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Salman welcomes everyone. Salman says 13 contestants made it to the jungle and now we are contestants who you saw 24/7 hours live. Let’s welcome Bigg Boss OTT finalists. Shamita, Nishant, and Pratik come. Salman asks Shamita you have an eye on the trophy? She says I came really close. He says you should have fought independently. Shamita says what did you see? He says you were in love.. So was your sister outside Bigg Brother’s house. So did you. Shamita says not love. You can win this season. Shamita says yes. I would try my best. When I was in OTT people like me a lot. I was surprised to see all the response and support. I am just gonna be myself. The love I have gotten, I didn’t get it from even movies. Salman says when I did Bigg Boss the whole country knew me. All movies aside, Bigg Boss came it took it to another level. Shamita says yes.

Salman speaks to Nishant. He says runner-up? Nishant says yes sir. I am a bit scared. Salman asks how much did you run? Nishant says I tried 3-5 in OTT. I will jim jam here. Salman says have you thought so much? Nishant says it’s Jungle theme. But Sher Khan scares me. I am conscious. Let’s see what happens when we go inside.

Salman says Pratik.. Pratik says can I hug you and hold your hand? Salman hugs him. Pratik says honestly.. I am nervous beacuse I am not nervous. I was meant to be over here. My main motive in OTT was to be here so I can hug you and win this trophy from your hands. I can’t tell you how much have I wanted to be here. My heart is beating. Salman says water? Pratik says no sir. Salman says people who followed OTT, I am sorry. We will make it up here. They laugh. Shamita says we weren’t so bad. Salman says let’s recap their journey.

They show Nishant and Shamita’s spat how he called her proudy. Nishant said to Shamita I will say what I can. Shamita abused him. Nishant said you showed your face. This is how she disrespects people. Salman says Shamita.. What do you want forget this. He says nothing about this. I want to forget this. Salman says to repeat it? She says no it was a low moment. I have apologized to Nishant. I am not proud of it and don’t want to repeat it. Salman says now let’s see the friendship. They show Nishant and Pratik’s friendship. The song yaaro plays. Nishant said the real connection is me and Pratik. Salman says another friendship.. He shows Pratik always teasing Shamita. Shamita said he’s cute. They laugh. Salman says nice. The dynamic you have are confusing and complicated. Nishant and Pratik were close friends. Pratik says let’s see if we sustain it here. Salman says Nishant and Shamita aren’t friends. Pratik and Shamita are friends. What is all this? Everyone laughs. Salman says explain Nishant. Nishant says we met on OTT. Shamita and I didn’t get along. We had our differences. Towards the end we were normal about it. Pratik and I became friends on day 1. I never found him arrogant. Our journey maintained a friendship yet we played our game too. This is a huge responsibility. Whatever happened in OTT will stay there. I haven’t thought a lot. Salman says even I get overwhelmed seeing me. Scared. Nishant says I get scared seeing you. Salman says so do I in the mirror. Salman says it’s going to be a difficult journey for you guys.

Salman asks Nishant what mistakes did Shamita make in OTT? Salman says she tried to control a lot of things. She thought everything was about her. She never took the other perspective. She’s a strong player. If she becoems free spirit. She can be amazing but she gets biased towards her friends. Shamita says I was never biased. I have always been fair. I say what is right and wrong. He thought I don’t listen to others, but I never forced people to do anything. They do what they want to do. I would take one thing that I need to be a little open and make more friends. I would want to be friends with a lot more people than last time.

Salman says you will be going in the jungle. What animal do you see in each other. Nishant says Shamita is deer and Pratik is panther. Shamita says I see Tiger in Pratik and Nishant is a hyena. Everyone laughs. Pratik says Shamita is.. Salman says what animal do you see in yourself? Pratik says my mom said I am her little lion. So I am a lion. Salman says ready for the jungle? Salman says yes sir. Gorilla comes with cage and they go in. Salman says all contestants are in the house and they are talking to each other.

