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Bigg Boss 15 26th November 2021

Day 55
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song baimaan, they all dance. Karan dances with Rajiv and Umar.

10:45 AM
Shamita asks Tejasswi to swap the duty with her. Tejasswi says I am fine with any duty. Shamita says then take my duty, I will do your duty. Shamita says I will make dinner from now on so you can take my chopping duty. Tejasswi says it’s fine with me. Shamita says then you can start from now on.

11:15 AM
Karan asks Tejasswi why did she take Shamita’s duty? Tejasswi says I thought to help her. Karan says it’s her problem if she doesn’t want to do it. Tejasswi says she asked me so I took her duty but then she asked me to start from now only. I am fine with it though.

2:15 PM
Tejasswi is dozing off so the alarm goes off. Tejasswi says I was not sleeping. It was Jay. Jay says you were sleeping, if we lose ration because of it then all will blame you. Tejasswi says Bigg boss loves me that’s why he is doing all this to get my attention. Tejasswi tells Bigg Boss that I just love you so don’t worry about Karan.

2:30 PM
Vishal tells Shamita that Tejasswi taunted me that my sister won’t save me if I was against Rajiv. I felt bad that I was not your priority. Shamita says don’t doubt me. Vishal says I don’t like you fighting with Tejasswi, she is my friend and you are my sister. Shamita says I have nothing against her. Shamita says she misbehaved with me in front of the press which I don’t like.

2:45 PM
Jay asks Nishant if he pressurized because of him? Nishant says no. Jay says did you want to take someone else’s name? Nishant says we won’t have expectations but we will support each other.

Umar tells Rajiv that Jay has become insecure. I just see confusion in his eyes. Rajiv says it happens with everyone.

4 PM
Harsh and Bharti enter the secret room and look at the inmates through cameras. Bigg Boss welcomes them and says you both said you would take care of the house today so I can take an off today? Bharti says really? Bigg Boss says yes. Harsh asks if they can do anything with the inmates? Bigg Boss says yes, these housemates are in your hands for some hours. Bharti says you can enjoy your holiday, we will take care of the house. Bigg Boss wishes them luck.

4:30 PM
Bharti growls and laughs evilly. The inmates hear it in the house. Harsh talks in a deep voice and asks them to come to the living room. They all hear Bharti-Harsh on the mics. Bharti says you people scared us that day. Karan says I am sorry. Bharti says I still like Pratik. Bharti asks Shamita how is her frozen shoulder? Shamita says better. Bharti sings a song for Neha. Neha says I am sorry for that day. Harsh says we will do a task. Karan reads the task in which the bottom 5 inmates will try to get the attention of the top 5 inmates. The bottom 5 inmates Neha, Jay, Umar, Vishal and Rajiv will try to get the attention of the top 5 but the top 5 will try to ignore them and not react to them. The audience will watch it live and whoever loses the task will be eliminated from the house. The top 5 inmates have to be careful as they might be affected in nominations if they lose the task.
Tejasswi asks Umar to do anything to get attention. Nishant hugs Shamita, he tells Jay to do anything he wants.

