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Bigg Boss 15 24th January 2022

Day 114
8 PM
Bigg Boss calls everyone to the garden. He asks Rashami, Devo and Abhijeet to stand on the podiums. Rashami says I am scared. Bigg Boss says we are in the last week of the show. He says there will be 2 eliminations today. Rashami, Devo and Abhijeet are already nominated. He says they have all worked hard but 2 of them will leave before the finale. Bigg Boss says they gave a new life to the show. All clap for them. Rashami says thank you for giving me another chance, Bigg Boss has given me another life. She says Devo has been with me, it will be a memorable journey. She says I enjoyed myself with everyone. Devo says I love Bigg Boss, this is my third time here. She says I love Rakhi. Devo says we will stay friends outside the house. Bigg Boss says the 2 people getting eliminated are Abhijeet and Devo. Rashami becomes a finalist. Everyone wishes them luck. Abhijeet gets eliminated from the show. Everyone praises him. Pratik says if he wants to cry then he can. Abhijeet says I don’t want to. Devo says I love Bigg Boss. Devo and Abhijeet leave the house.

Shamita says Abhijeet was sad to leave, Pratik says his dream was unfulfilled.

8:45 PM
Rakhi talks to herself and says I have no one to talk to now.

1:45 AM
Pratik tells Nishant that our families must be waiting for you. Nishant says I can’t believe we reached the finale.

Day 115
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song Dhoom. They all dance. Tejasswi says this house is empty now.

9:45 AM
Pratik says I used to pass time with Abhijeet. Rakhi says it’s good he left the show. Rashami says he used to talk shit.

12 PM
Rashami tells the inmates that this season was not violent like ours. Tejasswi says if you think this season was a flop then why did you come? Rashami says don’t taunt me. I don’t need you to talk, I have played alone. Tejasswi says you kept asking others to play for you. I have played alone. Rashami says you have flipped so much in the show, you are taking out grudges against me. Tejasswi says why were you supporting me outside if I am a bad contestant? Rashami says I was a fool to support you. Tejasswi says you flipped on me after entering the show, you are selfish. Rashami says I always supported you but you have a grudge against me, you did the same with Umar also.

12:15 PM
Rashami tells Tejasswi that you are ungrateful. Tejasswi hugs her and says you have been against me in the show. Rashami says you don’t value your friends, I will stay away from you outside the house. Tejasswi says you didn’t encourage me in the show. Rashami says just stay away from me.

1:15 PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that if Nishant was taunting Rashami then why did you taunt her for no reason? Tejasswi says Rashami started it and I just reacted to her. Karan says you started it, why do you and Nishant keep taunting others? Tejasswi says you have to let me talk, I told her that she has never put in the effort to talk to me. Karan says you were just defending Nishant and taunted Rashami because of it. Tejasswi says fine, I will go and apologize, you make me look like a bad guy. Karan asks her to control her tongue.

Nishant tells Rakhi that Rashami keeps saying that this season was not a hit, we have all worked hard so she can’t say all that.

Tejasswi tells Rakhi that Karan is justifying Rashami’s comments. Karan says you play the sympathy card, Tejasswi says you are trying to show that I am the bad one.

1:30 PM
Rashami asks Karan to not fight with Tejasswi. Karan says I don’t like that she keeps taunting you because of Nishant. Rashami says she started it. Karan says she doesn’t control her words. Tejasswi comes there and asks if Nishant was taunting you also? Rashami says I was talking to Nishant but you started taunting me. Tejasswi says Karan thinks Rashami’s comments are justified. Karan says you keep taunting others for no reason. Tejasswi says what about Rashami’s words? Karan says you keep taunting others. He shouts at her and says nobody likes your taunts. Tejasswi says don’t shout at me. Karan says you started taunting her so she will give a reaction. Nishant and others come there too. Rashami says Tejasswi started it. Tejasswi says I was trying to apologize to Rashami but Karan started shouting at me. Rashami asks Tejasswi to stop involving Karan in all this. Tejasswi says he got involved in all this. Karan tells Tejasswi to stop taunting others, you are not always right. You started taunting her first. Tejasswi says when Nishant taunts Rashami then she doesn’t react at all. Rashami says because he is usually not serious but you were taunting me seriously. Tejasswi says you have tried to put me down always. Rashami says don’t cry now. Karan says you have no answer Tejasswi. Tejasswi says I was not wrong. Karan asks her to get lost. He goes to the washroom. Tejasswi says he runs away when he can’t justify himself.

