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Bigg Boss 15 5th October 2021

Day 3
3:45 PM
Akasa asks Jay what happened? Are you feeling down? He says nothing. He goes near the camera and says I didn’t want to give Tara’s (daughter) dress but then my members would be punished so I am giving it up. He puts Tara’s dress in the storage.

5:15 PM
Nishant tells Shamita that I will give you a situation. You are on an island and there are 3 biscuit boys (six-packs). Shamita says Raqesh please make biscuits and come inside. Nishant says Raqesh must be making tea and be Mr. India. Pratik teases Shamita. Shamita says please go to Akasa. Pratik says I have nothing with her.

5:30 PM
Jay tells Tejasswi that I wanted to hide my daughter’s dress but Afsana asked me in front of every one about her dress. Nobody knew about that dress but she opened her mouth. Tejasswi says she made sure we gave up everything. Jay says I can’t sleep without my daughter’s dress. Vishal says she is a foolish friend.

5:45 PM
Vishwa Sundari talks to jungle inmates. She says I know you people are in trouble but I am with you all. All boys cheer hearing her smile. Sundari says I have hidden a magical book in the pool, you will find a way to come out of this trouble when you find that book. 2 people will keep moving the wheel while another jungle inmate will remain in the pool. The book in the treasure book will be moving up till you keep moving the wheel. She says OTT inmates will be referees of the task.
Pratik, Nishant and Shamita read the instructions.

6 PM
Nishant tells the jungle inmates that the task has started. They all cheer. Sahil and Ishaan start moving the wheel while Vishal enters the pool.

Jay tells Afsana that you talked about my daughter’s dress so I had to give it up. Afsana says I thought you were angry with me.

Shamita asks Karan if he gets a choice what would he want? Karan says I want a proper meal like rice and pulse.

Afsana tells Jay that I didn’t eat food because I had a fight. Jay says no one would care if you are eating or not so just take care of your health yourself.

7 PM
The dong rings and jungle inmates can change positions. Umar starts moving the wheel. Akasa asks Nishant if she just has to stay in the pool or swim? Pratik says you have to jump in the pool completely. Akasa says I know you like singers but don’t fight with me. Pratik says she is taunting me.

7:45 PM
The dong plays and Vishal comes out of the pool. Akasa enters the pool while Afsana starts moving the wheel with Jay.

8 PM
Vidhi says Miesha is spending time with Simba. Tejasswi tells her to decide which one she is choosing. She asks Akasa if she likes Simba? Akasa says no. Akasa says guess who I like? Akasa says Miesha is playing a game with Simba. I can’t make a connection with a guy in 2 days. Vidhi says it can be an attraction. Akasa says I don’t do anything about attractions. The dong plays and Akasa’s time ends. Donal and Jay start moving the wheel.

Donal asks Tejasswi to talk to Afsana, she is making us feel bad by not eating. Tejasswi says I asked her but she is not eating. Donal tells Tejasswi if Afsana doesn’t want to eat then let her be. Tejasswi says she is eating everything but doesn’t touch what I am making. Miesha asks her to talk to her.

The dong rings and Akasa come out of the pool. All clap for Akasa. Tejasswi jumps in the pool. Karan says Akasa is a strong girl. Akasa says it was not cold. Tajasswi dances in the pool.

8:45 PM
Nishant jokes with Jay and says Pratik please save me, biscuit boys are beating me. Nishant says I am a flour boy while all others are biscuit boys (six-packs).
Tajasswi asks Afsana to go and eat something.

9:15 PM
The dong rings and Tejasswi’s time in the pool ends. They pull her out and the treasure box comes up. She takes out the box from it. It has a house pathway blueprint. Karan says it looks like a puzzle. Jay says they told me there are many ways in this house.

9:30 PM
Karan reads the instruction which says that they have to get puzzle pieces to make a pathway. They will need to gain it from the cave. Once the pathway is completed then they can enter the house. This blueprint will help them. They have to make a pathway from the glass door to the main door. Till this pathway is not completed, only jungle people will be nominated and the OTT inmates will remain safe. The OTT inmates will try to stop jungle inmates to not make the pathway. When the lion voice plays, the inmates will go into the cave to get puzzle pieces.

