Bigg Boss 15 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 15 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 15 9th October 2021

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says Shamita became the captain so see what happened in the house.

In the house:
Shamita decides on the duties. She says 4 people can take care of the kitchen. She says Tejasswi, Vidhi, Donal and Miesha can take care of it? Karan says that’s not a good combination. Donal doesn’t like these three. Donal says who said that? I am okay with them. Shamita says that’s done then. Shamita says Jay and Afsana can clean the living area. You all will clean the bed also. Afsana says they will clean the bed themselves. I will wake up when the alarm plays only. Everyone talks in English also. Umar says why do you keep talking about that? Shamita says I can punish people for breaking the rules but I won’t. Afsana says everyone will talk in hindi otherwise I will break the rules. Pratik says I am with Afsana. Nishant laughs. Shamita tries to talk to Afsana but she says you have allowed everyone to break the rules. Vishal gets angry and says how dare you to say we want to break the rules? He screams at Afsana to not break the rules. Afsana asks him to get lost. Vishal says you talk in Punjabi also, it’s not allowed too. All laugh at their fight. Afsana says I chose Shamita because of my team otherwise I would have chosen Nishant. I don’t irritate anyone. Afsana says Shamita told me to ask her, I get irritated with this. I wanted Nishant to be the captain but no one listened to me. I just asked you to talk in a calm manner, you people shouldn’t talk in English. Shamita comes to her and asks what is it? Afsana says they are not scared to break the rule now, you are not even acting like a captain. Shamita says do you know the rules? Afsana says I don’t want to talk. Shamita says what’s your problem? Did you want Nishant as a captain? Nishant says why are you stopping her? You don’t like it if she wanted to choose me? Shamita asks Afsana what’s your problem with me? Afsana says you are not asking anyone to follow the rule but I can’t sleep in? Bigg Boss can wake me up but who are you to punish me? Shamita says Bigg Boss won’t play a separate song for you to wake up. Nishant asks Shamita to not control her. Shamita goes away. Vishal hugs Shamita to console her. Afsana says I can’t be in the clutches of everyone. You all want power. Umar says don’t talk about power. Afsana says everyone wants footage from me. You are good for nothing Umar. You can just be a doctor. Umar says you just sing songs while I was serving people in the pandemic. Karan asks Umar to let her be. Nishant asks Afsana to calm down. Just relax.

Afsana comes to Vishal and hugs him, she says I am sorry. Vishal says you are crazy. Afsana comes to Shamita and hugs her, she says I am sorry. Shamita ignores her and says no. Nishant taunts best friends for life. Afsana kisses Shamita’s cheek and says sorry. Nishant laughs at her. Shamita says she is weird.

Ishaan holds Miesha’s hand and says I am very impressed by you, it’s just been 8 days since we met. Miesha says no, this looks too planned. Ishaan says I think we have a deep connection, I just feel I really really like you. Miesha says we should take it slow. Ishaan says I want to be with you. Miesha kisses his nose. He kisses her cheek.
Jay tells Umar their love story is moving quickly.

On the Stage:
Salman says all inmates are ready for the weekend ka vaar. Let’s celebrate Navratri with them. He connects the video call to the house. All inmates cheer up seeing him. Salman wishes them Navratri. He asks what have you all prepared? Shamita says we have planned a performance. The inmates start dancing. The girls start the performance first on udhni udhe re.. Shamita and Tejasswi lead the dance performance. Salman dances on the stage. The inmates play dandiya on dhol baaje. Salman claps for them.

Salman talks to the inmates and says you have set a new record in the history of Bigg Boss. 13 people are nominated in the first week only. That’s called unity. All laugh. Salman says you all are looking pretty. He says Karan has the best hair.. he talked about growing hair in his nose also. All laugh. Salman tells Vishal that you keep talking to the camera about the house. I am requesting Tejasswi to highlight the first week. Tejasswi says a lot of fights happened, the jungle inmates tried to protect their border. A mirror was broken, a kitchen drama is going on, everyone is trying to keep the grocery going. We try to request Bigg Boss. Salman says he is your baby? Tejasswi says I like him. Salman says you have confused us. He asks Vishal. Vishal says a lot of incidents happened in the house, 3 people vs. 13 people. They were breaking mirrors but still, we were trying to protect them, they stole our map. Salman says you both talk to the camera, you think we show it to the audience? Vishal says I don’t think so. Salman says it’s boring but keeps doing it as sometimes people like it. Tejasswi says we are so entertaining that we should do some boring acts. Salman says people are liking it. Salman asks Afsana to sing a song for this house. Afsana sings a Punjabi song.

