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Day 39
8 AM
Bigg Boss says the last round is last. Priyanka says Gautam and Sajid will go in the next round. Shiv says I see the definition of fair now. Priyanka says you are better. Archan says Sajid Ji, work hard. Shiv says no one will give you work. Archana says I’ve done three movies. Shiv says did you pay for them? Archana says Sajid you’re the captain. They put it on the shelf. Buzzer blares. Archan counts it. She says we can see which one is more. Bigg Boss asks Priyanka’s decision. She says there isn’t much difference but change Abdu has more votes. There were 5 bags on each side. Gautam had more gold in the last round. Bigg Boss says the bags are equal. Tina says Soundarya’s two bags got accepted because Soundarya put them after the buzzer. Bigg Boss says Priyanka you made two riles, one that they can only have one bag, and the other they can put on the shelf even after the buzzer. You made this situation. Now you decide, for Abdu, or change Abdu. She says to change Abdu jas to more gold. Priyanka says if you think that rule wasn’t right. I’ve no issues. Tina says it was about a number of bags. Bigg Boss says you’re very smart Priyanka. Tell me your decision. She says change Abdu. Tina and Shiv say it’s so unfair. Bigg Boss says there are equal bags. But according to Priyanka Abdu’s captaincy is gone. Tina says it’s so unfair. Stan hugs Abdu. Bigg Boss asks Abdu to remove his things from the room.

8:15 PM
Shiv fights with Archana. Ankit says go and show your attitude to someone else. He says I saw how fair you are. Priyanka says go from here. Nimrit says she made her own rules then she acts like she is very fair. Abdu says I have given my best. Sajid hugs him.

8:30 PM
Nimrit says she’s not fair at all. Shiv says Ankit fights so fake for her. Ankit says Gautam was their friend. Then his captaincy was right. Sajid says he looks so fake when he fights. Nimrit says it’s on his face that he’s faking it. Ankit says Bigg Boss left it on Priyanka. Shiv says I know elections and party is Archana’s ego. She starts shouting when you take their name.

9 PM
Archana says why does he bring my party to it? Shiv says I didn’t start it first. She says you did. Shiv says you will not annoy Abdu then. Stop stooping low yourself or I will get worse. Archana says I am not scared of him. Archana says it’s not my fault if he is a spoon. Shiv says you’re also Priyanka’s spoon.

Sajid sings. Soundarya asks are you okay Abdu? You were really good. We love you. It’s just in the capacity of the task. To save ourselves we need captaincy. Abdu leaves. Sajid says he’s upset. Abdu says it’s fine. How is this love? Soundarya says I love you. He says I know who is what in this house.

9:45 PM
Sajid says he actually stands in front of Archana. Shalin says but he never crosses the line. Shiv says I never get angry. Shalin says you have control over your anger. Gautam provokes me. Shiv says I know people were thrown out for getting physical.

Abdu says she took my tissue boxes. This isn’t right. Sajid says let her be. Abdu plays with Stan. Sajid asks Nimrit why are you upset? She says no I will speak to you later. I care for Abdu. Abdu says I will go and change. Coming. Sajid says should I ask him to stay a bit away? She says he shouldn’t get any false hopes. Sajid says I’ve spoken to him. Sajid says he said I know bro. Nimrit says we can remind him from time to time. I told him I am 27 and he is a crush space. Sajid says he just likes you. I don’t want to hurt him. And I don’t want a third person to say the wrong things. He gets a bit hesitant when I say it. Sajid says I get it.

Archana places tissues in the kitchen. Gori says they use all of them. Soundarya says to keep them safe. They misuse them. Gori says Tina wastes so much groceries. Shalin tells Tian she took the tissue to her room. Tina says it’s not yours. She says I will put it when it’s needed. People misuse it. It’s mine. Tina says don’t act great. She says to Priyanak keeps sugar hidden. Priyanka says that’s not right. Take it from her room. Tina says she hid tissue boxes too. They pick sugar from her room. Priyanka says this is general. Who is she to stop us from using? It’s not personal. Tina says she said we misuse tissues.

12:15 AM
Tina asks where are the tissues? Archana says ask me. They’re in the kitchen. Tina says we need them in the bathroom. Archana says they will stay in the kitchen. Tina says who are you to decide? She shows it to Priyanka. Priyanka says who are you to hide them? Archana says I need them here. Tina says everyone needs them. She says there’s toilet paper. Nimrit says we won’t clean fake from toilet face. Sajid says you don’t run this house. You are not the boss here. Archana says I don’t need to talk to you. Abdu says she took them to her room. Shiv says what words do you use? Archana throttles Shiv and says don’t you dare to mess with me. Nimrit says how you dare to touch him. She shouts. Nimrit says she throttled him. Shalin says his neck is scratched. Ankit says have you lost it Archana? Archana says I will smash his face. Siv says hit me, show me how much courage you have. She says I will kill you right here. He says show me? Then kill me. Do it. Nimrit says are we here to bear her beating us? She shouts Bigg Boss how can someone beat others in your house? Tina says to take action Bigg Boss. She has throttled him and there are scratches on his neck. Shalin says see it.