9:45 PM
Karan tells everyone that we have to find puzzle pieces to get in the house. Karan tells his team to not let them stop it.
Pratik takes the map and hides it. He tells Nishant that they can’t do anything now. Pratik hides it under the sofa.
Vishal tells everyone that they have stolen the map. Tejasswi says I will go inside to get it. Karan says we will attack them inside. All inmates enter the house. Umar asks for the map. Shamita says they can’t enter the house. Umar says but you can’t take the map. He tries to enter the bedroom. Nishant says you all can’t come inside the house. Donal says but we need the map. Nishant says this is against the rule. All members go to look for the map. Pratik goes into the washroom hiding from them. Pratik comes to the inmates and says wee don’t have anything. Shamita says you all will be punished. Afsana says we are already punished. Jay says we will destroy everything if we can’t find the map. Nishant says this is not justified, they wanted a reason to come inside. Pratik says you people are messing with everything. Jay tries to check on the bed but Pratik tries to stop him. Jay shouts at him to not push him. Pratik charges at him and says fight with me. Jay curses him. Pratik says I won’t spare you if you mess the bed. Jay asks him to get lost, you are a small baby, you can follow me Tommy. Pratik asks him to get lost. Jay says come Tommy, follow me. Simba looks around in the kitchen. Umar tells Nishant that you can’t hide the map. Nishant says you can’t mess with my personal items. Tejasswi says you people were looking in our personal items also. This is karma. Nishant says you can’t check my bag without my permission. Don’t tell me about Karma. Jay tells Nishant that Pratik is trying to act over-smart. I am his father. The new inmates find the map under the sofa. They all run to their side and cheer. Sahil has found it but it’s not the real map, it’s just the envelope. Nishant asks why are you not cheering now? Tejasswi says they must have hidden the paper in their pockets. Pratik tells Akasa that I didn’t hide it. Nishant says they are throwing my clothes. Tejasswi falls over him and laughs.

10 PM
Jay grabs Nishant. Nishant laughs and says they are not letting me live. He tears his shirt and cries they are tearing my clothes. They are not even letting me use the washroom. All laugh at him. Nishant hugs Shamita and says they are tearing my clothes.

Karan brings Nishant, Pratik and Shamita’s bags. Pratik tries to stop them but they don’t let him. Miesha blocks his path. Pratik says give my bag back. I didn’t hide any map. Donal says we won’t give the bags back till we get the map.

Nishant says I won’t let anyone sleep as they have torn my bed.

Ishaan says Pratik have taken my cigarettes, who is he? He takes their fruits. Pratik says you took our bags so we took your cigarettes. Ishaan says this is not your father’s rule. Pratik says don’t curse me. Nishant asks Ishaan to take all the fruits.

Shamita tells Tejasswi that you have taken my toiletries, my lingerie, it’s not right. Tejasswi says don’t make an issue of that.

Karan takes fruits and eats them. He gives it to Vidhi and Tejasswi.

10:15 PM
Shail tells Nishant, Pratik and Shamita that if we don’t find the map then we won’t give your items back. Pratik says take everything you want. Karan says we have eaten all fruits already.
Nishant asks Pratik to calm down. Pratik says if they open my luggage then I will jump around. I won’t spare anyone. Nishant says don’t get angry. Pratik whispers that I have kept the map in my bottle. Nishant says we have to split it into two halves.

