bigg Boss. don’t blame me when I used the word biassed. Stan takes out Shalin. Priyanka says Tina is exactly what Sreejita told her about her. Abdu takes out Sumbul. He says no one would listen to her. Priyanka says she judges, everyone. Soundarya says Nimrit is so unhygienic I will tell you. Why doesn’t Tina judge her? Stan says the next person is Tina. Bigg Boss announces who’s out of the race. Tina asks Stan why did you remove me?

Sajid takes Ankit and Shiv in the next round. Priyanka says Sajid will be the captain. Shiv takes out Stan. Ankit says my name is Shiv, he’s already been the captain. Shiv says Sajid should be the captain. Shiv takes out Nimrit’s name. Sajid dances. Shiv dances outside and says Shiv is the captain again. Bigg Boss says Stan, Nimrit, and Shiv are out. Shiv says no I am the captain. They all hug Sajid and congratulate him. Archana says if you chose us we would still make you the captain. They all clap for him. Soundarya says are we idiots here. Archana says you should’ve been fair. Sajid says I became fair to myself. Stan says why would Sir trust them. Shalin says Soundaarya is so shameless. She is sitting in Gautam’s lap. Tina says then she will say my parents are watching and cry.

6:45 PM
Bigg Boss says Sajid is the new captain of the house. You all must be thinking it’s the same for one week. I don’t like boring things. I will give captaincy a new twist. The captain will be the king or queen of the house. The captain will decide on the rooms. He will choose who lives in room 2 and they will be safe from nominations too. They will not do any work. The people in room three are royal cooks. They will only cook for a king, rooms of 2 and 3. They will also be safe. Room of 4 and 6, people here are the ones king doesn’t lie. They will be public. They will be in fear of nomination and they will have to do all the work. Everyone calps. Sajid says you defeated me.

Bigg Boss asks Sajid to place people in the rooms. He puts Abdu in the room of 2 and Shiv with him. He puts Sumbul, and Nimrit and thinks about who should be the third one. Stan, Shalin, or Tina. He puts Stan in it. Soundarya says we won’t even talk about fair. He puts Shalin and Tina in room 4. He puts Archana, Gautam, Soundarya, Priyanka, and Ankit in room 6.

7:15 PM
Tina says Sajid sir you flipped on us. You didn’t even save either of us. She gets angry. Sajid says I’ve not done anything wrong. Priyanka says we will get nominated. Archana says we won’t be fair. tina says he has his favorite. Where do Shalin and I stand? He could keep one of us. Stan doesn’t even cook. Abdu won’t do anything. Are we idiots? We will also flip now. Why should we prove our loyalty? Now you see the game. Nimrit says calm down. Shalin hugs Sumbul and says I am happy for you. Tina says to Shalin they have their core people and they let us go. Don’t call us family. Tina says thank you for giving me a reality check. Shalin says it’s his right but Ia m shocked at Sumbul. Tina says he lost 25 lacs for her and then now saved her again. I can’t sugarcoat life Shalin. She leaves in anger. Sajid says why is she angry. We will save you. Shalin says we are in danger. I am not scared. Tina says Sumbul is on both sides. She is loyal to you and you don’t care about us.

7:30 PM
Shalin says you all have to save Tina. Shiv says we will try. Sumbul hugs Tina. Tina says I said I have trust issues with you. You go and talk to them. Sumbul says okay. Tina says it was in my heart. Nimrit says I didn’t get Sumbul. Sumbul asks Sajid do you trust me? HE says I trust you the most after Shiv and Abdu. Shalin says to Tina that other people aren’t responsible for this. She says I don’t trust Sajid. You’re living in a bubble. Stan removed my name too. They call us a family but never save us. I will take my time and space. Action speaks louder than words. I will also flip. He’s a big-time flipper.

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