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Bigg Boss 15 27th December 2021

Day 86
12:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Nishant that I asked Karan yesterday what he thinks about Rashami? He said that she is provoking us and whatnot but when they ask him then he doesn’t bad-mouth her, he keeps buttering her up saying Rashami always gives him sane advice. He knows that these people talk behind my back but he wants to stay friends with them? He had an issue with my friends like Vishal, you and Devo when you people never bad-mouth Karan but his friends keep taunting me. He wants to stay friends with them for the game.

5:45 PM
Pratik tells Devo that I miss talking to Nishant, I want to spend time with him. Devo says then go and talk. Pratik says I can’t. He asks where is Shamita? I don’t want Nishant to sit alone, it’s awkward to talk to him.

7:45 PM
Karan asks Rashami what has she observed about Tejasswi? Rashami says she keeps questioning you so you get emotional. She is being herself but you are not. Karan says I never questioned our relationship but she does it all the time along with her friends. Rashami says it’s a personal choice to answer them back or not. You both are not wrong, you both look nice together. Karan says I know it’s my responsibility to take care of this relationship and keep getting blamed for everything on weekend episodes.

8:30 PM
Rakhi tells Karan that Tejasswi is a good girl so you should marry her. Karan says you got married after thinking a lot. Rakhi says I didn’t. She is a good girl so what’s there to think about? Karan says I didn’t know I would fall in love here, I am scared what will happen outside. Rakhi says just talk to your parents and marry her. She always takes care of you. Karan says I am good to her, I am always running behind, I protect my relationship with her.

12:45 AM
Rashami sees Rakhi trashing in her sleep and tries to put a blanket on her. Rakhi acts weirdly in her sleep. Umar says what’s wrong with her? She is expressive even in her dreams. He tries to wake her up but she is in a deep sleep. Rakhi wakes up startled and asks what happened? Umar says you were screaming, are you fine? Rakhi says someone was strangling me with a pillow in my dream. Were you people beating me because I am in a finale? Rashami laughs and says relax. Pratik asks her to walk a little bit.

1:45 AM
Tejasswi tells Karan that you would have a lot of girls outside so I would have a competition. Karan says it’s doesn’t matter. I like you so I will keep cuddling you. I have made you cuddly as well. You stay away from me these days. Tejasswi says don’t say all that. Karan says I have observed you since day one. I would think you have so much energy, you are pretty in a different day.

Day 87
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song kala chashma. They all dance. The garden is decorated with fake snow. Nishant says I want to get the ticket now.

10:15 AM
Rashami says I am okay with the washroom duty. Karan says I am doing it already. Rakhi asks Rashami to wash breakfast dishes then. She asks Pratik to do chopping. Rakhi asks Tejasswi to keep cooking breakfast. Karan says I am ready to give up the bathroom duty for Rashami. Rashami says because I end up doing it alone. Nishant says I don’t get help as well. Rashami says you never take help. Devo says Abhijeet doesn’t wash dishes so remove him from that duty. Umar says he will do it.

12:30 PM
Pratik asks Abhijeet to ask for Shamita’s help in washing the dishes. Abhijeet says I won’t talk to her. Devo says you people say that but then you go and joke with her.

Rashami tells Nishant that I keep asking you if you need help but you never take it. Nishant says just focus on your duty. Rashami says I am doing it. Nishant says then don’t say that we don’t help you, I don’t need your help so don’t offer me that. Rashami says you never help me and that’s the issue. Nishant says I don’t take your help so why are you angry at me for not helping you?