10:30 PM
Afsana tells Nishant that everyone has come to play a game. All inmates block Pratik’s path so he can’t enter the jungle. Pratik laughs at them. Nishant says at least they are awake now. Afsana is in the house and gets blocked there too. Karan cheers for Afsana being on the other side. All new inmates are cheering. Pratik tries to unblock the path but he can’t. Nishant tries to stop Pratik. All boys have blocked Pratik by using their beds. Umar asks Pratik to show strength now. Pratik tries to remove the bed but Nishant takes him away. Nishant asks Pratik to calm down. Don’t give the footage to them. You can’t destroy Bigg Boss property, they are clueless so let them be. Afsana goes into the kitchen and eats whatever she wants. All cheer for Afsana. Afsana hugs Shamita and says I am with her now. She takes toast for the inmates. All inmates eat bread. Donal says I like this almond butter bread. They all eat it together. Afsana eats bread while all cheer for her. Afsana shares bread with Nishant. Afsana says if Bigg Boss scolds me then? Karan says we will all support you.

11:15 PM
Miesha is blocking Pratik’s path and says I can’t go away when he is here. Karan laughs. Pratik says why are you misbehaving with me? Miesha says you have made me cry two times. Pratik says you have been rude to me. Miesha says I make faces all the time. Pratik says you are intentionally pinching me in the heart. Miesha says don’t play emotional cards with me. You have hurt me also. Pratik says to leave it then.

11:30 PM
Umar tells Pratik you can’t hide it. Pratik says I did so go and look for it. Jay says we won’t let you come on this side. Pratik says it has to someday. Vishal says if we are wrong then Bigg Boss would stop me. I have nothing against you. Jay tells Nishant that you are a bigger celebrity than other (Pratik). Pratik says what is that? You have a cheap mentality. Jay asks him to get lost, fu*k off. Pratik says why are you saying I am not a bigger celebrity? Jay asks him to get lost. You are a *****. Karan takes Jay away and says don’t be instigated by him. Jay says he is grabbing my shirt. Pratik says you called me *****. Jay asks him to get lost. Pratik tries to remove the bed. Pratik tries to jump on the other side. Nishant says don’t do it, he will get hurt. Pratik jumps on the jungle side. Nishant says you people are hurting us by pulling the bed together. Shamita says this is madness, they are hurting Nishant and Pratik. Miesha asks Pratik to not do this. Sahil asks Pratik to give the map. Pratik says I won’t give it. Shamita asks everyone to end it. We want Pratik back. What is wrong with you all? Bigg Boss asks everyone to calm down and don’t damage the property. Shamita says this is bullsh*t. Ishaan and Umar shout at Pratik. Umar says you are a ***. Pratik says don’t curse me. Miesha pulls Pratik away and says why are you getting physical with others? Calm down. Pratik says there are 2 against 12 people. Shamita says they are all playing like goons and classless. Karan tells Pratik that you are becoming physical. Pratik says why can’t I come on this side? Karan shouts that you started fighting with us. Karan says if anyone calls me classless then I won’t spare anyone. He shouts at Pratik that you started being physical, we didn’t push you. Pratik says I wanted to come on this side so they started pushing me? Karan says we won’t let you come here. Karan tells Nishant that Shamita is calling us classless but look at Pratik jumping on this side. We were joking around but Pratik started pushing first. Vishal says Miesha was joking with Pratik but he started pushing first. He went mad and came on this side. Ishaan asks Pratik to go and cry in a corner. Pratik jumps at him and says what? Ishaan says what can you do? Miesha tries to calm Pratik down. Ishaan says don’t get physical, you are a mosquito for me. Karan takes Ishaan away and asks him to calm down. Karan says don’t get physical. Ishaan says he is pushing me. Karan says the cameras can see him. Pratik says you people are cursing and looking very nice. Jay says what do you want to eat? You are a small boy to me. You are irritating us, you were out of OTT. Pratik charges at him and says you are a cheap man. Jay says you called me ****, grab my shirt again and I won’t spare you. I will see outside the house. You are a *****. Pratik pushes him and says don’t curse my mother. Karan grabs Pratik and asks him to go away. Pratik shouts that he is cursing my mother. Pratik throws things around and says how dare him. Nishant tries to calm Pratik down. Karan is holding Pratik away from Jay. Karan asks Jay to end it please. Tejasswi and Donal tell Jay that he is going wrong. Pratik is angry and says I will break everything if he curses my mother. Pratik hits the glass and breaks it. He shouts how dare he curse my mother? Shamita asks him to calm down. Nishan hugs him.
Jay tells Tejasswi that he can’t grab my collar. I won’t spare him.
Pratik hits his head on the wall and says I won’t hear anyone cursing my mother. Nishant asks everyone to go away and let him breathe. Pratik sits in the smoke room to calm down.

