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Bigg Boss 15 5th January 2022

Day 94
9:15 PM
Rashami asks Karan if he sorted things with Tejasswi? Karan says when she gets angry then she doesn’t realize what she is saying and to whom. Rashami says just be careful, it’s the last week. Karan says she is calling me a coward, Pratik openly challenges me on the show and she is supporting him? Calling me a coward? I can’t do this, I can’t deal with it. It’s about the support, I would burn the world to take a stand for her. She doesn’t listen to anything against Nishant. If she is so obsessed with Pratik then what is she doing of me? Rashami says Pratik took care of me in the task so I said I am proud of him but Umar got angry, he is not wrong so I said sorry to him. He is affecting me so much. Karan says you are affecting him too. Rashami cries and says he blasts on me suddenly. Karan says he is like that, he is Umar. Rashami says he is very nice from the heart. Karan says I can take a guarantee of that.

10:15 PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that I love you a lot, more than yesterday. I am very unhappy today as you were not with me. I can’t stand it when you support others. I need someone to control me. Tejasswi says I said a single word to you but you insulted me so much today, I was crying but you didn’t care at all? Karan says I know your ego was hurt. Tejasswi says I was hurt and you are still shamelessly accepting it. Karan says you jump in the pool like I am hurting you and all that. Tejasswi says I am tired. Karan says you are against your boyfriend and supporting Pratik. Tejasswi cries and says have a heart, I am crying so leave me alone. Karan says I was hurt too. Tejasswi says just leave me alone. Karan pulls her closer and hugs her.

11:30 PM
Karan gives batteries to Shamita and leaves. Tejasswi comes to him and says you don’t care if I am crying but you are taking care of her? Karan says these things are not connected. Tejasswi says take your jacket back. He says sure. She throws water at him, he attacks her with water also. She laughs and says you are dead. Karan hugs her and laughs. Tejasswi says you are changing everyone’s batteries? He says yes. Tejasswi says you say you are possessive but you do that then? I will react so don’t get angry now.

Day 95
9 AM
Rakhi tells Umar that Rashami can’t even walk. Pratik says Devo is weak, he asks what to do about duties? Tejasswi says VIPs can work in the house. Umar says you were the same person who was not even ready to wash her dishes. Tejasswi says I said to help all the departments or don’t do any work then. Umar tells Karan that Tejasswi wants us to work in the house. Tejasswi says I didn’t say that. Rakhi says they are VIPs so they can’t work.

9:15 AM
Tejasswi asks Karan if he brought her tea cup? He says no, Umar made tea for me. Tejasswi says so he didn’t make tea for me and you are fine? Karan says stop fighting with him then.

9:30 AM
Devo is making tea, she makes for Tejasswi also. Karan asks what happened? Tejasswi says you don’t have the decency to even wait for me, it’s not Umar’s fault if he made the tea but you didn’t wait for me. Karan says he gave me tea but I should fight with him because he didn’t make tea for you.

10:15 AM
Rakhi tells Karan that if Tejasswi becomes a finalist then we can’t. Karan says my relationship aside, I can’t stop anyone from winning. I want my friends to be finalists. Rakhi says but just be fair. Karan says we were fair even yesterday. Rakhi says if Tejasswi is not a finalist then Karan might win.

10:30 AM
Karan gives the broom to Abhijeet and asks him to start cleaning. He says I will try. He starts cleaning the floor. Karan shows him how to use the broom and says do it fast. Abhijeet covers his face with scared, Karan laughs.

6:15 PM
Pratik tells Devo that I am ready to help people, I never said that you are helpless so I am helping you.
Karan jokes that Rakhi doesn’t flush after using the washroom. Rakhi says I flushed it, I don’t know who did it. Karan tells Tejasswi and Rashami that someone is not flushing the toilet. Rakhi says it must be Tejasswi. Shamita laughs and says these people. Shamita flushes the toilet and coughs.

6:45 PM
Abhijeet jokes with Pratik and asks him to make tea. Shamita says you can make your own tea. Pratik starts going to make tea for him. Abhijeet says he is my brother. Devo says he can’t be serious. Pratik starts making tea for Abhijeet and says it’s not a big deal.

