Bigg Boss 15 30th December 2021 Written Episode Update


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Bigg Boss 15 30th December 2021

Day 89
7 PM
Abhijeet is sitting inside the box. Umar tells Rakhi that we can’t support him as he is new here, we have to distract him, we are playing our game. Rakhi says just don’t fight too much. Tejasswi asks Nishant if he will count for her from the outside? He says okay. Tejasswi says what will be the code word? He tells her a code word to give her a hint. Devo throws water inside the box and says he is doing nonsense inside. Rakhi says you are so cheap, this is your real face. Devo says you do cheap acts, I don’t do it. Rakhi says you are a cheap woman, you use people. You fall in love every single time. Rashami stops Rakhi and says don’t say all that. Tejasswi tells Umar that Rashami is counting for Abhijeet. Umar says I will talk to her. Umar asks Rashami why are you counting on Abhijeet? Rashami says I am not doing it, you have to trust me. I am doing for us. Tejasswi says don’t help him. Rashami says I won’t. Tejasswi says I saw giving hints to Rakhi for Abhijeet. Rashami says I won’t.

7:30 PM
Devo asks Abhijeet to come out of the box, I have sympathy for you. Nishant throws sand in his box and then throws water on him. Abhijeet says I am coming back to Bigg Boss. He comes out of the box and says I think it was 28 minutes.

7:45 PM
Umar tells Rashami that I saw you talking to Rakhi, your actions are irritating me. Why are you helping Abhijeet? Do you think they will eliminate Tejasswi because of counting? Rashami says I was counting for myself. I didn’t do anything wrong. Umar says why were you fighting with me in front of Karan and Tejasswi? You shouldn’t.
Tejasswi tells Devo what is Rakhi’s issue with you? Devo says I don’t know.

8 PM
Bigg Boss says the next one to sit in the box is Rashami.

Pratik tells Devo that if you have an issue with Abhijeet then don’t joke around with him. It’s confusing me.

Rashami sits in the box and starts counting. Pratik throws water at her. Nishant tries to distract her by talking near the box. Devo says I won’t do the task. Abhijeet says to do it now. Devo brings flour, Pratik says don’t waste food. Devo tries to distract her.

8:30 PM
Karan hides deodorants so they can’t use it. Nishant says people want to show their good sides by not doing these tasks but you all are fake as you have said all bad words which show your real side. Rashami comes out of the box and says my 28 minutes are done.

9 PM
Devo asks Abhijeet what to do? They are saying that I shouldn’t talk to you, I say so much to you even then you don’t feel bad? Abhijeet says because I know you have a good heart. He asks her to wash his clothes. Devo goes from there and cries. She says I haven’t met a guy like him. Abhijeet comes there and asks her to wash his clothes. Devo says what kind of a man are you? She cries and says you keep backstabbing me, I am going crazy here. Tejasswi comes there and asks why are you crying? Devo says I say so much to him but he keeps talking to me, he understands me. He always asks me to do his work. Tejasswi says don’t cry. Devo says Pratik is judging me for talking to Abhijeet and it matters to me.

9:15 PM
Bigg Boss says the next one to go in the box is Umar. Shamita says let’s use chilies smoke on him.

Umar sits in the box and starts counting. Rashami goes to the washroom and counts for Umar also. Nishant and Pratik start throwing water at Umar. Nishant brings trash and throws it in the box. Devo sprays inside the box, Pratik says don’t do it. Devo says don’t tell me what I can’t do. Pratik says talk to me with respect. Devo says let me do what I want to. Pratik says show some humanity. Rakhi says it’s about the task.
Nishant and Shamita comes to the washroom and try to bring Rashami out. Nishant puts luggage outside the washroom and says I won’t let you come out. Rashami comes out and tries to leave but Nishant stops her. Rashami comes there.

Umar comes out of the box and says my time is up.

10 PM
Umar thanks Pratik for being considerate in the task.

Karan tells Tejasswi to wear a scarf. Rashami comes there and gives her hints to count. She gives her something to hide.

10:15 PM
Bigg Boss says the last one to go is Tejasswi. She sits in the box and starts counting. Pratik throws water at her. Rakhi says Pratik keeps stopping others but keeps throwing water at them.
Nishant tells Umar that Pratik is doing everything he wants to but he is not allowing others to play. Nishant says I won’t go against Tejasswi as I am supporting her.
Devo throws trash in the box. Shamita gives her chilies smoke. Pratik says Devo is her best friend and keeps doing this. Devo says you can judge me as you want. Abhijeet tries to distract Tejasswi so Pratik says don’t do it. Nishant says you shouldn’t stop others if they are playing their task. Pratik says they are going overboard.

Tejasswi comes out of the box and says my time is done. Rashami says your time was off.

11 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we will tell about everyone’s timing in the box:
Karan: 34:02 minutes
Abhijeet: 1 hour 09 minutes
Rashami: 33:54 minutes
Umar: 34:45 minutes
Tejasswi: 25:57 minutes

Bigg Boss says the three people closest to 28 minutes are Tejasswi, Rashami and Karan. He says these three inmates are safe from the nominations. Bigg Boss says Pratik, Devo, Shamita and Nishant lost the chance to win the ticket to the finale yesterday so the winning inmates today will choose who they want to nominate in their place. He asks the winners.
Tejasswi: She says Pratik and Nishant are deserving. She says I don’t have an option so I am nominating Shamita in my place.
Rashami: She says I am nominating Devo as I don’t have a choice.
Karan: He nominates Pratik as it’s my personal choice.