Archana says he said I am not like you. Priyanka says so you will hit him? Archana says I won’t hear a word against my party. Priyanka says so you will hit him? Shalin shows in the camera ow she throttled Shiv with her nails and also scratched his arm. Priyanka says tissues are everyones. She says you also need them. Priyanka says I can handle my things. You can’t hit people. Nimrit says we can also hit her. Sajid says Ankit says something at least now. He says this is totally wrong. Tina says we don’t need their support. She was gonna slap me too. They all laugh at her jokes and enabled her. Ankit says jokes aren’t a problem. Archana throws things and says take them all. Abdu says I told you she has no manners. Shiv says she also was coming to Sumbul to hurt her. Tina says to have you heard her language Gautam?

Archana says I will go crazy in this house. Priyanka says this isn’t okay. She says don’t I get hurt? Am I stone? Priyanka says fight with words. She says I told everyone if anyone says anything against my party and my didi I will kill them. I will bury them. Priyanka says Bigg Boss would stand himself. Archana says he doesn’t. HE always says against me. I will b bury them. Priyanka says who are you to bury people? You can’t get physical. Tina says should we break a bottle on her head? Soundarya says she will get eliminated. She has lost it. This isn’t wrong. Gautam says wrong is wrong. Gori says why were they talking about jokes. They were also laughing earlier. Soundarya says she has gone crazy. Sajid says hats off to you, you didn’t hit her back. Nimrit says he would never. Soundarya says they won’t leave Shiv when they go outside. Abdu says there’s some blood on his neck.

Soundarya says to Archana you have given them a very solid point. Archana says am I crazy? Soundarya says he provokes you and you reacted the way he wanted. She says let me be. She says can’t you control your anger? Priyanka says no one can justify this Archana. Realize your mistake. You did wrong. Archana says I did. Sajid says to Shiv I would ha e broken her face. I am a fan of your temper. Priyanka says if you realize your mistake say sorry to him right now. Soundarya says yes od it. Soundarya says you won’t react. Archana comes out. Shalin says get lost. We don’t want to see your face. You can’t come here. She says I can come here. He says this isn’t your dad’s house. Bigg Boss will handle it. Shiv says if I am controlling it doesn’t mean I am not a human. Nimrit says he doesn’t want to talk. Sumbul says he doesn’t need your sorry. Sajid says Shiv doesn’t talk t her. Stan says she came to say sorry now. SUmbul says so much was said against me but I didn’t say anything wrong. Archana says you couldn’t listen to your dad. Sumbul says don’t bring my dad in it. I will throw you out. She has no shame. Archana says I never bring anyone’s families. Nimrit calms Sumbul down. She says she’s a mad woman. Sit here. Soundarya says what a stupid person is she. Sumbul says she’s saying sorry as a favor.

Archana leaves in anger. Sumbul says should I also go and slap her. Sajid says we don’t want you to go her way. Abdu says, man woman. Tina says she’s crazy. Tina says she’s psycho. Archana says we don’t have hearts? I will go with Bigg Boss. Tina says she calls people to character less. Archana says I didn’t throttle. They’re lying.

12:45 AM
Priyanka says they won’t listen. Try to apologize. Priyanka says he will play his game. Archana says I will leave. Nimrit says this was intent to hurt. Archana says I will go. I can only repent. Soundarya says if you repent, that’s fine. Gautam says you crossed the line.

1 AM
Tian says Soundarya misbehaved with you too but you enabled her. Soundarya says I am not taking her side. I told her she was wrong. Don’t drag me into this. Mind your own business. She says Sajid why is she bringing me in this? Tina says you’re still sitting with her. Soundarya says this si wrong for everyone. tina says we saw you fighting. Shalin says stop it Tina. She says now you act great. Abdu hugs Sumbul. Soundarya says I told her she was wrong but she had to bring up this point.

2 AM
Bigg Boss asks Shiv to come to the confession room. He says you were provoked by your city’s name and then you used her didi’s name. Shiv says I said did won’t give you a ticket this time. You talk about characters. Bigg Boss says we heard everything. We ignored it every time and thought you were mature. We said personal things won’t be attacked here. You provoked Archana and then she throttled you. What happened to you is wrong. Keeping everything in mind, I want to ask do you want Archana to leave the house right now? Or would you leave it to the audience? She will get punished. He says it’s up to you Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says to trust your wisdom hence I am asking. She says then due to her behavior she should leave. It’s scary to fight with her. She crosses limits. She should leave. Bigg Boss asks Archana if she wants to speak to him she can come to the confession room.