5 PM
The task starts, Umar starts running behind Shamita. Rajiv tries to make her laugh, he starts making noises with utensils. Harsh-Bharti watch them through the cameras. Shamita ignores Vishal who tries to talk to her. Nishant dances with Tejasswi so they can ignore Umar. Umar takes off his shirt and dances between them. Rajiv jumps in the pool. Rajiv funnily dances in front of Tejasswi, she tries not to laugh. Tejasswi tells Nishant that this is tough.
Neha wears a cape and sits on the kitchen slab. Karan ignores her and says I have the patience to ignore them. Nishant and Tejasswi are talking but Umar sits between them and shows off his abs. He asks her if she likes his abs? Neha tries to dance around them too. Jay is screaming around Karan to get a reaction. Tejasswi tries to talk to Karan but Jay stands between them. Umar throws powder on himself and dances around. Rajiv puts cream on his face and tries to make Nishant laugh. Jay runs behind Tejasswi and she laughs. Umar dances around Tejasswi and says you like me. He says Tejasswi is mine. Tejasswi calls Pratik so she can ignore Umar. Umar dances in front of Nishant. Harsh watches them and says Umar has gone crazy. Vishal imitates other actors in front of Pratik but he ignores him. Jay says I got 3 reactions, 2 from Tejasswi and 1 from Nishant.
Rajiv and Umar gather around Pratik. Neha asks Pratik if he is miffed with them? Umar says you won’t say anything today? Pratik ignores them. mar herUmar throws cream in Tejasswi’s cup but she ignores him. Bharti tells Harsh that I wouldn’t use any props, I will just target one person. Jay is wrapping Tejasswi in toilet paper.
Vishal shaves his beard and says I didn’t shave my beard for 6 years but nothing is more important than going ahead in the game. Umar twerks in front of Karan to make him laugh but he ignores her. Vishal acts like a woman. Umar falls over Karan to make him laugh. Vishal acts like a eunuch to make Tejasswi laugh. He tries to make Shamita laugh but she ignores him. Umar tells Tejasswi to leave Karan and be with him as I have abs. Tejasswi ignores him. Umar leaves. Tejasswi says this is tough. Karan says I can romance. Tejasswi says you can romance in any situation. Vishal says when they want to laugh then they give kisses to each other to cover up. Neha gives kisses on Karan’s cheek. She gives a kiss to Tejasswi also. Umar teases them. Karan-Tejasswi kiss each other to ignore Umar. Jay tries to irritate Shamita but she ignores him.
Neha and Rajiv tease Tejasswi but she ignores them. Vishal puts some trash on Shamita’s lap and says she has OCD so she will get angry now. Bharti says Vishal looks sucked up after shaving.

Rajiv dances in front of Shamita so she ends up laughing a little bit. Rajiv says she laughed. Umar and Rajiv make Tejaasswi laugh. Karan tries to pull them away. Rajiv makes Karan laugh also.

6 PM
Karan starts acting like a lost man and says I can’t see my friends. Where are they? Umar-Rajiv run behind them. Harsh says Rajiv is doing well.

Neha is trying to get Pratik’s attention but he ignores her. Jay says he is a tough man, he is not even loyal to his OTT friends. Jay says I am done. Neha says I am not done. Harsh says Neha is getting irritated now.
Karan says till there an aaloo in the samosa, I will call Rajiv as bhalo. Rajiv laughs. Karan runs around and says where is my friend? Umar runs behind him and says I am here. Jay applies lipstick on Shamita. Nishant says I want to take bath. He pours water over Jay and Rajiv. Jay applies on Shamita’s nose also. Umar laughs at her. Shamita doesn’t react to Jay. Jay says I can’t believe I am doing this with Shamita. Tejasswi comes there and hugs Shamita. She says Shamita looks pretty. Jay applies lipstick on Tejasswi also. He messes up their makeup. Tejasswi and Shamita start leaving together to ignore them.

6:30 PM
Harsh tells Bharti that today’s hero is this underwear that Rajiv is throwing around.
Neha tries to make Tejasswi laugh but she ignores her. Umar applies cream on his full body. Vishaal says he is our robot. Umar dances like a robot.

7 PM
Vishal tells Tejasswi what if Umar and I get eliminated then what will you do? Umar says who will you complain with? You can’t give a reaction to your friend?

Shamita is cutting veggies but Rajiv tries to chew them to irritate Shamita. Shamita ends up laughing at him and says this is my life. Bharti says they are unable to make us laugh. Harsh says they don’t have to do comedy, they can scare or make anyone angry also.

7:30 PM
Harsh tells the inmates that they have the last 30 minutes left. Bharti says the audience is watching you live so do better. She asks Jay to wake up. Jay says comedy is difficult here. Harsh says you have to get reactions out.
Rajiv and Umar try to tease Tejasswi. Vishal comes there wearing underwear over his shorts and a dupatta. Umar says all my respect is gone today, memes will be made on me.

Rajiv irritates Nishant by hitting his face with fake flowers but Nishant keeps ignoring him. Bharti says Jay is not doing anything, he is standing still. Rajiv tries to irritate Tejasswi but Karan hugs her.

Harsh presses the buzzer and the task ends. Harsh tells the inmates that we told you some inmates will get eliminated today. All inmates are stunned. Harsh says we will tell in a bit.

Shamita tells Rajiv that it was about comedy but you didn’t have to touch us. You gave me a migrane attack, you were touching everyone. Tejasswi hugs Umar. Karan says Umar irritated me so much. Umar laughs. Tejasswi says Umar made me so emotional. Umar hugs Karan. Nishant says Rajiv even put things in my ears, he even put broom on my face. Tejasswi says Nishant tried to ignore him so much.
Vishal asks Neha why did Jay give up? Neha says I don’t know. I asked him to not give up. Vishal says I even shaved off my beard, this show is important for me. I want to win this show but Jay is giving up for no reason.

