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Bigg Boss 15 7th December 2021

Day 66
7 PM
Pratik and Karan challenge each other. Pratik tells Rashami that Karan has been violent in the house. Karan says I have been real, I did what I thought was right but I apologized for my mistakes. I was never dishonest with anyone. Pratik says I have made mistakes but I never repeated them, he keeps repeating his mistakes. Karan says yes I did mistakes but I don’t give up on my promises. Pratik says I have a good friendship with Nishant but Karan is losing his individuality because of Tejasswi. Karan says I have already improved. Pratik says he has been aggressive. Rashami says but you don’t calm down, you also provoke him. Pratik says I never got violent with him. The round ends. Rashami says you both have been violent, when Pratik gets angry then Karan doesn’t lose his patience. Pratik says you think I am violent like him? Rashami says if you don’t want to let me talk then I will leave, how do you know I want Karan to be the winner? I was talking but you keep cutting me off. You keep saying that you don’t need immunity and VIPs. Pratik says I don’t need favors. Rashami says Pratik is strong but Karan is sensible, he is responsible and plays well in the tasks. she makes Karan the winner. I heard Pratik saying he doesn’t need immunity. Pratik says I never said that. Rashami says Pratik doesn’t let anyone talk. Pratik says I don’t need anyone’s favor. Rashami eliminates Pratik from the task.

Ritesh tells Rakhi that Rashami would choose Karan because she is making alliances. He tells Rakhi to make Karan the winner as it will be good for your game. Rakhi says no.

Pratik says I don’t care if Karan becomes the winner but Rashami was wrong. Devo tells Rakhi that Rashami keeps favoring Karan. Rakhi says she flipped. Devo says she wants to go against us only. Devo leaves.

Rashami tells Pratik that you didn’t even let me talk, Pratik says you think violence is not a big issue? Rashami says you were violent too.

Rashami tells Devo that I feel Karan is real, I did what I thought was right.

7:30 PM
Karan tells Devo that I have worked on my mistakes also. The gong plays and Karan challenges Rajiv. Rakhi is the VIP.

Karan tells Rakhi that I have done mistakes but I won’t repeat them. Rajiv says I have given everything to the show. I bring entertainment to the show but he is just aggressive. Karan says I have made relationships, I have entertained people also. Rajiv says I have good relations with everyone, I am passionate about the tasks also. Karan says this immunity is important to me, I don’t make shaky relationships like him. Rajiv says I take a stand for the right things. He never spoke when I was bullied. He was wrong. Karan says he keeps saying that I was unfair, I never blamed new VIPs and never called them unfair. The round ends. Rakhi says this show is about entertaining the audience so I want to save Rajiv and nominate Karan.

8 PM
Rakhi tells Rashami that I know who the audience likes. Ritesh says I should have gone 2 times. Rakhi says you are just a contestant to me so don’t tell me what to do. Rajiv is an entertainer so the audience likes him. Rajiv tries to talk to her but she says I don’t want to talk. Rakhi says Rajiv kept blaming Pratik for buttering us.

Tejasswi tells Rashami that why didn’t you come in my round? Rashami says I didn’t understand Pratik-Karan’s equation so I wanted to hear them.

Karan tells Umar that Rashami should have gone in the last. Umar says Rashami doesn’t play with the mind.

The gong plays and the last round starts with Nishant and Rajiv. Rakhi is the VIP. Nishant says Rajiv keeps showing as we attack him, he plays the victim card but I play smartly. Rajiv says he keeps talking about OTT only. He cheated all his friends, he never shows emotions. Nishant says I have played sincerely. Rajiv says Nishant keeps interfering in Pratik’s matters. Nishant says I never hurt anyone emotionally. Rajiv says you did it with Jay and Shamita. The round ends. Rakhi says Nishant is a good person but you go to sleep, you are not entertaining all the time and Rajiv is entertaining more. She saves Rajiv and nominates Nishant.

Ritesh tells Abhijeet that Rashami keeps going against us. I know her game now.

8:45 PM
Bigg Boss says the task ended and Rajiv is the winner so he is safe from nominations. All other non-VIP members are nominated. Tejasswi congratulates Rajiv.

9 PM
Tejasswi tells Umar that Nishant will realize his mistake then Pratik surpasses him.
Nishant tells Karan that Rakhi said I am not entertaining like Rajiv.
Ritesh hugs Rakhi and says you played well. I would have played the game but she was fair. Shamita says that’s why people like Rakhi, she is fair.

10:15 PM
Ritesh tells Pratik that Rashami flipped on us and Devo is in on the plan. They made the plan to eliminate you. I am not asking you to judge them but just be careful of them.

10:30 PM
Karan reads the fun task in which the inmates will have to cook food. The game will be between Rajiv and Nishant. They will make the dish for VIPs but they will have to find the ingredients with blindfolds on. Rashami will help Nishant and Abhijeet will help Rajiv. They will prepare the dish and then VIPs will announce the winner. The winner can share his hamper with 3 inmates.