Raveer Singh comes. Salman says this man comes everywhere. Where did you go? You went to see Banjrangi bhaijan and you started dancing? Ranveer says it was Sultan. Sultan got released and I went on the stage. SAlman says once in my performance he was like can I come? Salman says his enthusiasm is a lot. The day this ethusiasm goes, you go. What are you doing here? Ranveer says I came to learn from you. I am also part of colors family. Salman says how? He says I am hosting the show The Big Picture. Salman asks who’s the producer? Ranveer says you. Ranveer says this is my first time. I am taking tips. Salman says who did you take tips from? He says Rohit, Karan. They asked me to be myself. So I thought I should learn from you. Theatres have opened as well. Ranveer says all contestants who come to my show can change their life by winning money. we ask them what’s your Big Picture? Salman says to be with family always and keep working. Ranveer says my big picture is to have a body, swag and farm house like you. Salman says if you give me yourself, I can make you and give you back.

Ranveer says let’s practice Big picture. Salman says I will be your contestant. Ranveer says the big picture is live. Let’s welcome Salman. He says we will project one picture here and you have to answer it with ABCD. We give contestants lifelines, but you are a hero you don’t need lifeline. Salman says Sanju and I have gotten most number of lifelines. Ranveer laughs. Ranveer shows a picture. Salman says Arbaz and I used to study and our dad took us to this movie’s premier. That was the first time we went on a premier of. This was the first film whose dialogues were sold out. The first two months, it didn’t work and then it worked for 5 months. It’s Sholay. Ranveer says what was the name of Gabbar’s father in Sholay? Ranveer gives him options. Salman says Hari Singh. It’s the correct answer. The next photo is from Banjrangi bhai jaan. Ranveer asks what’s the name of Banjrangi bhaijan’s gf? Salman says madam ji.. Ranveer says name? Ranveer gives the options. Salman says sorry Kareena. Everyone laughs. Salman says Rashika. It’s the correct answer. Ranveer says I learn a lot from you. Ranveer leaves.

Salman says let’s see what’s happening in the jungle. The Gorilla surrounds the contestants and gives a letter to Donal. It’s a letter. Donal and Ishaan read if you both wanna leave this jungle and want to go to Bigg Boss’ jungle you have to decide which one of you will be nominated in the first week. If you both can’t decide, you both will be nominated in week 1. Donal says I don’t want to be nominated. I was fair with you. You have to decide how fair do you want to be with me. He says you saved me against Umar. She says it was a tie. I saved you because I thought he hit you when he got a chance. You have to decide if you can be fair with me. He says I don’t mind that but this game is very important for me and my career. She says you’re so scared. He says I am not but it’s important. He says I will nominate myself. she says thank you. I will give it to you in return.

Donal and Ishaan enter the house. Everyone welcomes them. Donal says it’s Donal. Miesha introduces herself. Miesha says task is of sleeping. You can’t disturb anyone. Donal says we aren’t disturbing anyone. Miesha says if you disturb anyone, you get safe and they get nominated. Everyone laughs and says that was terrible. They all welcome Donal and Ishaan.

Bigg Boss asks all contestants to come outside and stand in line. Bigg Boss says we welcome you in the jungle. All contestants are here. Bigg Boss says how do you like it? They say amazing. Bigg Boss says you will all stay here. This show has been there for 15 years. Contestants like you wrote the history of this show. Only a few people can do this. They lived the life here so good that made this show successful. We hope we will see the same passion in you. You have to find the way to get into Bigg Boss’ house. Let’s see who makes it to the house and keeps romaing around in the jungle and goes back. Bigg Boss says let’s start this season 15. Time will tell if lion and tire have strength or will cat and parrot take over. Rest a bit because after that no one knows if you would get time to rest for 105 days.

Ishaan says it was fighting task. Ishaan says Donal had to decide if I will win or Umar. She chose me. Umar says you were biased. Donal says it was in my hand. You called me manipulative. He says you said I am not mature and he is. Donal says that’s not what I said. Afsana says I give gold to all my friends. Jay and Vishal say Afsana please become our best friend. Ishaan and Umar fight. Jay and Tejaswwi say why are they uselessly fighting. It’s already decided. Vishal says this was day 1. Everyone did their work and it was nice. We hope it remains that way.