Nishant and Shamita are cleaning the living area. Nishant tells Neha that you did good today. Neha ignores him.

8:45 PM
Neha tells Shamita that I didn’t like the task. I had to irritate my own friends. It was stressful. Karan was having fun but Pratik-Nishant were dead. I didn’t even want to go to them.

Karan says I enjoyed the task, I hugged Tejasswi so much. Umar says it was a romance task for him, he won’t let me do the task.

Neha sits in a corner and cries. Tejasswi comes there and asks if she is stressed? Neha says it’s nothing. Tejasswi says I can’t see you like this. Neha says you were cute in the task, you were breath of fresh air today, at least you were showing some appreciation. Tejasswi laughs.

9 PM
Neha asks Shamita why did Jay give up? Shamita says I couldn’t do what Rajiv-Umar did today, I appreciate them. Jay comes there and says it was going out of my comfort zone. I couldn’t make a fool of myself like that. I didn’t want to do it in front of someday I am not fond of. Neha says you know how I felt? Neha says Karan-Tejasswi were sporting, they were even encouraging their friends in the task. I have a new found respect for them. Pratik-Nishant were totally dead in the task, I didn’t even want to go to them.

9:15 PM
Shamita hugs Neha as she cries. Karan-Umar hug them also. Karan asks her to not cry. Neha says Umar did well in the task. Neha says Umar should have been in the OTT, you were over the top in the task. Umar laughs. Shamita hugs Neha as she cries. Nishant comes there and hugs her. Pratik hugs them too.

10:45 PM
Harsh tells the inmates that we told you some people will be eliminated today. All are stunned. Harsh says it’s not our decision but the audience’s decision. Bharti says I am feeling bad as we do comedy, we take people’s stress away but this time we have to give stress to you all. This is audiance’s decision. I liked you all and I enjoyed it. You did great in the task and worked really hard. Harsh says I will start with the one who is safe. Bharti says UMAR IS SAFE. Karan and Tejasswi hug him. Bharti says the audience liked his performance. All inmates hug Umar and congratulate him. Harsh says the second inmate who is safe is RAJIV. All are stunned. Harsh says that means VISHAL, NEHA AND JAY ARE ELIMINATED from the show. All are stunned. Tejasswi cries and hugs Jay. He wishes her luck. Karan hugs Vishal sadly and cries. Tejasswi hugs Vishal and cries. Pratik silently hugs Neha. Neha tells Umar that I will meet you outside. Neha hugs Tejasswi. Shamita hugs Neha and cries. Rajiv hugs Neha also. Tejasswi keeps crying for Vishal-Jay. She falls down and cries. Neha keeps hugging Pratil silently. Vishal says sad poetry before leaving. Even Bharti gets emotional seeing their state. Vishal, Jay and Neha leave the house. Shamita breakdowns and cries.

Bigg Boss thanks Bharti and Harsh for coming and doing the task. Bharti says this was a difficult task, we never made anyone cry so I felt bad doing this task today. Bigg Boss thanks them and they leave.

11 PM
Karan sits with Tejasswi as she is crying. He tries to console her. Karan says Jay will meet his Tara now. Tejasswi says I wanted Vishal and Jay to become friends again. Karan makes her drink water. Umar hugs her. Tejasswi says I was worried about Umar. Karan says when I heard that Umar is safe, I was so happy. Karan says Vishal was stuck in his own web. Tejasswi says he didn’t even commit those crimes.

Shamita cries, Nishant asks her to be strong. Rajiv says Vishal and Jay were both Shamita’s friends also. She must be going through a lot. Shamita cries and says this is too hard here.

Karan tells Umar that the audience saved you today. We can never expect what will happen, look Rajiv is still here. Umar says he didn’t stop for a single minute in the task.
Nishant tells Shamita that Pratik and I are here for you. Shamita tells Nishant that you have stopped playing from heart.

Tejasswi tells Karan that it looks like it’s OTT and we are wild cards. Karan says we are one team but they are not.

Umar tells Tejasswi that Vishal didn’t have a clean heart that’s why this happened with him. Tejasswi says we have been real friends.

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