1 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we have been giving you chances to win the ticket to finale week. This time, we want to ask you to choose one inmate who you want to nominate, that person won’t get a chance to win ticket to finale this week. You have to mutually decide that. Rakhi can’t be nominated.
Umar: He says I am taking Devo’s name because she is unfair in the tasks with Rakhi. Rakhi says don’t involve me in this. Umar says you people would cheat in this task also if Devo is party of it and Rakhi is the judge. Karan asks Tejasswi to take Devo’s name and convince Rakhi-Shamita also. Tejasswi says I want to take Rashami’s name as she is playing a dirty game. Even the audience said it.
Pratik: He takes Rashami’s name as she doesn’t talk sense.
Abhijeet: He says I want to take Tejasswi’s name as she was confused in the task which got the task rejected.
Devo: She takes Rashami’s name for blaming her being friends with Abhijeet but she herself jokes around with him. Rashami says you alleged him but then you went back as his friend. Devo says that’s my issue. I don’t go to him anymore.
Nishant: He takes Rashami’s name as she didn’t do much hard work in the tasks. Rashami says I have tried to convince everyone in the tasks.
Tejasswi: She takes Rashami’s name because she has said hurtful things about me. She also said that she is not my friend. Rashami says even then I played for you. I am opinioniated so I will talk about it, you are not even loyal to your partner. Tejasswi shouts to stop interfering between Karan and her.
Shamita: She says I won’t take Devo’s name as she gives a lot in the tasks. She takes Abhijeet’s name as he doesn’t do much in the tasks.
Rakhi: She takes Abhijeet’s name as he doesn’t do his tasks, he doesn’t do his duties.
Rashami: She takes Abhijeet’s name for not giving his 100% in the tasks.
Karan: He takes Abhijeet’s name as it’s about strategy.
Umar: He says I want to change my vote, my friend is in trouble so I am taking Abhijeet’s name. Abhijeet says he can’t change that. Pratik says then you can vote against Rashami. Abhijeet says let me think. Pratik says play your game. Abhijeet says I am taking Rashami’s name. Umar tries to convince Abhijeet to take Devo’s name but he says no.

Tejasswi tells Karan that you wanted me to take Devo’s name but you took Abhijeet’s name to save Rashami? You are protecting her but you were asking me to take Devo’s name. You said that you would take Devo’s name. Karan says Rashami played for me. Tejasswi says play with Rashami today also.

Rashami tells Nishant that you think I am not giving my efforts in the tasks? I thought you are sensible, you think Abhijeet is more deserving than me? Nishant says it’s not that. Karan says we can take Devo’s name. Nishant says you all are fools, do what you want to. He takes Karan aside. Rashami says why are you not talking to me? Nishant says leave me alone. Nishant tells Karan that Rashami is our competitor too. Let’s nominate her first, Abhijeet won’t perform in the task. Why are we fighting to save Rashami? Let’s play for yourselves.

Devo tells Umar that you people become shameless, you were asking Abhijeet to nominate me? Rakhi says he would never. Nishant comes to Rakhi and says I am not changing my vote.

Rakhi tells Bigg Boss that Rashami and Abhijeet got 5-5 votes so it’s a tie. Bigg Boss says you people are amazing, you chose 2 people instead of one. He says Rashami-Abhijeet are nominated and they can’t be part of ticket to finale race now.

2 PM
Umar tells Karan that you couldn’t even convince your girlfriend to change her vote? She keeps coming to us for help but she can’t support us? Karan says why are you getting angry on me? I tried to convince her but he didn’t listen.

Abhijeet tells Shamita that Rakhi will favor her people in the task.

Tejasswi tells Karan that Umar keeps taunting me but he never played for me. Umar says I made you the VIP. Karan says he played for you in the other task also. Tejasswi says I promise to return the favor.

2:30 PM
Pratik tells Nishant that we have high expectations from each other. Nishant says I didn’t care about the task but no one was there to play for me. Pratik says you were not playing for yourself, I just wanted to save Devo from the nominations. Nishant says I went over the top because I was angry. I never questions you making friends but the whole point is we support each other. Pratik says you were nominating Devo for no reason. Nishant says I felt bad that no one was on my side. Pratik says we said things in anger but let’s move on.