Day 1
Everyone wakes up dancing to chahy koi mujhe jangli kahe.

12:15 PM
Vishal says to Jay are number 1 friends. Vishal says you can trust me. Jay says we will always sort issues. Vishal says Teju, Vidhi and Akasa can come with us. We can pull Afsana too. Jay says Kundra? He says I don’t know about Kundra, Shilpa or Ishaan. Vishal says Umar will come on our side.

1:30 PM
Jay says OTT will come late. Vishal says no they will come together. Vishal says it was a rumour that you were his gf? Miesha says we were good friends. She says there was nothing like it. We were good friends. Audience started shipping us together. They all make fun of her. They say Afsana you postponed your wedding? She says I can do it here. Jau says now you want colors to do your wedding too. Afsana says colors will do my wedding. She says what duties will you all do?

Tejaswei says are you nominated? Ishaan says I am nominated. Gorilla comes in. Jay reads this jungle has a lot of stories. Scary nights or some days you find pretty faries.

3:15 PM
Everyone asks Miesha when is he coming? She says I don’t know. Vishal says time will stop. Air will flow slowly. Everyone laughs.

3:30 PM
Tejaswwi and Simba dance on a song. Tejaswwi says he said time will tell if I am right or haha.. Karan says keep her as Sundri Bigg Boss.

5:30 PM
Afsana says to Karan the cameras are looking at you. She goes in the camera. Karan says where are you going? Well done. She puts a leaf above the camera. Afsana says this is my Saaj. Karan says she will kiss it every time she misses him. She says baby I am fine. Karan is my brother. He’s with me and we are enjoying. Don’t worry about anything. I love you and miss you. Lots of loev to my baby. Karan laughs.

7:15 PM
Everyone tastes the food and say it’s spicy. Akasa says let’s keep it on cooking. Afsana says it’s fine. Afsana says I added it and then Teju added more spices.

7:30 PM
Afsana says it wasn’t my fault. Karan says no one is saying anything to you. Afsana says but they keep analyzing it. No one does this drama at home.

9:30 PM
Everyone sits outside. Moni Roy peforms on Raat ka nasha abhi. She comes in. Everyone says hi guys. She says thank you. It looks so different this year. They all say it’s so exciting. She says Afsana love your voice, it’s magical. Let’s play this game of first impression. Tell me who are three people you didn’t like. Let’s start with Sahil. Sahil says I don’t know Umar that well. Vidhi I don’t know her well either or Vishaal. xx says Ishaan, Vidhi, and Donal. Afsana says Tejaswwi, Vidhi and Akasa. I don’t get that well along with girls. I like Miesha. We got along the first day. Karan says I have interacted with everyone. The least I know is Ishaan, he’s shy. Then Donal, didn’t interact with her much. Moni says less interaction isn’t the question. He says when you do effort to interact it makes you like. And Simba and I. We are going on the right track. He’s very strong. Simba says I feel bad. Karan says I cancel. Vidhi says Simba, Ishaan and Afsana didi. Tejaswwi says I was gonna say her name (Vidhi).. she took my survival kit. I didn’t like it. Ishaan, Afsana. I am confused about her. She reacts on things. Maybe I don’t get it well. Moni asks Afsana what did you say? She says I made pulao. Everyone was making points on it. I didn’t say anything to anyone. I didn’t eat either. It wasn’t my fault. Moni asks Tejaswwi are you okay with her answer? She says the rice were ruined but it was a mistake. Afsana says it was no one’s mistake. She says I am saying the same. Afsana says you should have cleared it then. Jay says no one cooks well here. Afsana tried and people didn’t appreciate it and instead made comments on it. Karan says a little appreciation would do it. Tejaswwi says I wasn’t even there. When I came out everyone said it’s burned. My mind was into the food that was wasted.