10:45 PM
The task starts. Nishant and Rajiv put blindfolds on. Rashami helps Nishant. Abhijeet helps Rajiv. They both start cooking. Rakhi says the chicken is scared of Rajiv. All laugh. They prepare their dishes for VIPs. Nishant says I made fish. Rajiv says I made a chicken dish. Rakhi eats it and says it’s delicious. Devo says Nishant won. Nishant chooses Shamita, Tejasswi and Rashami to share the hamper with him.

12:45 AM
Karan tells Abhijeet to do hosting. Abhijeet starts his fake hosting. All laugh. Abhijeet jokes about Shamita. Rakhi says you are friends with her? Abhijeet says I accepted her sorry. Shamita says you have hurt me also. Abhijeet says the same to you, sorry. Shamita says sorry makes you a bigger person. Abhijeet says let’s move on.

1:15 AM
Nishant asks Abhijeet if Rakhi took the decision alone? Abhijeet says yes, she didn’t listen to anyone.
Shamita tells Rajiv that I take Nishant-Pratik as friends. I am closer to Nishant but I have a soft corner for Pratik but he said so many bad things for me, he is selfish.

2:15 AM
Rakhi tells Ritesh that we did a mistake by giving too much freedom to Abhjeet, he called you rented husband. Ritesh says just keep a distance from him.

2:30 AM
Nishant tells Pratik that I feel nobody cares if I am here or not. Pratik says I care about you. Nishant says Shamita, Karan and you just care about yourself only. All others are fake here. Pratik says it’s not a family show. Nishant says I don’t need anything from anyone but they all seem fake and I can’t fake. Pratik says that’s how you are.

Day 67
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song. They all dance.

10:45 AM
Rakhi says Abhijeet said I brought a rented husband. Shamita says he keeps passing loose comments but Pratik will keep taking his side. He will explain what he meant. Pratik says I am not talking to you. Rajiv says she is right. Rakhi says I will confront him. Nishant tells Pratik that if Abhijeet called you Shamita his slipper then you shouldn’t have given explanations on Abhijeet’s behalf. Pratik says I said what I thought was right. Rajiv says you were wrong. Pratik asks him to do his work. Rajiv says I am cooking for you and you are talking like this. Shamita tells Pratik to stop misbehaving. They both argue.

Rakhi shouts at Abhijeet and asks him to get up from his bed. Abhijeet asks what happened? Rakhi throws away the chair and says you said I brought a rented husband, I did court marriage so how could you say? Abhijeet says don’t make an issue. Rakhi shouts that he is not a rented husband.
Shamita tells Pratik that don’t shout at others when you don’t know everything. You even protected him when Abhijeet said that the film industry is under his foot. Pratik goes and asks Abhijeet if he passed that statement? Abhijeet says no. I never said that. Pratik says why are you saying all these words? Abhijeet says I was joking. Rakhi throws away Abhijeet’s bags and says my husband is not rented. Pratik asks him to not cross the line. Shamita says Abhijeet keeps passing loose comments. Devo says we can’t ignore those comments all the time. Rashami asks Abhijeet to apologize to Rakhi. He says sorry to Ritesh and Rakhi. Rakhi says get lost. Ritesh says he is saying all these on national TV. Rakhi says I got married 4 times and didn’t even have a honeymoon, how can he call my husband rented? Rashami says I made him apologize. Abhijeet says they are throwing away my clothes and whatnot. Rakhi tells Ritesh to not sit with Abhijeet from now on. Ritesh laughs and says I won’t. Nishant brings a broom and asks Rakhi to beat him. Ritesh laughs as Rakhi beats him. All cheer for Rakhi.

11:30 AM
Karan tells the inmates that the washroom is smelling so bad. Rakhi says Abhiheet is throwing his trash on the floor. Nishant says the VIPs should take a stand. Ritesh says we can’t keep an eye on them. Karan says he is leaving trash on the floor only. Pratik comes to Abhijeet and asks him to not throw trash in the shower. Nishant tells the inmates that we don’t need to accuse anyone. Umar comes to Abhijeet and asks him to clean the toilet and put trash in the bin. Abhijeet says I know.

12 PM
Abhijeet tells Rajiv that you don’t need to charge at a man. Rajiv says they shouldn’t point at Abhijeet about hygiene in front of everyone. If there was an issue then they should have discussed it alone with Abhijeet. I felt bad for Abhijeet. Tejasswi has to make an issue of everything, she interferes in every matter. Abhijeet says she shouldn’t do that. The media was spitting on her. Rajiv says don’t say all that, Devo says just be mindful of your words.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we kept saying that only VIP members can win the show but today is the first step. He says for the first time in the show, we are giving away a ‘ticket to the finale’ in the 10th week of the show only. Bigg Boss says only VIPs are eligible to win the show so only VIPs can win the ticket. He asks Karan to read the task. All cheer for VIPs.

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