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Bigg Boss 15 3rd December 2021

Day 62
3:30 PM
Tejasswi asks Rashami to make at least one winner. Shamita tells Abhijeet that we have been doing tasks sincerely but you people are double-faced. Rashami says you all are not showing passion to win. Shamita says we are not perfectionists. I won’t do the task now. Abhijeet says we are no judges here. Tejasswi says they don’t have a heart, Nishant says they are scared that they can’t do any task seriously. Devo says no one cares about immunity here. Nishant says you all are idiots. Devo says you can’t hear the truth. Nishant says your face is of stupid. Devo says don’t comment on my face.

4 PM
Karan tells Nishant that if they want us to fight then we can pretend to fight and make one winner from us.

The 2nd round starts. Abhijeet says Rakhi, Devo and Rashami can judge. Rashami says I am eating. Abhijeet says I will go then. Devo tells non-VIP members to give a good effort. Rajiv starts attacking Pratik. Pratik throws away his knife. Karan attacks Pratik also. Rakhi says keep going. Abhijeet tells Devo that no one is attacking Umar, they are favoring him. Rajiv and Pratik attack each other. Pratik pulls him back. Shamita asks Rajiv to not just attack Pratik. Rashami says don’t give advice if you are not doing the task. Rashami says Rajiv is doing well. Abhijeet tells Rakhi to not favor anyone. Karan pushes Nishant back. Nishant throws away his knife. Umar attacks Pratik’s knife. The round ends and they all stop.

Devo checks knives. Shamita taunts that this game is about fighting only. Devo tells Rakhi that they have done hard work this time. Shamita taunts we are not looking fake at all. Rakhi says Rajiv started the war. Devo says the girls there are losers. Tejasswi and Shamit didn’t do anything in the task. Abhijeet says I take Pratik and Nishant’s names. Rashami says listen to us, you don’t let us talk. She shouts at Abhijeet to hear others also. We have thoughts also, you are not the only VIP here. Abhijeet says don’t shout at me. Rashami tells Devo that I told you what I thought. Ritesh says to make a logical decision. Abhijeet says Rashami is favoring some people. Shamita says I won’t wash the dishes from now on. Rashami says Shamita is behaving immaturely right now. Shamita says my shoulder is hurt, darling.

4:45 PM
Devo tells her team that Rajiv played well in the task. Rakhi says Rajiv protected his knife and attacked others also. Abhijeet says they were favoring each other. No one was attacking Nishant or Umar. I think Pratik played fairly. Bigg Boss asks them to take a decision now.

Rajiv tells Shamita that if they are being unfair with me today then I will stop doing any work in the house.

The VIP members take a decision. Devo says Rajiv won the task as he protected his knife and attacked others also. Tejasswi says we all protected ours also, you want us to fight but then you call us violent? Devo says don’t be so arrogant.

Rajiv breaks a spider’s leg and the prize amount in it is 3 lacs. Rashami reads that he won the immunity, if he wants the prize money then he has to destroy his mother’s photo. Rajiv says I want to win the money for my team, my mom is in my heart. He cries and says I will do the sacrifice. Rashami says well-played. Tejasswi says they are forcing us to fight. Rajiv takes his mother’s photo and says I am doing this to make my mother proud. He puts his mother’s photo in the paint. Bigg Boss says non-VIP members won 3 lacs now.

Shamita tells Tejasswi that Debo spits venom.

5 PM
Rashami says tasks and duties are separate. Shamita doesn’t want to do duties now. Rakhi says she thinks she is Shamita Shetty so nothing can be done against her. Shamita comes to her and says I won’t do any duty and that’s my decision. Rakhi says you think Salman will save you because you are Shamita Shetty? Shamita says talk to my face, don’t talk to Rashami about me.

6:15 PM
The 3rd round starts. All non-VIP members start making their swords. Rakhi gives them clays. Umar attacks Pratik’s sword. Pratik attacks him as well. Umar grabs him. Nishant attacks Karan’s sword. Pratik attacks Tejasswi but she pushes him back. Shamita doesn’t participate in the game. Tejasswi tries to push Pratik back and says don’t do it. Pratik attacks Umar. Umar pushes him back and tears his shirt. Nishant attacks Tejasswi, she says don’t do it. Karan attacks Pratik with clay. They both start fighting. Rashami pulls Karan back and says don’t be physical. Pratik says he threw clay on me. Pratik says he goes crazy. Abhijeet shouts that I saw him hitting Pratik, I won’t let anyone get violent. Shamita shouts that you wanted them to fight, you people don’t do anything but just want to see the drama, you wanted this right? Devo says you are not doing anything so stop talking. Shamita asks her to shut up. Devo charges at her and asks her to get lost. Shamita says go away, where is your brain? Devo curses at her. Shamita says what else? You are not in your senses. You brain is filled with ****. Devo says you are just instigating others. They both argue in English. Shamita says what else do you want to say? The round ends and they all stop the task.