Donal says the first name is Miesha. I didn’t ineract with her much. The next name is Karan and Afsana and Jai. Moni says was it less effort from your side? She says I always welcome people with open arms but if someone doesn’t want to talk that’s not my problem. Jay says she thinks I didn’t try to interact with her. When she came here she was talking about Scotland. I was trying to make you laugh. When you were changing I started the conversation. I said she’s well dressed and she makes effort. Simba says why explain. Ishaan says first name is Umar. I don’t have any problem with him but our start was on wrong note. The next name is Miesha, I don’t know why she took my name. The third name is Karan. I tried to talk to him. Karan says you’re not thinking right. Don’t take revenge. Ishaan says that’s my opinion. Jai says the three names are Ishaan, he came nominated here. This was your dream to be here. I am not seeing a lot coming from you. Ishaan says everyone knows I am nominated. Jay says after nomination you need to open up. Ishaan says I have done enough effort. I did all the dishes. Jay says second name is Donal. The third name is Simba, he pauses after a while.

Umar says Donal. She was biased towards Ishaan, the next name is Sahil. Our vibe doesn’t match. The next name is Simba, he’s into himself a lot. He’s an introvert. Moni asks Simba why does everyone think you stay with yourself? He says I take my time. I don’t overreact or act. A lot of people seek attention here. I get along naturally. We might have a generation gap. He says Jai bhai sorry I was talking about you. Jay says how old are you? He says 25. Jay says I am 36. You will also be that. Umar says 30s is the new 20s. Jay says I had to take one name. Moni asks Simba who are your 3 least favorite? He says Karan, Vidhi and.. everyone says Jay? They say he didn’t take Jay’s name. Simba says Umar also had less communication. Akasa says Donal.. Donal says we interacted a lot. Akasa says our vibe doesn’t match much. Akasa says Afsana.. we didn’t get along that well but we might. Ishaan. We don’t have a personal connect. Vishal says these are my least favorite.. I don’t want to sugarcoat it. It’s Sahil, very boring. Donal, she only gets dressed. Afsana, she is a little self obsessed. This show is of everyone.

Moni says so the most least favorite people are Ishaan, Vidhi and Donal. There’s something in the store box. Bring it. Ishaan brings a key. Moni says this key is of the house where you’re not allowed to go. but I will live there. So Ishaan, Vidhi and Donal you will open the lock. Get cleaning stuff from there and clean the house. They run towards the house. Ishaan Vidhi and Donal go to clean.

11 PM
Karan says to Simba the thing you made fun of.. it’s his strength. I know what Jay is. We are both 36. Donal and Vidhi start cleaning. Ishaan says but there’s no dirt. Jay says I don’t wanna ruin my relation with you. Jay says I don’t care about Donal. Donal says to Vishal this is who I am. He says I am not asking you to change. I might change my opinion later. She sayys you said I get dressed. He says you only look pretty. She says I am an actor. He says you need to entertain. I am sorry if I used wrong words. She says that’s what I felt was wrong. He says I will be the first person to say sorry if I am wrong. Donal says fine.

11:15 PM
Donal says people are so nice on the face. Vidhi says maybe they’re taking time. She says you speak nice on face and then say something else. Jay and I don’t match the vibes. But Akasa and Afsana I am shocked about them. Vidhi says it’s your kundli. You don’t have singer friends. They laugh.

12:15 AM
Moni says well done cleaning team. No dirst on table. Bigg Boss says Moni, the responsibility given to you, you did it half only. Moni says you wanted me to bring 3 inmates. The OTT contestants come in. Moni welcomes Nishant, Shamita and Pratik. Bigg Boss thanks Moni. Moni leaves and wishes everyone well. She says to Shamita you’re fab.

