Bigg Boss 15 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 15 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 15 25th December 2021

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He welcomes Alia Bhatt on the stage. They wish Christmas to everyone. Alia sings happy birthday to Salman. Alia promotes her movie. Her costars come on the stage as well. Ram and NTR greet Salman as Alia’s costars. They all dance to their movie’s song. Salman says let’s welcome their director. They all joke and dance. Alia says we will play a game as we are all good singers. Salman says I am not, they have to sing hindi songs in English. Salman sings didi tera dewaar in English. All laugh. Alia sings Chura lia in English.

Salman says let’s enact a fight scene. The director gives them directions. Salman keeps joking with them. He acts like Rajnikanth. All laugh. Salman says NTR hosted the first season of BB Telugu. NTR says Salman is the best host.

Salman connects the call to the house. He wishes them Merry Christmas. Salman says we have some guests here, he brings Alia and her costars on camera. All inmates greet them. Salman says this is the director of Bahubali. Alia says Abhijeet doesn’t know me but I know him. She says I have brought a live band so he will sing Sajan ki ankhon mein. Abhijeet sings the song, all clap for him. Salman says he is a bad singer. Alia says I enjoyed it. Alia says the inmates have prepared a performance for Salman’s birthday. Abhijeet sings a song for Salman. Salman asks him to sit down and zip it now. Salman asks them to start their performance.

The inmates start their performance. Rashami and Tejasswi dance with Umar and Karan first. Then Shamita and Devo dance with Nishant and Pratik. All boys dance together. Rakhi joins them. All inmates dance to Salman’s songs. Salman dances to Dabang song with the guests there. The director brings a cake for Salman. The inmates also get cupcakes. All wish birthday to Salman. Rakhi says we love you. All inmates sing the birthday song to Salman. Salman says this won’t spare you from the scolding. Salman ends the call.

Alia promotes her movie. Salman asks everyone to go and watch the movie. They leave the show.

Salman connects the call to the house. He tells the inmates that we are 2 weeks away from the finale. Only Rakhi won the ticket to the finale, you keep getting the task rejected but only Rakhi is entertaining in the house. She can entertain even by herself. She has been constantly working in the house. You all have to give it your best shot. Salman says Rakhi might do mistakes but she is trying. Salman says one inmate will be eliminated soon. He says you people got another task rejected this week. Who do you think is unfair in the house? Karan says Devo. Shamita says Rakhi. Pratik says they are all unfair. Nishant says everyone has been unfair at some point in the house. Salman says you all were judges in the tasks so who was fair? Shamita says Rakhi has been unfair back to back. Salman says what about others? Shamita says it’s difficult at this stage, we are all frustrated with her. Salman says every stage in this house is important, you can get eliminated any week. Shamita says I know but she keeps favoring Devo. Salman says you were calling people unfair in the first week also. Karan says Rakhi has been controlling the tasks, we are giving our best but she is being unfair at every point. Salman says Rakhi was the judge because she is a VIP. You people got the task rejected so there has been no one else getting the VIP ticket, it’s your fault only. Salman says you got the museum task rejected because you all were going against the rules. It doesn’t matter if Rakhi is fair or not. Salman tells Shamita that you did favor on Vishal in the ganna task. Shamita says I didn’t favor him blatantly. Salman says you people are giving up because Rakhi is unfair? You are getting the important tasks rejected. Salman says to Shamita that you were instigated in the task but the way you pushed Rakhi was wrong, it was totally wrong. You kept blaming Umar for being aggressive but you did the same with Rakhi. Shamita says I accept that I was wrong. Salman asks Karan if he played fairly in the house? You kept talking unfair and fair this week. Tell us how fair you are in the house? Karan says I have done a lot in the tasks, I was not fair every week but we were trying in the task, all my friends were fighting for me in the task so I couldn’t allow Rakhi to be unfair. Salman asks what was your problem? That Rakhi-Devo were unfair or they were supporting Tejasswi? And she was taking it? Karan says Tejasswi said she wanted to win fairly so I got angry that she shouldn’t let Rakhi cheat then. Salman says with the way they were playing then you think Tejasswi would have won? Karan says yes. Salman says Nishant said that Tejasswi was playing for herself and she was right for it. Why did you say it? Nishant says Tejasswi was not wrong, she was playing for herself but her way was different. Karan always has people’s support so Tejasswi played for herself and she was not wrong. Salman says I totally agree. Nishant says even if they were unfair, it was fine. Salman asks Karan why was it important for you that Tejasswi should win fairly? Karan says I didn’t say that. Salman says did Tejasswi ask Rakhi-Devo to do anything to make her a winner? Rakhi-Devo say she never asked us to cheat and make her a winner. Salman says it’s the same thing as Shamita bringing Vishal into the house from the jungle. Karan says Shamita wouldn’t cheat that shamelessly like Rakhi and Devo. Salman asks Karan what was your problem? Karan says I wanted to win the task. I asked for Shamita and Nishant’s support. I asked Rakhi if she would be fair. I did all that to win the ticket to the finale. We didn’t want to get the task rejected. I didn’t mind Tejasswi winning also. Rakhi laughs and says this is a joke. Salman laughs and says we never heard you saying that in the house. Devo says I came to know that he wanted to eliminate Tejasswi from the task. Karan says I know. Umar says Devo would have eliminated Karan too. Salman asks Karan how many people were playing for Karan? Devo says only I was playing for Tejasswi. Karan says 3 people were for me. Salman says 2 people were playing for Tejasswi. Pratik says I was not playing for Tejasswi, I was playing for Abhijeet. Salman says how was Tejasswi unfair then? Karan says because Rakhi was taking her side. Salman says what was Tejasswi’s fault then? Karan says I never said that. Salman says you kept telling Tejasswi that she wanted to win unfairly. Karan says she kept calling me a liar. Salman says Tejasswi never asked Rakhi to play unfairly for her. Karan says but she never stopped Rakhi from cheating. She was supporting them. Umar says Tejasswi said she wouldn’t mind winning by cheating. Salman says how is it wrong? Was Umar always fair in the tasks? Umar says I am not saying that. Salman says cheating is cheating, no matter how big or small. And in this task, who took out the photos to get the task rejected? Umar says I did it because we were helpless. Salman says so your helpless situation is okay but Tejasswi’s helpless situation is wrong? You all couldn’t digest that things didn’t go your way in this task. Salman asks Pratik if someone plays unfairly for you then you can stop them? Pratik says yes. Salman says but even if they try to make you a winner then how is it your fault? Pratik says not at all, I wouldn’t die to stop them from making me a winner. I can just ask them to not be unfair. Karan says then getting the task rejected is fair too. Salman says Pratik’s answer is correct. Salman asks Shamita what was her objection? That Rakhi was cheating? Or Tejasswi was winning? Or you wanted Karan to win? Shamita says Rakhi was being unfair and that irritated me. I couldn’t get anything from the task so why should I play if Rakhi was unfair? Devo says I don’t agree. Rakhi says she just wanted Karan to win the task. Shamita says Karan came to me and he told me to support him because he would be fair. Tejasswi says I said the same thing to you. Shamita says I trusted Karan, I had no issue against Tejasswi. Salman says I feel the majority of the housemates were supporting Karan but the result was not in their favor which was the problem. Salman asks Tejasswi if she asked Rakhi-Devo if you want to win? She says yes. Salman asks if you told them to make you a winner by cheating? Tejasswi says no. She says I told Devo and Rakhi to let her not make a winner and make Abhijeet a winner because of the fights. Salman asks why? Tejasswi says because Karan-Umar thought I was cheating so I just wanted to leave the task. Salman says if they were fighting for themselves then why didn’t you? Tejasswi says it was too much for me, I didn’t want clashes. Salman says why are you in the game? Tejasswi says Rakhi-Devo gave me a pep talk, they told me to play and don’t give up, they would fight for me as I am deserving. Salman says Karan got the same pep talk from Nishant. He told Karan to not bring their personal relationship into the game. Karan says yes. Salman says if you both have the same understanding then what was an issue? You both were trying who is a better girlfriend or boyfriend. He asks Karan to not repeat the same thing for 3 days. He kept calling Tejasswi wrong, were you angry at her for losing? Karan says I wanted to win. Salman asks Umar who were you playing for? Umar says I was supporting Karan. Umar asks then why were you upset with Tejasswi for not playing for Rashami? Umar says Rakhi-Devo were cheating for Tejasswi which I was not okay with. Salman tells Umar that you talked to Rakhi after the task. You had an issue with Tejasswi winning. You say you are Karan’s best friend but Karan took advice from Nishant and not you. So if Tejasswi’s priority is Nishant then how is it wrong? Salman says Rashami even said that Tejasswi is controlling Umar. Umar says I don’t understand that. Salman asks Umar to think about it. Tejasswi says I don’t even know I am controlling Umar. Rashami says Tejasswi keeps questioning Umar but he never clarifies things with her. Salman asks Umar to think about it. He ends the call.