7 PM
Rakhi tells Abhijeet that Devo doesn’t want Pratik to make tea for you. Abhijeet says I can give my life for her. Devo leaves from there angrily. Rakhi asks Abhijeet to wash the dishes which was Devo’s duty as she is not well. Devo goes and starts washing the dishes. She says Pratik was cursed by him, that man even cursed his parents but he is making tea for him? Pratik says don’t judge me, you talk to him when you want. I won’t give any explanation to you.

7:45 PM
Karan jokes with Shamita and Rakhi. Tejasswi laughs.

9:15 PM
Tejasswi is eating sweets and says I have to finish it before Rakhi is here. I have to ask Karan otherwise he will get angry. Pratik says they are childish in their relationship, it’s the honeymoon period. Tejasswi says that’s true. Tejasswi calls Karan and makes him eat sweets. He asks where did you get it from? Tejasswi says Shamita threw it away so I got it from the bin and warmed it. They all eat it. Nishant asks Karan to steal from the VIP room and give them something.

12:30 AM
Rashami hugs Umar and says you have been yelling at me for 2 days. Umar says I am going through pain so I want to be alone, we will talk tomorrow. I was about to get eliminated. He hears Devo crying in pain and goes to rub her leg. Rashami looks on.

Day 96
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song kambakht ishq. They all dance. Nishant and Tejasswi find a setup in the garden.

9:30 AM
Devo is lying in the bed and asks Rashami if there is anyone around? Rashami asks what she needs? She says I need an oil massage. Rashami says I will come to you. Devo says you must be in pain too. Rashami says it’s fine. She massages her foot, Devo cries in pain. Rashami sings that Bigg Boss brought us to this stage.

9:45 AM
Karan tells Tejasswi that Rakhi doesn’t want you to be a finalist. She wants to bring less strong inmates in the finale. He says Nishant thinks that you get irritated with Shamita’s name so he told that to Rakhi. Rakhi has started bringing up Shamita so we both fight with each other. Nishant has brought up Shamita’s topic in front of you. Tejasswi says I have seen that Shamita is next level possessive, I try to be mature but if it was her in my place then she would have gone crazy. You are also possessive, you got angry because I used to talk to Vishal but you want me to be fine if you are taking care of Shamita. You both are hypocrites. Karan says I just wanted to talk about the finale, I have to walk away. He leaves from there. Tejasswi says you always walk away when I talk to you. Rakhi says they keep fighting the whole day and then hug at night time. Karan says that is life. Rakhi says you should have selected Shamita instead of her.

10:15 AM
Abhijeet brings tea for Devo and asks her to drink it. Shamita asks if she is okay? Devo takes the teacup from him and drinks it.

Karan tells Umar that Rakhi is deliberately bringing my name up with Shamita, don’t be a part of it. He tells Rashami that Rakhi started a new angle. She is teasing me with Shamita’s name to make Tejasswi angry. Tejasswi says I am not hearing so you don’t have to whisper. Karan says this is exactly what I am talking about, you keep getting angry. Tejasswi says I don’t have anyone to talk to. Karan says stop taunting me, we are not against you. Karan tells Rashami that Rakhi is playing a game. Tejasswi says you don’t let me talk. Karan shouts at her to stop it. What is his negativity, you are not in your senses. Rashami tells Tejasswi why can’t he talk to me? Karan says why would I whisper things to her? Why are you taunting me all the time?

11:00 AM
Tejasswi asks Karan if he can let her talk for a minute? He says okay. Tejasswi says these makers can see that she (Shamita) doesn’t have an angle so they are making an angle with me but I won’t let them use me for any angle. I am very smart. I was just angry with you. Karan says mind blowing. I can’t hear all this.