Shamita hugs Karan. She asks how are you? Bigg Boss says we welcome Nishant, Shamita and Pratik. Like rest of you they are not jungle people, these 3 can live inside or outside the house and live wherever they want. Pratik says dare to come here. He laughs. Bigg Boss says they have a few special rights too. As long as they’re inside the house, one of them will be the captain. And they are safe in the nominations. Shamita says yayy. Bigg Boss says the most important part is that they are a danger for you. When there’s danger.. the moon is eclipsed. It starts ligtening. Bigg Boss says you will soon know what the new trouble is.

Nishant meets Jay and Karan. Pratik meets Miesha. Umar says I heard you got a problem.. The attitude is like I am the king of OTT. Pratik says talk behind my back after I leave. Umar asys you’re nervous. You’re shivering. Pratik says give me a blanket then. umar says you are a quitter. Pratik says do you have a sense? Are you scared of me already. Umar says your attitude is so weird. No one even knows you. Pratik says no one even knows you either. I can do whatever I want. Umar says go.. Pratik says touch me if you can. Pratik says who are you? Umar says acting like you won. Pratik says better than you still. Vishal says they all want them to hit each other and get out. They won’t hit either, just hooting. This is Bigg Boss fight. Afsana asks Pratik to calm down. Pratik says you have a problem with me? Umar says you didn’t even say hi hello? Pratik says my choice. Pratik says don’t abuse, live with respect. Umar says don’t show me attitude. Give it to someone else. Pratik says Afsana he’s being rude. Ishaan says to Umar he’s crazy. Didn’t you see his OTT? Umar says he said you’re the guy with a problem. Ishaan says who cares.

1:15 AM
Donal says to Ishaan if he can’t even talk to me what’s the problem. Ishaan says Jay didn’t even talk himself. Let’s face the fact that they have labelled us least favorite. I connect with you. Up your game. Don’t be silent. She says I need to see how everyone is. He says they all know each other. Donal says Jay is playing the game. The whole house knows him. Ishaan says exactly. These people.. no one can fight with me. Donal says let’s play the game them.

2:30 AM
Tejaswwi says did everyone eat? Umar says well done Tejaswwi. Jay says we will do kanyadaan. Tejaswwi says I will hide the shoe and take lotsof money. Pratik comes to Afsana. Jay sings do dil. Miesha asks everyone about the food. Jay says ask Pratik. He just came.. she says I asked. They laugh.

3:30 AM
Vishal says Bigg Boss house day 2. It was well couldn’t sleep much but everyone got along. Then a fairy came. It felt so good. There were some fights and some faces were shown. This was the learning.. Heart is good or better if one doesn’t have it.

3:45 AM
Miesha says to Umar this is Pratik’s game. Umar says your character should be versatile. He came to fight only. How long will people see it? He should have a soft side. Miesha says he has a softer side. He doesn’t get scared. Umar says I didn’t even know him. I heard you were with him. She says stop saying that. Umar says internet was the source.

4:15 AM
Pratik says to Miesha why are they teasing you? This isn’t okay. She says it’s just a time pass. She says tell them if you have an issue. Pratik says don’t you have an issue? She says some people read that were seeing each other. He says we weren’t. She says I clarified. Pratik says if you are okay say it or I will. Miesh says you say it. You did that on the slab too. Pratik says I just came now and it’s happening. I have a problem. Miesha says then tell them.

4:30 AM
Pratik says Miesha we weren’t talking before coming here. I was the one trying to talk to you. Miesha says your friendship was convenient. He says when did you contact me? She says when did you call and ask about my life? He says I called. She says you only called to tell about your life but never asked about mine. Pratik says don’t try to defend yourself. Miesha says I can use names. I am saying it clearly. Pratik says you never mentioned it to me outside. Miesha says yes I did. You become friends in front of everyone. Pratik says I don’t need to prove anyone. Miesha says the fake.. Pratik says don’t say fake. Let’s not talk if you’re gonna say that. I know how much have I tried. You don’t reply. Miesha says when you needed me I was always there. He says your friendship was convenient for you. Miesha says you’re too stubborn. He says then let’s finish it up. Miesha says now you’re saying I was never there. Miesh says I don’t wanna take names and count things. Pratik says I am asking how many times did you call and how many times did I.

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