Bigg Boss says the nominated inmates now are Abhijeet, Umar, Shamita, Devo and Pratik. Pratik leaves from there. Umar says this was a curve ball. Tejasswi says I was closest to the time. She hugs Nishant.

12 AM
Nishant tells Rakhi that we will become comedy characters tomorrow. Rakhi says we will mimic the inmates.

12:45 AM
Rashami tells Rakhi that Pratik was doing good before VIPs entered the show. Rakhi says Devo has sucked his brain. Rashami asks if Devo is in love with him? Rakhi says she talked about Abhijeet liking her but she likes Pratik. Umar says she might run away with both of them. Rakhi says she will leave them both and then run away with another one. Rakhi says Abhijeet is using her, he makes her do all his work.

Day 90
8 AM
The inmates wake up to a song. They all dance.

9 AM
Abhijeet sings a song, Rashami sings along with him. Rakhi makes fun of him. Devo laughs.

11 AM
Abhijeet tells Devo that you take care of me a lot of here. Devo says I would have taken care of anyone in your place. Abhijeet says you have some problems. Devo says the only thing good about you is your heart, do you ever get hurt? Abhijeet says you have mood swings but my mood never swings. Devo laughs.
Pratik tells Shamita that Devo is not talking to me, she is being weird.

1:15 PM
Rakhi does her make and becomes an insect. Rakhi tells Abhijeet that Devo is using you, she keeps cursing you because you can’t say anything to her. Then she washes your clothes to show how good she is. Rakhi says she is fooling everyone.

2:15 PM
Nishant does his makeup as an insect too. Rakhi and Nishant tease Karan. Nishant says he is making everyone happy to win the trophy. Rakhi says he made a girlfriend to win the show.

3:30 PM
Tejasswi reads the task for the women of the house. All women will do their facials then they will walk on a ramp as models. Karan, Nishant and Umar will judge them, they will ask them questions and then choose a winner.

3:45 PM
Tejasswi, Devo, Rashami, Rakhi and Shamita start doing their facials. Abhijeet sings a song with Devo, she sings along with him.

5:45 PM
Pratik calls Rashami on the ramp first. Rashami walks on the ramp in a gorgeous green saree. She dances to a song. Umar asks Rashami how can she eat so much? Rashami says people give me stress so I take care of myself. Pratik calls Rakhi on the stage. Rakhi dances to the song dekhta hai tu kiya. Nishant asks if she can win the show? Rakhi says I have been trying for years so I want to win this time. Pratik calls Shamita next. Shamita dances and walks on the ramp elegantly. Nishant asks if she has to look for a prince charming here then who would it be? Shamita says my heart is with Raqesh only. Karan says we can handle your bills so it’s fine. Shamita teases that I am low maintenance. Pratik says next is Devo. Devo dances to Bebo song. The guys drag Abhijeet on the stage. He dances with her. All laugh. Karan asks who brings a glow to her face? She says it’s Pratik. Pratik calls Tejasswi on the ramp next. Tejasswi wears a gorgeous red gown and dances to crazy kia re song. Umar asks if she sends food items to her house hiding in her clothes? Tejasswi laughs and says I don’t want to waste food here so I send them for poor kids that’s why I am bringing world peace here. All laugh.

Nishant, Umar and Karan announce the winner of the task and its Rakhi. She gets a gift hamper. Rakhi says thank you so much.

7 PM
Abhijeet tells Devo that my father was an alcoholic but he didn’t want his kids to turn up like him. My mother took her kids and went back to her parents’ house with us. My maternal grandparents have done a lot for me. He gets emotional. He says I don’t talk to my mother a lot. Devo consoles him and says don’t cry. She gives him tissues and wipes his tears. Abhijeet says my mother has done a lot for me, she prayed a lot for me. It was my mother’s prayer to share a stage with Salman. I can’t believe I am here. Devo says don’t cry.

11:15 PM
Rakhi asks Rashami why did you get a divorce? Rashami says I gave it to him, I can’t tell you. Rakhi says don’t you want to clarify? Rashami says I don’t want to drag him now, we have moved on in life. I don’t want to throw mud at him now. My problem is that I am not scared of anyone.

12:15 AM
Rashami sits alone by the pool and cries silently.

Rakhi tells Umar that Rashami keeps talking about my personal life, I asked her why did she get a divorce but she didn’t tell me. I shared every personal thing with her then why can’t she? Umar says she got emotional. I will talk to her. Umar leaves. Abhijeet says our lives are not personal.

Umar comes to Rashami and says it’s been a long time, just forget it. Rashami nods. She goes to her bed. Abhijeet asks Rashami what happened? Rakhi says she asked me many personal things so I asked her a personal question also. She got angry. Rashami ignores her and goes to sleep.

12:30 AM
Umar asks Rashami if Rakhi was trying to make you say something? You could have tackled her better. Why did you cry? Rashami says this issue always hurts me, I didn’t say anything to Rakhi. I forgot about it but she reminded me about it. I get scared with you also. Umar says I didn’t do anything wrong? I like you but we will see how it goes outside. Rashami says we will see outside, just calm down.

12:45 AM
Rashami tells Rakhi that you asked me so it hit me suddenly. I talked about your personal life as a friend. Rakhi says I have a bad past but you know it. Rashami says I just don’t want to be reminded of my past. You know everything about my past, you have seen my struggle so I don’t want to create any issue.

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