Salman says you people didn’t even take a break for the first week. You have given too much content the first week only. He talks to Shamita in the Marathi language. Salman teases Shamita with Raqesh’s name. Salman says I will show this week’s highlights to the audience now. He ends the call.

On the Stage:
Salman says the headline of the week was the stealing of the map. The clip shows how Pratik hid the map. The fight between Pratik and others is shown. The clip ends.

Salman connects the call to the house. He says I know Jay and Vishal have a lot of questions but I want to talk to Karan first. Karan was heard saying that it was all joke before Pratik entered the jungle side. Karan says we were trying to find the map, we blocked the jungle side and it was all fun but then it all became serious. Salman says you know Pratik? Karan says I know him for 3 years. Salman says you have been a mentor to Pratik, we heard you saying that this is Pratik’s style. Karan says Pratik has a way of dealing with things, he riles up people by irritating them. It was all his style but then he started breaking things. Salman says does he do unnecessary poking? Karan says yes, he did that. Salman says if Pratik intentionally didn’t come on the jungle side then would this incident flare-up that much? They all say no. Vishal says they won the game but still they were fighting with us. We were fooled when they took away the map. We were embarrassed but then why did Pratik get angry at us? He could have been laughing at us as he had the map but he was still showing aggression. It’s his strategy to keep showing aggression to be seen by the cameras. Salman asks Tejasswi if Pratik didn’t poke then would everyone fight like that? Tejasswi says I don’t understand why he wanted to come on this side. I saw Shamita and Nishant asking him why he was doing all that? I don’t understand why Nishant and Shamita were very protective of him. It was boring inside the house while we were having fun on this side. We got nominated but still, we were having fun. Salman says we heard Shamita and Nishant saying that Pratik is itching to pick fights. Shamita says I don’t understand why Pratik wanted to go on their side. It looked like he wanted to fight with others. Pratik was getting hurt because of his aggression. I don’t understand what he was trying to do. Only Pratik can understand why he does all that. Salman says is Pratik feeling alone? He thinks he is ruling the house alone? Shamita says Pratik felt a lot of negative energy coming from the other side since the start. Salman asks Pratik what has he done in his career? Pratik says I have done reality shows, done webseries. Salman asks Pratik if he has ever broken the set? He says never. Salman says if someone curses at him then he breaks things around? Pratik says no. Salman says you think you will be seen if you break things around? You can’t cross the limit. Stay within limits in this house. Pratik nods.
Salman asks Nishant that Jay said you are a bigger celebrity than Pratik. Salman asks Jay what he has to say about Pratik? Jay says I was ignoring Pratik when he was poking me but when I was talking to Nishant, Pratik started shouting at me again. I just wanted the map back from Nishant but Pratik grabbed it by my collar, I was insulted for no reason. I will break his face if he grabs my collar again. Salman says you will do what Pratik is doing? Salman asks Nishant. Nishant says I was talking to Jay but Pratik started fighting with Jay. Salman asks him if he reacted wrongly? Nishant says yes, I tried to convince him but he didn’t listen. Salman says you could have told Pratik that he is wrong, you didn’t stop him and things went out of hand. Nishant says he doesn’t listen after a point. Salman tells Jay that you have done a lot of work, they like you but if you use this kind of language then they won’t like it. Just be mindful of your words. I know you in real life and I know you are not like this. Jay says nobody has riled me up like this before. Salman says you did handle it well by not being physical. Salman asks Karan why did he say he can break the whole set and pay for it? He tells Karan and Jay that you both have done a lot of work in your career so don’t waste it for this kid. This Pratik will never grow and will go to another reality show. If he can say that he will break the washroom door for the game even if his mother or sister is inside. If he thinks like that for his mother and sister then it shows his reality. Salman says if it was my sister inside the washroom then you wouldn’t be standing Pratik. Vidhi cries hearing that. Salman asks Pratik if he wants to create this reputation for himself? You were winning but still did all this? Pratik looks down. Salman says we don’t mind you creating issues in the house but your fans will know your intention. If you think these are real issues then I feel sorry for you.
Salman tells Pratik that Miesha was changing, you were there and didn’t leave. Then Vidhi was showering and you tried to break the lock. Both the girls told you that they are not doubting your intentions. I want to clarify also that we are not questioning your intentions but you kept bringing those topics up. You kept saying that they are doing your character assassination. Miesha didn’t make an issue but she didn’t. Stop doing this Pratik as you are looking like a fool. How would your mother and sister react to you saying that you can do all this for the game? Pratik says I had a little time to break the lock, I swear I didn’t touch the door. Salman says but someone is inside the washroom already. Karan even asked Nishant and you knew someone was inside the washroom. We could hear the shower going on but you couldn’t hear it? I am telling you for your own good. Pratik nods. Salman says to use both your mind and heart. You have a sense so use it. Everyone was trying to tell you calmly but you were shouting and screaming. You felt like everyone was attacking so you took a wrong stand. Salman asks Nishant if he could not take decisions? Why did he give the power to take decisions to Pratik? Nishant says it’s not like that. Salman says you could have stopped Pratik when he was going wrong. I heard Nishant always takes the right stand, has fun and has strong opinions but this Nishant was different. You were trying to cover Pratik up the whole time. Nishant says Pratik is an individual player, I am adjusting to new things. Salman asks if Nishant is feeling the pressure of being in the biggest reality show? Nishant says yes, it’s not about the elimination. I can stop Pratik to a point but after that I can’t say anything to him. Salman says I heard you saying to others to not punish you for Pratik’s mistakes. You were telling this to the people who were nominated because of Pratik’s mistakes while you keep trying to protect Pratik. Why would they not punish you if you are taking his side all the time? Nishant says it’s just week one so I am trying to understand things. Salman says you all have understood but only one person. That is Simba. All laugh. Salman says he is that lion king small Simba. Salman asks Simba to not go crazy like Pratik but do something. He tells the jungle inmates that you all played nicely. But Pratik did all that, became negative to make you all look positive. Pratik sacrificed himself to make you all look like heroes. All laugh. Salman says this is the goodness of Pratik that he looked bad himself to make you all look great.