Rakhi says Nishant won in this round. Abhijeet says she is a b*t*h. Shamita asks what did you say? Abhijeet says I won’t lick bums. Shamita shouts at him to be careful about his words. Abhijeet says I didn’t call you a b*t*h. Devo says he has a language issue, don’t charge at him. Rashami tells Devo that Abhijeet is doing it deliberately. His language is bad. Devo says but Shamita is cursing at him. Shamita shouts at Abhijeet and says you are a ****. Nishant asks her to calm down. Devo shouts at Rajiv to stop defending Shamita. Tejasswi asks Shamita to calm down, don’t curse at him. Devo tells Rashami that classy Shamita said that I have **** in my brain. She charges at Shamita and says if you call me that again then I won’t spare you. Shamita charges at her and says I won’t spare her. Tejasswi hugs Shamita and asks her to calm down. Karan and Tejasswi pull Shamita back. Shamita gets a panic attack. Karan lifts her in his arms and takes her away. Devo shouts at her. Shamita is screaming. Tejasswi asks her to calm down. Shamita says I want to go in the confession room. Bigg Boss calls her in the confession room.

Devo shouts that who is she? She can’t say all that to me. Rashami says Shamita is wrong here. Devo says no one questions her. Rajiv shouts at Abhijeet to control his tongue with Shamita.

Rakhi says all played well. Nishant won this round.

7:15 PM
Nishant cuts the spider leg and the prize money is 5 lacs. Ritesh reads that if he wants to win the prize money then he has to look in the camera and say that he won’t dance for one year on national TV. Nishant says I can’t do this sacrifice as it’s my skill and my earning. He says I have to start my day with dance, I can’t sell my skill for money. Tejasswi says it’s okay. They all hug him.

7:30 PM
Rakhi tells Abhijeet that he should control his tongue. Abhijeet says I didn’t take anyone’s name. Shamita took it on herself because she is insecure of you all.

Shamita is in the confession room. A doctor checks her.

Pratik tells Nishant that we can’t ignore Karan getting violent.

Devo tells Rashami that Shamita keeps cursing in English so everyone ignores it.

7:45 PM
Rakhi tells Nishant that you are lucky he won immunity. He asks Pratik to eat but he says no I don’t want to. Nishant comes to Karan. Nishant says Karan kicked him. Karan says I didn’t kick him. Pratik sits in a corner and cries. Nishant tells Karan that we were all playing but you kicked him. Karan says I was protecting Tejasswi. Nishant says no one was hurting her. Pratik comes there and says you keep hitting me, I respect you but you keep going overboard. Karan says I didn’t hit you. Pratik shouts at him and says you keep hitting me. I am sure you kicked me. Karan says I am sitting here, do anything you can. They both charge at each other again. Karan says I am openly telling you that I didn’t hit you, I might have mistakenly kicked you but I was not deliberately doing it. Rashami says I don’t think Karan would kick him deliberately.

8 PM
Pratik shouts that Karan hit me and he did it deliberately. Tejasswi says should I talk about how you kept charging at the girls? You keep touching them. Rashami asks her to shut up. Nishant says they bring these topics up, don’t play if you don’t feel safe. Tejasswi says I am not talking about this task. Pratik says I swear I didn’t touch any girl inappropriately. Tejasswi says I know. Pratik goes into a corner and cries. Tejasswi says my point is that you all have touched each other in the tasks. Nishant says you are talking non-sense. Pratik says I swear I didn’t touch any girl deliberately in that way. Tejasswi says I believe you but you should believe that Karan didn’t kick you deliberately.

8:15 PM
Tejasswi asks Rashami why did you ask me to shut up? Rashami says you were accusing Pratik of something which was not that case. It felt like you were accusing her that he touches you in the wrong way. Tejasswi says I didn’t mean that, I meant if he can touch mistakenly then Karan could kick him mistakenly. Rashami says it was a wrong example.

9:15 PM
Shamita comes back. All hug her.

Nishant sits in a corner and cries heavily. Karan sits with him and says don’t cry. Nishant says what are you all doing? Karan says don’t cry. Nishant cries loudly and says what are you doing man. Karan says don’t cry. Nishant says I have worked hard and this is what I get. We are working so hard, what else do they want from us. They keep saying that we are doing nothing.

9:30 PM
Pratik asks the VIPs what they want to eat? Rashami asks him to go and get fresh first, then you can cook. Pratik leaves. Rakhi says I love this guy. Devo says I want to be in the top 2 with him. Rakhi says he is so hard working. I am a fan of this guy.

10 PM
Bigg Boss says Rajiv and Nishant won the task so they are safe from the nominations. Shamita, Karan, Tejasswi and Nishant are still nominated. They won 3 lacs from VIP members.

12:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that Shamita started shouting with Devo out of nowhere. Karan says she was retaliating. Tejasswi says she was not even performing but she started making an issue with Devo. She does something massive when she doesn’t participate in the tasks. Karan says it looked fake. Tejasswi says it was fake when she had a panic attack.
Shamita tells Rajiv that they have a problem if we are violent, they have a problem when we are not violent. I think Devo has something against me, she has a grudge with me. It’s not right. Rajiv says I agree.

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