3 PM
Pratik says I like soft biscuits Rakhi tells Pratik that he keeps finding girls to use like biscuits. Pratik says don’t say all that. Rakhi says I am just reminding him. Rakhi says he is taunting me by calling me a stale biscuit. Rashami asks Rakhi to stop it. Pratik cries and gets emotional. Rashami asks Rakhi to stop it. Pratik says I was not taunting her in any way. Rashami tells Pratik that you were joking but she took it wrongly. Rakhi says he is taunting me so I will answer him back.

Karan tells Rashami that Tejasswi can’t handle when she is wrong.

3:45 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that your reaction towards me is very loud. Karan says I don’t care about others but your ego is big, I was trying to tell you that you were wrong but you got angry with me only. Tejasswi says but why am I always wrong in front of you? It was between me and Rashami but you blamed me. Karan says what was the reason to taunt her? It’s your mistake, you have a big ego. Tejasswi gets emotional and says your words hurt me. Karan says when you are wrong and someone calls you out then you get emotional and defensive.

5 PM
Bigg Boss welcomes RJs Karan and Palak to the show. They connect to the house through TV. Bigg Boss says if they find you genuine then they will give you 6 lacs of the prize money that you lost. RJ Karan says I am here to talk to you all. RJ Karan calls Karan first.
Karan: The question is if everything was genuine in his journey? Karan says everything just happened in the house, I fell in love and I am paying the price for it. RJ Karan asks why he doesn’t show strong support to Tejasswi? Karan says she is a strong player so I don’t need to fight for her all the time. Tejasswi says he doesn’t have to agree with me all the time. Palak says let’s have a cute moment. Karan gives a kiss on her cheeks. Karan says our complete journey is on record. Palak asks Karan if he was tough with Pratik? Karan says yes I was and I realized it. RJ Karan asks if he played diplomatically? Karan says I am a diplomatic person in life.
RJ Karan says we will play a game now. Karan wears a blindfold. RJ Karan asks what color is Tejasswi wearing? Karan says it’s a baby pink color. RJ asks what earing she is wearing? He can’t guess it. RJ asks what lipstick color is she wearing? He says pink. Tejasswi says correct. RJ Karan asks what’s her slipper’s color? He says transparent. Tejasswi says it’s correct. They all clap for Karan.

6 PM
Rakhi: Palak asks Rakhi if she thinks she can win the show? Rakhi says I trust Bigg Boss, I became a finalist last time also. RJ Karan asks if she goes overboard with targeting others? Rakhi says I just do entertainment, I used to tease Shamita about her injury but she is like my sister. Shamita says her priority is entertainment so she doesn’t think anything else. RJ Karan asks why did Rakhi bring her husband to the show? Rakhi says everyone questioned me and they doubted me so my husband came to India and I brought him to Bigg boss as this is my life and butter. RJ Karan says why do people keep still doubting your marriage? Rakhi says I had a small marriage, I didn’t have grand wedding functions. I just saw his bank balance so I married him. I just want to tell Ritesh that I want to work on this marriage but I am legally not married. She cries and says I don’t have the strength to fight alone anymore. I want his support in life.
Palak asks Rakhi to predict what these inmates will do outside the house? Rakhi says Nishant will start with a bottle of alcohol. She says Shamita will run to Raqesh. Rakhi says Pratik’s focus is just working. She says Rashami is stuck on Umar only. Rakhi says Karan is chanting Tejasswi’s name but pleading to not eat his brain. Rakhi says Tejasswi doesn’t care about the show, she is obsessed with Karan. Nishant says Rakhi’s future is that she will become Bigg Boss and will eliminate whoever doesn’t entertain in the next seasons.

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