Salman says I will talk to 4 girls now. You girls talk a lot about guys then go and tell them. These girls are Donal, Vidhi and Myesha. They talk about guys all the time. Myesha talks the most about guys. She says no.. I speak to one guy only. Everyone laughs. Salman says solid connection. They talk about guys without taking names. The other three find out which guy is being talked about. They laugh. Salman says the audience doesn’t get it. Akasa says I have set Myesha with someone. Everyone laughs. Salman says that was quick. There are scenes towards the end. You haven’t even entered. Jay says I don’t know how it happened without Ishaan even talking. Akasa says Vidhi likes bad guys. Salman says who Pratik? Vidhi says never. Salman says what about Simba? Everyone laughs. Vidhi says meow.

Two gorillas come in dancing. Salman dances with them. Salman says who si this partner? She says I am Gorilla’s goriya. We will live together. We will get married on a tree. They make each other wear garlands. Salman says congrats. They touch his feet. She says sir give gifts too. She says who am I? She takes off her mask. It’s Rakhi. Salman says so this is Goriya. Rakhi comes back dressed. She says I get garden garden seeing you. Salman says you’re married right? She says but I like gorilla. He will be my third husband. Salman says congrats. Salman says I thought you won’t come this year. Rakhi says you know I get FOMO. I come running here. Rakhi says I see this show with both eyes. I have kept eye on them from both eyes as Julie. I watch it 24/7. I know who they are. I know what is inside each of them.

Rakhi shows them some moments. Simba said I am more of a lion. He was sleeping when everyone was dancing. Simba said my parents thought I was a lion and I will be King of the Jungle. He has been sleeping inside the house or eating when everyone was fighting. She laughs and says they used to call each other lions. Such a slow cheetah? I have never seen such a slow cheetah in my whole life. Salman laughs. Rakkhi says I am sorry to lions. Rakhi says this lion does meow more than roaring. She says this season is a jungle and there is a biscuit boy in the jungle. There are 4 guys with abs. She shows Ishaan, Simba, Vishal and Jay. Salman says your entire focus was on girls. What about the girls?

Rakhi says there is a female monkey too. She’s Afsana. She shows her moments when Shamita said there’s a ghost with you. And when she fought with Vihsal. Rakhi says she has a hint of Rakhi. Salman says any more videos? She shows videos of Ishaan and Myesha. Salman says this was BB’s history’s fastest romance. Rakhi says what a quick love.

Salman goes back in the house and says you all said you will have fun but fights too in the house. So time for some fun. A special guest is coming to help you with fun. Her name is Julie. rakhi comes. Everyone claps. Rakhi sings in Afsana’s voice. Rakhi says Afsans the tip for you is that come with your own personality and take out Rakhi’s ghost. She says Afsana will sing that nashaa song for me. Afsana sings the song. Rakhi says to sahil and Simba they are lion and Cheetah but they have become turtles. My power bank has more energy than them. Wake up. Simba says slow and steady wins the race. Rakhi says that doesn’t work here. It starts from day 1. Salman says she has got a point. We saw a video. Rakhi says they sleep and eat.