In the House:
Tejasswi says thank God Salman asked Umar to think about his actions. Umar asks her to change her behavior. Tejasswi says I am hurt. Umar says don’t give me those reactions. Karan asks him to think about what Salman said. Umar says I don’t understand what’s happening. Rashami says Salman said that she is not controlling you.

Rakhi tells Abhijeet that Tejasswi has gone blind in love. Abhijeet says Tejasswi will keep supporting Karan after using you. Rashami tells Umar that you shouldn’t have said that I am being controlled.
Karan asks Pratik if we got the task rejected then how is it wrong? I was losing so I did it. Pratik says it’s about your intention.

Tejasswi tells Rashami that I like the way Umar is, he has an issue with me which is fine. Umar says you brought up my priorities. Tejasswi says I am honest about my feelings, you need to think about your actions. Umar says you have changed, you said you would support Nishant so I wouldn’t support you also. Tejasswi tells Umar that I am fine if you don’t support me but you have an issue if I get support from others. Rakhi tells Rashami to fight for herself. Tejasswi tells Umar that you don’t listen. Umar says I was playing for Karan but I didn’t mind you winning the task. Tejasswi says then why did you get the task rejected? Umar says because Rakhi was unfair. Rakhi says I was not. Tejasswi says don’t talk about being fair and unfair. You all have been unfair. Karan says don’t act like this.
Rashami tells Abhijeet that Tejasswi is thankless. I supported her so much but she is blaming me now? I chose Tejasswi against Shamita but she is fake.
Karan tells Umar that Rashami has a way of playing, you don’t have to doubt our friendship. Umar says Tejasswi wants to use every one. Rakhi says Tejasswi is smart.
Tejasswi asks Karan if it wouldn’t be nice for you to support me? Karan says I should play for myself. Tejasswi says if all housemates are against me then can you support me? Karan says yes. He says Rashami kept asking me to talk to you but I didn’t listen to her because I know what we have to do for the remaining 2 weeks.

Salman signs off from the episode.

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