12 AM
Vishal tells Jay that doesn’t throw anything away for that boy. Jay says I wouldn’t spare him if he was outside. Vishal says be intelligent, you are not outside with him. Don’t bark at him as then he is becoming respectful. Jay says he grabbed my collar and it made me angry. I won’t spare anyone if they touch me. Karan asks him to calm down. Jay says I was not saying anything to him but he grabbed my collar, he was poking me. Vishal says I am with you. Umar asks Jay to say sorry for his curse. Jay says I will say sorry if he says sorry for grabbing my collar.
Vishal comes to Shamita and Nishant that I am sorry for all this. I couldn’t enter the fight because I am wearing shorts and it might go down.

Donal tells Akasa that they are still not giving the map. Akasa says they are not bowing down.

12:30 AM
Simba tells Miesha to not cry because of Pratik. I will come in between you and Pratik if something goes wrong. Miesha says I will call you Simbesh with love. He says I am fine with that. Miesha tells Simba that Pratik wants to act like he is outnumbered and he is being targeted. It’s his strategy to play that card.

1 AM
Umar tells Nishant that you called me Nalla but I won’t spare you for that. Nishant says you have called me a lot of things too. Nishant tells Jay that Umar was pushing me and my hand was hurting but Umar started cursing me. I don’t go to the level of abusing people.
Shamita tells Vishal that Ishaan and Umar are very aggressive. I didn’t see Simba being aggressive.
Karan tells Nishant that we were having fun but Pratik wanted to show his manliness to 4-5 guys, these guys won’t let him do that. He is trying to show his machoness to other machos. If he thinks Pratik is a strong contestant than we are his fathers. Nishant says but you all are sensible people but you people had high energies. Karan says if Pratik pokes then 2-3 guys will be reciprocated all. Karan tells Nishant to tell that aunty Shamita to not talk about class again. Nishant says what happened today was an equal clash. Karan says I don’t think so. Pratik started it.

2 AM
Shamita tells Nishant that Pratik wanted to go on that side and fight so what he thought that they won’t react? Nishant says but they were instigating Pratik. Shamita says no, Pratik started going on their side so he started it. He can make the game interesting but what Pratik did was foolishness. I am fond of Pratik but I can’t keep protecting his mistakes. He should think about our game also. I can’t fight with everyone for him.

2 AM
Nishant tells Pratik that Shamita also thinks you purposely instigated others. This is one game so we can’t fight with them all. Nishant says we can give the map to them as we can’t move ahead in the game without alliance. Pratik says we can’t give the map now. Shamita says but you shouldn’t have gone on their side. Nishant says you made us look like fools. Pratik says if they make the path then you will go on that side and then we will be nominated. We are safe because we are here.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for the nominations. The property was damaged today. Pratik broke the glass which was wrong. So as his punishment, all jungle people are nominated because of his mistake. All look on.

2:15 AM
Vishal looks in the camera and says they fight on small topics. It’s about how you look at things. Some people are not scared of God watching and some people don’t say anything because they know God is watching.


Bigg Boss 15 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejasswi says Bigg Boss is my baby, Bigg Boss will confess his love to me. She talks to the camera and says my baby doesn’t listen to me. All laugh at her.Because of Pratik’s mistake, all jungle inmates get nominated. Jay says they didn’t punish Pratik at all. Vishal tells the camera that we were punished because of Pratik’s mistake but Pratik was not punished for raising his hand on Pratik? If this is how it is then don’t blame us for raising a hand too. I am not even sure they have guts to telecast it but the audience is watching.

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Telecast Date:5th October 2021
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