11:15 AM
Karan asks Tejasswi to stop getting irritated with him. Tejasswi says I just want to talk. Karan says don’t talk bullshit. Tejasswi says you have made a group and you don’t involve me in anything. Karan says you changed your group. You chose Devo and went away. You have fought with Umar and Rashami. I know you will talk to Nishant now. He says I know everything, Nishant is going to confess. Tejasswi says what? He said that he had a crush on me from outside. Karan says you spend all your day with him, I don’t care if his heart breaks. Tejasswi says how do you know that? Your heart might break. Karan says there are a lot of people to mend my heart but he doesn’t have anyone. Tejasswi says I can change the game. Karan says I know your games. Tejasswi says I won’t walk out as you do always.

3 PM
Karan reads the task ‘house division’. Shamita, Nishant, Pratik, Devo, Abhijeet and Tejasswi will play the task. They will try to win over different parts of the house. The winner will get a special power. There will be a debate in which they will discuss and give a title to another inmate. The title will be linked to one part of the house. The inmates have to defend and accuse others with the titles. The judges will make a decision, VIPs will be the judges. The debate winner in each round will win the house part. At the end of the house, the inmate with the most house parts will win the task. It’s important to win the task at this stage as they are close to the finale.

3:15 PM
The first round of the debate starts, Bigg Boss says the first debate is about an unhygienic washroom and Devo has to defend herself. Devo accuses Tejasswi as she smokes there, she has the duty of cleaning the washroom but she is not cleaning it properly. Tejasswi says I disagree, I cleaned it properly. I don’t care if Rakhi is not flushing after using the toilet. I am very clean. Devo says I went to the washroom and there was trash there. You haven’t cleaned it properly. Tejasswi says you were breaking things in the washroom so you have no point. Devo says we are talking about hygiene. Nishant is brought as a witness. Nishant says Devo broke the bucket so we can’t take a shower which is related to personal hygiene. Devo says Tejasswi is not hygienic. She calls Pratik. He says Tejasswi doesn’t take a shower the whole day, she doesn’t brush her teeth. Karan says how is that related to the washroom hygiene? Pratik says it’s about personal hygiene also. Rakhi says she has to hug Karan at night time that’s why she takes a shower at night time. Tejasswi says that’s right. She calls Nishant as a witness and says she took the washroom duty herself so she is loyal to hygiene. Devo says Tejasswi took the duty because she wanted to go against Rashami. Tejasswi says I was ill but still did my duty. The buzzer plays and the round ends.

Rakhi says the accusations on Tejasswi are correct. She is not hygienic. Rashami says Tejasswi jumped in the washroom duty but she is doing it properly. If she doesn’t brush her teeth then it’s not linked to the washroom cleaning. Umar says she maintains her personal hygiene. Bigg Boss asks him to give a decision? Umar says Devo failed. Karan says me too. Rashami says Devo failed in accusing her. Rakhi says Devo was successful. Umar says 3 votes for Tejasswi and 1 vote for Devo. Bigg Boss says just tell us a decision. Rashami says Rakhi’s decision is not in line with us. Bigg Boss says the majority of judges are with Tejasswi so she won this round. Rakhi tells Karan that you can do what you want in the task. Karan says we are not being biased. Devo’s points were not strong, she could have called Abhijeet.

4 PM
Rakhi tells Devo that they will be biased towards Tejasswi only, they are her friends so they will support her at any cost.
Tejasswi tells Pratik that I brush my teeth every day. Pratik says you don’t brush for the whole day. Tejasswi says there are some off days.

Rakhi tells Devo that her friends won’t let her lose the task. Tejasswi says I played my task well. Rakhi says I have a right to talk. Tejasswi tells Devo that I had good points. Devo says you don’t shower or brush your teeth all the time. Rakhi says they are unfair in the task. Pratik tells Nishant to not choose Tejasswi against him as they will be biased towards her.

Abhijeet tells Umar that they will accuse me of the bedroom. Just show support to me. Umar says okay.

Tejasswi asks Rakhi if she really thinks they were biased towards to me? Rakhi says you leave your plates around all the time. Nishant asks Devo why did you challenge Tejasswi against you? Devo says I will not change my stance just because they are unfair in the task.

The next round starts, Bigg Boss says the next debate is about the indoor garden and the topic is stubbornness. Shamita will accuse someone. She challenges Abhijeet.

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