Archana says it wasn’t my intention. I told him in the kitchen to not use the party or didi’s room. She says God knows I explained to you. He says look at this bruise. If someone did this to you would you be okay? Shalin says what a drama. Tina says what a liar. Soundarya says say sorry. Tina says she won’t. Archana says it wasn’t intentional. Shiv says you lie a lot. Archana ays I didn’t throttle. I told you I have reasons not to use her name. Bigg Boss says I am shocked Archana. This is what you’re saying? The decision is taken. For physically hurting someone, I expel you from this house right now. Pack your things and leave the house. Abdu dances. Tina says we love you Bigg Boss. Archana says to Shiv forgive me. Shiv says I have taken my decisions. Shiv says I am not hurt. Everyone can hit. I didn’t even shove you back but you can harm anyone. I spoke to you after you spoke against my character. sHe cries and says I beg you, gives me one chance. I will never do it again. She cries. Shiv says it’s not fair. I made my decision. Archana says I beg you I would never do this. Shalin says I want to show her if she gets a chance. Tina says why should we give her a chance? Bigg Boss says Archana I’ve made my decision. Pack your things, and leave. Abdu claps and says I love you Bigg Boss. Tina and everyone ask Shiv to come out. Archana cries. She says Bigg Boss you gave Shalin a chance. Shalin says because you were lying and I didn’t hurt actually. We knew your intention. Archana says one chance. Bigg Boss says we gave you once chance and saw what you did. The decision is made, pack your things and leave. All the best.

Shalin says let’s see if she regrets it. Tina says I am sure she doesn’t. Sajid says Shiv your points were correct. Archana cries in the washroom. She says no one is fair here. I didn’t do it intentionally. Gautam says she ruined it all. Soundarya says she never accepts her wrong. Bigg Boss gave her a chance. She has no mind. Priyanka says she didn’t even know how to talk to Shiv. Priyanka says she couldn’t even apologize with grace. Archana cries and says Bigg Boss give me one chance. You gave it to Shalin, Sajid, and Stan too. Gori too. She says Shiv, I beg you. Don’t shatter my parent’s dreams. People can appeal after the death sentence too. Nimrit says Bigg Boss has decided. She says I want to talk to Shiv. Shiv says it was Bigg BOss and my decision too. There are many people in the house too. If you’d id this outside, I would forgive you. I didn’t even react after you hit me. What if everyone starts doing this now? Tina says it’s decided. She says Nimrit get me once chance. She says Sajid sir please ask him. Sajid ignores him. Nimrit says we don’t need to engage with her. Abdu sings happy birthday to you. Bigg Boss says we have told you our decision. Pack your things and come out. Archana says I have never begged this much. I have made such a big mistake. Soundarya and Priyanka help her pack.

2:30 AM
Sajid says that the group’s mood is off. Nimrit says I would think the same if my friends did this. We have stood for people. Shalin says she has made no friends. Tina says she didn’t even save Priyanka. She is not honest with anyone. She’s a hypocrite and others are doing drama too. They will not miss it. Archana packs. She says bye to Stan. Sajid says I will come to your elections. She hugs Shiv, Stan, and Sumbul. She meets Shiv. Tina says we are not bad people Nimrit. We should have met her. Nimrit says I don’t want to see her again. Archana says bye to everyone. Priyanka and Soundarya hug her. She says to Priyanka win it. Archana leaves. Soundarya cries.

3 AM
Soundarya says she won’t leave Shiv. Ankit says people will drag her into interviews. Tian says I would always have fear sleeping here. She loses her mind. She has no control over her anger. Priyanka hugs Ankit. She says it was such a weird day. Everything went wrong.

Day 40
12 PM
Priyanka cries. She says she’s stupid. She made such a big mistake. Abdu says Priyanka is crying. They try to console her. Priyanka says she could speak back with Sajid too. Sajjid asks Ankit if someone throttled you would you not even fight back? Priyanka says he didn’t even fight back. Shalin says to Tina to wear a jacket. You are cold. She says give it to the one better than me. Give it to her. He says do you really think this is funny? She says take back your words.

Nimrit says to Abdu sorry I didn’t speak in front of you. Abdu says I understand. She says I can never hurt you. Abdu hugs her and says I know.

4 PM
Priyanka reads the task, They have to find cookies with exciting gifts like gold, air tickets and phones. They all find boxes and open them. Sumbul wins Paris tickets. Shalin wins gold. They laugh and dance. Shiv gets phone. Gori gets gifts too.

5:30 PM
Tina asks Soundarya what are you doing? She says I will. Tina saus you were being irritated. Soundarya says you target me from day one. She says go to hell. Soundarya says I asked you to cook because I wasn’t tell. Tina says she was putting makeup. Sajid says to Soundarya you always work. He says Tina she always cooks. Tina says then you cook. What’s her problem? Soundarya says I will cook mine now. Tina says my food wasn’t cooked either. Soundarya says she makes issues out of nothing.

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