4:15 PM
Bigg Boss asks the inmates if they understood the nomination task? We wanted you to nominate 1 inmate so we could make equal teams for the task but now only 7 inmates are remaining for the task. We won’t make the teams now, you all will make 2 teams. One team will have 3 people and other team will have 4 people. You all 7 make teams now and let us know. Rakhi says if Rashami was not nominated then she could have helped in the task, she is a strong player. Nishant says I am fine with Shamita and Pratik in my team. Pratik says let Devo decide. Tejasswi asks Devo to do what she wants to. I thought we could make a team with Pratik. Devo says he has already chosen his team. Devo goes to Pratik’s team.

Rakhi says Team A is Nishant, Pratik, Shamita and Devo. Team B is Karan, Umar and Tejasswi. Karan reads the task instructions, the winning team will become contenders for ticket to finale. In the task, each inmate will have a ready-made snowman. There will be one skeleton snowman for each team. There will be rounds, when the round starts then Rakhi will open cotton sack. One team member from each team will get cotton and they will start making their snowman. After the round ends, Rakhi will announce which team made the better snowman. Then the winning team will break snowman of the other team and eliminate of their member from the task. There will be 4 rounds and the team with most members active in the task will win.

4:30 PM
Rakhi opens the cotton sack. Umar and Pratik get the cotton for their teams. They start making their snowman. Rashami gives instructions to Karan’s team. Rakhi says you can’t do that. Rashami says I am just standing here, I can say anything I want. The round ends, Rakhi asks them to stop. Umar says they put the cap after the round ended. Rakhi takes off buntings from Umar’s snowman and says it was after the round ended.

Bigg Boss asks Rakhi which team won this round? Pratik says we made the perfect snowman. Rakhi says Pratik’s team made far better snowman so Team A won this round. Nishant and Shamita discuss with Pratik. Pratik eliminates Umar from the task.

5 PM
Karan gives some snow to Rashami. She says keep it with yourself as they won’t let me take part in the task.

Umar asks if he can’t play anymore? Karan says you can’t. Pratik says he is out of the task now. Rakhi says can he pick cotton? Umar says let me at least do that, we will make the task fun. Rakhi says it’s my fun. Pratik says we have eliminated him from the task so you can’t make him play it now. Rakhi says Pratik is scared of Umar.

5:45 PM
The 2nd round starts, Rakhi opens the cotton sack. Bigg Boss says Umar is out of the task so he can’t take part in the task. The referee can’t make her own rules. Pratik says thank you Bigg Boss for clarifying. Nishant says Abhijeet is busy sleeping, he doesn’t care. Pratik and Karan get cotton for their teams. Shamita and Devo start making their snowman. Umar is helping Karan’s team. The round ends. Pratik says our snowman is better. Rakhi says it’s not perfect. Rakhi says Karan-Tejasswi won this round as their snowman looks cute. Tejasswi tells Karan to eliminate Pratik. He says I agree. Tejasswi eliminates Pratik from the task as he can get aggressive in the task. Pratik takes the fake hands Tejasswi used on her snowman.

6:15 PM
Pratik asks Nishant on which basis Rakhi is judging this task? Nishant asks who to eliminate now? Shamita says let’s eliminate Karan as Umar would support him in the contender task.
Tejasswi tells Karan that I will put a scarf and put lipstick on the snowman also. Rashami says I can help. Tejasswi says it’s fine.

6:30 PM
Pratik tells Rakhi that we will all get nominated if we lose this task. The 3rd round starts, Nishant and Karan get cotton for their teams. Rakhi asks Shamita to protect their snowman. The round ends. Shamita says our snowman is so beautiful. Rakhi says I love it. Rakhi says Karan’s snowman is sad. Rakhi says Team A (Pratik’s team) won this round. Devo eliminates Karan from the task.

7 PM
Nishant tells Tejasswi that if I had nominated Devo today then it wouldn’t matter, I would have lost the task because of vengeance. Rashami is messing up my mind also. She already became contender 2 times and she didn’t do much. I don’t expect for anyone to play for me but I will see who is on my side. Tejasswi says would the audience want to see people in the top 5 who played wrongly? Nishant says you mean Rashami? Tejasswi says be it, anyone.

Umar tells Karan that you didn’t even fight for Rashami against Tejasswi, play your game now.

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