Rakhi says this Tejaswi.. I will see you. Tejaswi says bring it on. She says how dare you have an eye on my husband. Tejaswi says he’s my baby. Rakhi says he’s mine. I have his sindur in my hairline. You don’t know it’s worth. She says Karan you look so good. He says you look pretty. Salman says you two would make a good couple. Rakhi says he’s my s*xy wild lover boy. Karan laughs. Salman says his tongue is out. Salman says what’s the tip for her? Rakhi says you stole my heart, win and we will have lots of fun.

Rakhi says to shamita you look so hot. Shamita says thank you. Rakhi says Raqesh has sent you a puppy. He came to my dream. He sent a lot of messages for you. Got it? Shamita laughs. Rakhi says someone else will fulfill his absence, Kaaran Kundra. Everyone laughs. Rakhi says now tip for my biscuit boys. Ishaan, Simba, Umar and Pratik.. She says why are you not talking to me Pratik? how are you? He says very well. She says you’re a rockstar. Rakhi sings for Umar. Rakhi says one tip for bigg boss. He says Bigg boss you’re my hubby. Take away boy’s clothes. They look good without it. She says I eat biscuits in breakfast. Shirts don’t look good on you. Everyone laughs. Rakhi says you’ve to heat it up.

They take off their shirts and dance. Salman says thank you for coming Rakhi. Rakhi says I am grateful. All the best everyone. She leaves.

Salman says so after fun it’s time for Dangal. Two of you will have to go to dangal. Vidhi and Donal. Change and come to Dangal zone. Tell why you are better than the other. Donal says I am better than her because I am mentally stable and physically stable. I don’t get too emotional and I get along with everyone. Donal says I think with my heart. For me what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. Donal stay in her life. Her problems are in her mind. She thinks everyone is her villain. She doesn’t get everyone is playing individually. Donal says the world can see that I am here. I don’t try to grab footage. Vidhi says she tries to be seen but she can’t be. She’s living in her own world. Everyone claps. Salman says now you all tell who won? Donal? Nishant and Pratik, Shamita raise hands. Everyone else raises hands for Vidhi. salman says Vidhi wins this round. Visahal you raised hands for both? Tell one. He says Vidhi. Salman says Vidhi wins.

Round 2 starts. Salman says physical battle now. You have to get the other person on the ground. They come in the battlefield. Vidhi defeats Donal. The second time they fight with each other. Vidhi falls. Salman says now whoever falls the other will win. They fight with each other. Donal falls. Salman says Vidhi wins. Congrats Vidhi. You become the first Jangal mein dangal winner. Donal will make her wear the medal. Donal gives her the medal. Donal says the second one I only touched the ground. Salman says you fell. You both played well. Vidhi says I am tired of you. Donal says talk sensibly. Vidhi says are we done? Donal says I am here to act. Vidhi says show your real personality don’t act here. Donal says I don’t have to do this all the time. I am here to work and in life. I am a true doctor. Salman says no one has a doubt. Go inside.

Salman says time for nominations now. Get ready to know who is leaving the house. For the very first week. The one who got the least votes is.. I will tell you tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

Inside the house..
Nishant says to Pratik don’t worry everything will be fine. There’s time. Pratik gets upset. salman consoles him. Pratik gets teary. He says it was a lesson. Use it for your betterment. We all make mistakes. Don’t feel low.

Vihaal says to Donal you have to be more present. I see what my motive is. If I make mistake I say sorry. Just say that you’re trying to be part of the family. It will make you a bigger person. She says I get it. He says you don’t need to argue.

Karan says to Donal on day 1 I said if the majority of the people are voting against you, accept that. Don’t try to fight that. That I am this or that.. Just listen. We go to therapy. It doesn’t work until we accept. It’s okay to have a problem. You don’t always have to say I am actor. We have to go out of this house too. Nishant and Tejaswi says our love will stay if this camera or doesn’t. Whether food comes or not.. our love will stay.

Simba says to Donal we both have a problem that we are too calm and composed. She says don’t I participate? He says you do. She says would you say it? Simba says I would and I said to Shamita. Donal says how much should I try? She cries. Nishant says Bigg Boss there are many enemies of our love. Simba says I don’t relate to anyone here either. Don’t stay alone. Just be out there. No more tears okay. Make others cry. Fight and I am with you.

Donal comes out and says guys I wanna say sorry to everyone. If I have hurt anyone of you. She cries. If I haven’t tried to talk.., from today it will be a new day. Tejaswai and Nisant hug her. They say we love you. Vidhi says it’s done. They take her to the table and say let’s eat.

Pratik and Jai hug too and sort it out. Jay says it’s fine. We are brothers. All good. Pratik says all good.

Salman ends the episode. He says we will know tomorrow who is eliminated. A lot of fun is waiting for you tomorrow.

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